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Lylat Wiki to merge with Arwingpedia: Wikia member to merge into NIWA member

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Nov 13, 2005
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Lylat Wiki to merge with Arwingpedia: Wikia member to merge into NIWA member

Fellow NIWA member Lylat wiki will have the Wikia wiki Arwingpedia merge into it.

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So NIWA's gotten a hold of a wiki from Wikia? Awesome.

Though, I don't get why there are two pikmin wikis.
I never even knew Pikmin had such a large fandom that it needs its own Wiki separate from the main one..
Merge? lol, I think not. Wikia will just appoint new admins to Arwingpedia, which will still be open for editing. You're not allowed to close a Wikia wiki, only fork it. :mad: :eek:hdear:
Sorry for bumping and old thread

If anyone is curious on how the merger is going, i can give an update. Just point me in the right direction.
Sounds good.

1) I have moved all of Arwingpedia's articles, templates, etc. to Lylat Wiki and placed them under a custom namespace "Arwingpedia".
2) All file pages have been moved to the file namespace and the files have been transfered.

(With #1's and 2, this applies up to October 28th. All changes to Arwingpedia after that have been ignored).

With the Arwingpedia staff
3) I've asked 2 of what i believe to be the remaining staff of Arwingpedia whether or not they are leaving. 1 said yes, 1 said no. Anyone who has said yes has been or will be given the same user groups as they were in Arwingpedia.

With What is Now on Lylat wiki
4) With what is now on Lylat Wiki, one of our staff members have been going through their articles and doing one of the following with them:
  • If the article is good as is, and we don't have it - He moves it to the main article space, and then changes it to use our templates, etc. (He's finished most of these)
  • If an article is good, but we have it already - He works the information from the Arwingpedia article into our already existing article. (He's finished most of these)
  • If an article is bad (as in speculation), he deletes it without anything else happening (He's finished all of these)
  • If an article is bad (as in weak), I'm thinking he may merge the information into relevent articles. (These are the one's that are left)

5) Mean while, the Arwingpedia forum pages (using the in wiki "Forum pages") have been under review by a separate user, who is seeking through the chatter for factual information, ideas, etc. IF a page offers nothing, he recommends it for deleting. If it does have info, he moves the info to a relevant page, and then nominates the page for deletion.
6) He then applies the same tasks to project pages, help pages, etc.

Of what remains
7) When both of the above users say everything has been moved over, we will begin a mass deletion of everything else that was move; this includes redirects that were created in the moving of pages. And then we can get rid of the custom namespace.

In summary, i think things are going well. I belive us to be close to being done. :-D

Side notes

A) Unfortunately, in the 2 months since i last imported information, the Arwingpedia on Wikia has picked up some activity; so, as much as i'd like to, i can't start making a coffin for it. :XD2:

So, instead, i am trying my best to see it as a challenge: We be the best Star Fox Wiki we can, and if we beat them, great. If not, then we just try harder.


B) RAP of Super Mario Wiki and Nintendo Wiki has been helpful in finding higher quality images, compressing images, etc. He has managed to do all that and more with both our images and the one's that have been imported.
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