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Most useless pokemon moves?

Splash, Simple Beam, Water Sport, Synchronize, Mud Sport, Tackle
I'd say Destiny Bond since it's a pain to get to work and whenever I try using it I either faint the other pokemon or the effect of its two turn duration wears off. Another would be Embargo, useful ingame against gym leaders and the E4 who are known to use items at the last second but competitively its pointless.

I'm kind of surprised that some think moves like tackle are useless. Tackle, scratch, peck and the like are more so moves to start off plenty of Pokemon's move pools and provide a gradual curve upward in power as the Pokemon levels up. It's not like they're meant to be kept into the Pokemon's higher levels, lol.
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OHKO's. They never hit for me, and by the time they do my pokemon is almost dead and the next pokemon will surely kill me.
Ehm... I wonder what people here would do early in their adventures if Water Gun, Ember, Thundershock, Tackle, Absorb, Powder Snow, Gust, etc didn't exist... They're very necessary when you're starting your game... After that, yes, they're useless, but at least they helped you getting where you are!

I think Cut and Rock Smash. I mean, if they're going to make us teach our Pokémon those moves to clear the game, at least MAKE THEM USEFUL IN BATTLE, like Surf, Strength or Waterfall. Thank God they got rid of Rock Smash in Black/White. Defog was useless as well. Whirlpool: it was TOO weak.

Water Sport is useless too. Splash is meant to be useless, and call me crazy but Earthquake is useless as well.

(The last sentence was obviously a joke).
Sweet scent and synchronoise. Just terrible. Struggle bug is pretty bad, too.

"Wailmer used Astonish!"
"Swellow sweat painfully!"
After You is the worst move ever. I don't understand it. Every time I try to use it, it fails.
After You
Rock Smash (In Gen 5)
Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, Frenzy Plant*

*Just kidding!
After You is the worst move ever. I don't understand it. Every time I try to use it, it fails.

Just because you don't understand a move, doesn't mean it sucks.
That's the kind of attitude which puts such useful moves as Taunt and Rock Polish in this thread.

Anyway, After You is still pretty bad. When you use it, the target has to move next during that turn.
I guess it's best used on slow allies in double/triple battles. It doesn't work if the target already went.
HOnestly, I don't see the point of poisonpowder or poison gas. Every pokemon that learns on of them can learn toxic, wich doesn't miss nearly as much as them
Water Sport / Mud Sport. Most of the Pokémons that learns these moves already have a resistance / immunity to Fire (Water Sport) and Electric (Mud Sport). What's the point if their job is already fulfilled by the typing of the user ? D:
Not exactly useless, but Explosion. It is considerably weaker than it used to be. It's even worse now than it was in Generation I (it should be stronger since they raised the power in Generation II... but in Generation V they removed the halfing of the enemy's defense so it turns out to be less). And on top of that, newer Pokémon are having higher stats so the effect is worse by comparison.
Definitely Water Sport/Mud Sport. They don't really do anything for the user Pokemon, and they waste a move.
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