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Most annoying gag


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May 31, 2015
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The Pokemon anime always has used gags as comedy, like Takeshi/Brock constantly flirting with a girls, some are fun but some are incredible annoying. What's your least favorite gag?
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Bonnie's proposals don't stay fresh either. Cilan's *something* time gag gets really forced really fast and if it counts Iris' "you're such a kid" wasn't funny either.
People getting Stephan's name wrong all the time and his irritation at it.

I found Stephen to be an irritating character in general actually.
There are a few gags that I never liked or got old really fast. I never liked Max taking up the role of pulling Brock's ears whenever he started to hit on girls during AG. While Misty started that gag, I was more indifferent to that. I think it bothered me more with Max since he came off as being just plain mean with his tone in some cases and it didn't help that they just copied Misty's gag without doing anything significantly different. They just made Brock's ears bend like rubber to take it to a more extreme level. Croagunk hitting Brock worked better. It was something different and that brand of physical comedy, especially with some of Brock's facial expressions, helped to make it funnier to me.

I also didn't care for Bianca literally running into Ash every time they met. It really made her seem even more like a less competent female Barry, which also enraged me more with how they did such a terrible job adapting her character from the games in BW.

Currently, I really hate Bonnie's gap of asking women to marry Clemont. It's basically a female version of the Brock love daze gag, but the main issue that it bothers me is that Clemont has made it clear that he wants Bonnie for her to stop this and she keeps doing it anyway. Brock constantly hitting on girls was also not the best kind of behavior, but if they said no, he would usually stop. He'd be crushed and they'd play that for laughs too, but he wouldn't keep hitting on them after they said no, which would have made the gag a lot worse. I'm sure that this is suppose to be just a harmless gag and Bonnie is young enough to be under the immature impression that marriage is a solution to personal problems, but every time it comes up, I don't think of Bonnie being the cute little sister trying to help Clemont. I think that we're suppose to laugh at how Clemont keeps telling Bonnie no and she doesn't listen. No means no and stop means stop. I'm also probably reading way more into this gag than the writers did when coming up with it, but it just boils my blood. Bonnie is otherwise a fine likable character, but every time this happens, it just makes me hate her for a few moments.

The gag didn't bother me as much when she did it after learning something about the female characters. That made it seem at least a bit less shallow than Brock crushing on female characters mainly for their looks, but now, Bonnie will just ask random strangers without even getting their names or even seeing their faces before asking them to marry her brother. It also doesn't help that it really doesn't make much sense as to why Bonnie thinks that Clemont needs someone to look after him. He isn't really a dependent character and he takes care of her more than the other way around. Even if he was a dependent character, marriage is not a solution to personal problems. Again, I'm looking at this through the eyes of someone well over the age of the target audience for this show, so I doubt that it bothers most of the kids watching XY this much, but man, it gets under my skin every time.
Off the top of my head...


For me, running gags should be used sparingly and sporadically, and have variations to keep things fresh. That seldom happens here. The Pokémon TV Show just crams often annoying running gags down our *bleep* throats and expects us to laugh at them every single time.

Though it makes me curious...do Japanese people, mainly children, REALLY fine that stuff so funny it has to be pushed in our faces so much :confused:

Not trying to knock their culture & sensibilities, I'm just VERY curious about if they like it enough to encourage the creative team to do it oh so often.
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Best Wishes was FULL of them.

I really got annoyed by gags such as Bianca pushing Ash into any body over water literally every time she appeared. The name gag with Stephan was pretty annoying too. We saw it before with Butch, but his rage just made it worth it every time. Butch would scream at people and he'd LITERALLY break apart the split screens to butt in and scream "ITS BUUUUUUTCH!!!" Stephan would be like "Its Ste-Fahn, but whatever..." He'd just dismiss it casually. I think seeing Oshawott continually be the butt monkey also was pretty irritating. He'd get zapped, burned, and frozen so often it was annoying. Then you have the fact that Iris always went around going "You're such a kid!" and Cilan going "It's ____ time!" Just...I hated the gags in Best Wishes.
Mhm... how about ALL OF THEM? They're all predictable, they all happen too frequently, and as a result, they get old REALLY fast. Often, the gag tends to hijack whoever is stuck with it, so it ends up BEING their character rather than simply being a part of it. That one bothersome or quirky trait is now what defines that otherwise forgettable nobody that keeps showing up every ten episodes. (cough Best Wishes people cough) And when a gag is slapped onto a Pokemon, well... they end up becoming the butt of infinite jokes or hatred, both in the show and from the audience. (Oshawott, Chespin, apple-stealing Emolga)
Team Rocket... in general. Put the black uniforms back on, guys.
"You are such a kid" ... "And which means boring time"

You know this came from who
Hard to pick one knowing the Best Wishes series gave us so many. The writers were like "let's throw Team Rocket's characterization out the window, turn them into pseudo-competent robots, and give every other bloody character a lame running gag" when coming up with concepts for the Unova saga. I can't find a better way to explain the enormous amount of crappy gags other than this.

There are just so many characters with really annoying catchphrases or involved in completely ridiculous running gags it's hard to find one that isn't. Iris calling Ash a little kid, Cilan having a ton of hobbies, Bianca running like a crazy person and knocking Ash into a body of water, Stephan correcting whoever got his name wrong then dropping it two seconds later, Burgundy failing at pretty much everything and even Luke's Zorua during the Club Battle!

All of these got really old really fast, and I usually don't have problems with running gags. I like funny Team Rocket and Brock never bothered me too much, in fact, I would laugh whenever he was able to spot the differences between the Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny family members. But yeah, BW gags were just horrible.
Most of the gags were predictable and I can see it not the most my fave during premiere. In fact, some gags were so horribly executed and what I could say the jokes wasn't get my funny bone.

Take Bonnie's wedding gag for example, in the beginning, the amount of viewers were astonished by her behaviour and suddenly almost all people were burst into laughter. However, after some time, it became so annoying and awkward, some viewers rather switch channels or skipping the scene for PC users just to avoiding to be ashamed by it.

My suggestions for this scene, please get it as less as it could be. I know it may ruin the show, but hey, at least it wasn't less exciting right? There's also some lines that won't be considered funny but eventually it giggled our belly out.
Iris's ''You're such a kid'' is perhaps the most annoying thing ever created. God iris why did you have to exist?
Cilan's "It's whatever-it is Time"....well, to be fair, Cilan in general was annoying, but that didn't help.
-Croagunk pulling Brock's ear: With Max and Misty we could see some interesting interactions, but with Croagunk it was always the same. Additionally, sometimes Croagunk jabbed Brock in family unfriendly parts D:
-Draco meteor falling on Piplup: The penguin deserved all of them, but it got repetititve quickly and it didn't make me laugh even once.
-Bonnie's proposals: The idea isn't bad, but the execution is poor and doesn't have much variation. Fortunately for me it doesn't show up much.
-Electric Pokemon shocking the group: A variation of this one shows up every series. The hairstyles make me laugh sometimes, but is a prime example of the writers' lack of creativity when it comes to gags.
Cilan's "It's whatever-it is Time"....well, to be fair, Cilan in general was annoying, but that didn't help.

This tbh. It just wasn't funny to me no matter how many variations he used. Bonnie's proposal gag makes me cringe as well.
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