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most annoying voice in the dub?


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Jan 1, 2011
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I personally hate dawn's piplup's too-high pitched and really unpleasing voice. I'm also not a fan of colress's voice.

what about you?
Iris. Add in her catchphrase and her voice goes to 11 on the annoying scale.
B. A. R. R. Y. He's annoying already, why not add a stupid voice?
Morrison. His match with Jump was physically painful to listen to.

How did his voice even pass?


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Brycen, Lenora, And Clay you can barely understand them i think.
My all time worst:

Girl Snickering in DP040: "Ah-you can't challenge the champion like THAAAAAAA!"

Holy ****...is this obnoxious popular girl hour like- whatEVAAAAR...X_X

That has got to be one of the most annoying characters I've heard in the English dub. Period.
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Meowth (BW). When he's not annoying us with alliterations, he's annoying us with his voice!
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Cheren...i HATE his dub voice! it is the most annoying monotone voice i have ever heard. If you are lecturing and reprimending pokemon in the same tone you greet others with then there is either some real bad character development or they didnt pay the VA well enough. his VA also did Death the Kid hence why i am very dissapointed because i liked Death the Kids voice but with Cheren it was facepalm worthy

It seems Fat Albert got turned into a Pokemon.
Brock (DP) or Ash (DP) never failed to agitate me as far as the main characters are concerned. :dumb::eek:hdear::eek::thumbd: Talk about simply annoying voices.

Why you ask was I so perturbed by these two voices? Simple. They were so deep, and so inappropriate given the characters' ages and appearances, in every way. Ash is a 10 year old kid (a kid), while Brock is a 15 year old teenager (15). Come on guys, listen to people that age, and tell me I'm wrong on this one.

On a positive note, these voices made me realize how truly good Veronica Taylor was as Ash and Eric Stuart was as Brock as a result. Maybe they weren't the greatest actors, but at least the two kids sounded like...well, kids...before. Not adults or old men. :/
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Ursula - AKA The Mad Midget. Her sounds hurt my fillings.

He sounds excruciating and he looks like a hipster clown. Kill me.

I agree with both of those choices. Morrison was also terrible, but at least Sean's King Kai voice fit the character somewhat. Jump was just horrible, but then again, his character design itself was terrible, so I guess that voice somewhat fit him. Ursula was a bit annoying, but it fit her personality, so I can't complain there.

Those kids snickering "No brains" and the girl saying "You can't challenge the champion like thaaaaaa" in DP040 are my all-time worst. I've never heard such annoying (and outright terrible) voice acting before.
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I'm surprised that no one's mentioned Butch and his chain-smoker voice. :p
I'm surprised that no one's mentioned Butch and his chain-smoker voice. :p

Yeah, Butch sounds like a chain-smoker in both of the English dubs.

"UGGHHHH *smokes cig*...the name is Butchhhh!"

"UGH...what's wrong with that Cassidy...that girl's known me forever and still calls me more names than you can find in a BABY book...how *smokes cig* EM-BAR-ASSING can it GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTT!"
Paul had a sexy voice but most of the time it made me want to punch a wall. I mean what kid sounds like a 30 year old smoking weed?
Paul had a sexy voice but most of the time it made me want to punch a wall. I mean what kid sounds like a 30 year old smoking weed?


That's really why I disliked Bill's Brock and Sarah's Ash so much in DP. At least Veronica made Ash sound 10 years old time all the time (except the first 16 eps of Kanto), while Eric knew how to make a 15 year old...sound...15, not 30 with a bad case of laryngitis whenever Brock was yelling or in the flirting scenes.

My point is that sounding girly (Taylor) and too much like Seto Kaiba (Stuart) is much better than sounding constipated (Rogers) and like they were smoking cigarettes (Natochenny). That's just me, though.
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