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Most useless pokemon moves?


Just chilllll bro...
Jul 20, 2010
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I want to hear about certain pokemon moves that you find completely useless and would never use in any battle situation. State the move, what it does, and why it is useless. I don't want a billion posts that say the move "splash" because that move is meant to have no purpose.
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Well,of course you have splash...jk! lol

Hmm, I don't think that Wing Attack is really needed anymore. Great move yes, but you have Aerial Ace which is slightly better out there that you could just use. Aerical Ace does have considerably less PP, but in competitive play, you rarely use a move 20 times.
Splash is useful if they use Encore. :D

I don't think there should be both Bite AND Crunch, really. One of t'other.
Water and Mud Sport. Really? Does Geodude really need to weaken Electricity's power? Taunt too.
Grass Knot is only useful against Wailord imo. It can be decent against some of those heavy rock/ground types though. There are other great grass moves that you could use instead, like leaf blade or something.
rock polish,poison powder,twister,pursuit,thunder
._. lol'd really...

Grass Knot is only useful against Wailord imo.

also lol'd

Anyways I think moves like Tackle, Karate Chop, Pound, Wing Attack, Peck are really just useless. I can understand why Pokemon have them but really after they like pass level 10 they don't really need it much.
There are no useless moves. You could say tackle and it's equivalents, but they're necessary for early in the game. Splash is needed to give Magicarp a move and still have it be utterly useless. Every move is needed.
Protect and Detect can be used to stall while Toxic destroys an opponent, but other than that I agree. It would be good to defend against two turn moves, but honestly, who uses those?
i tried the detect,protect, toxic strategy and it didnt work
sabeleye used toxic!
kingdra is badly poisoned!
kingdra used twister!
kingdra is hurt by poison!
sabeleye used protect!
sabelye protected itself!
kingdra used twister!
sabeleye protected itself!
sabeleye used detect!
but it failed!
kindra used twister!
sabeleye fainted!
there is really none but i would have to say one would be earthquake

be that as it may, it was an experimental battle with my little bro. but my point is that detect,protect dont work in succesion even if you switch from one to the other

They run off the same ratio. It's used to prevent that sort of thing from working, It's been that way since GSC :sweat:

Detect and Protect are still quite useful... Just not both on the same Pokémon.

And if the pokémon is slow, fake out.

Fake Out has priority status. The only way it won't hit first is if your opponent is also using a priority move on the first turn.
Protect and Detect can be used to stall while Toxic destroys an opponent, but other than that I agree. It would be good to defend against two turn moves, but honestly, who uses those?

Or if you're fighting a Slaking.
most any status ailment inducing move, hit em' hard and fast is my style, why draw out the inevitable, when i'm going to kill it the next turn?
I discovered a new attack today I never knew existed when working on evolving an Aipom:


My dignity couldn't handle using it. What a terrible battle that would be if it were the real world...
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