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New Pokémon unveiled: Hitotsuki revealed in Japan Expo

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Nov 13, 2005
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New Pokémon unveiled: Hitotsuki revealed in Japan Expo

Japan Expo has unveiled another new Pokémon. Hitotsuki (ヒトツキ‎), also known as Monorpale in the French versions, is a Steel/Ghost-type sword Pokémon.

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a Steel/Ghost-type sword Pokémon.
oh my they actually made this one I've always wanted something like this
Now I hope it evolves into an armor

I am very curious about the unsheathing thing too, seems to be some kind of form change

So was that Masuda's announcement in France?
I doubt this was Masuda's announcement, seems too unimportant of one to be it. Or at least, I doubt it was the entirety of it.
Apparently yes. What a letdown.
It's uh... Interesting.. I think I would have to know more about it until I can judge it properly, but it does have a nice typing.
Oh, hell yes. I've always said that Ghost/Steel would be my favourite dual type if it existed, and it soon will. This Pokemon is definitely going in my team. (Assuming it doesn't join in Victory Road or something)
I really like the concept for this Pokémon, especially its evil little grin it has before it unsheaths itself. Also the typing is awesome. I'm hoping for an even cooler evolution.
Oh, I love this guy! He's probably going to be the first Ghost type I ever use on an in-game team for the first playthrough! :D

Also, I can translate the French on the screens for you guys, since I speak some.

"Its French name is Monorpale."

"The Pokemon is Steel/Ghost type."

Something like that. My French is a tad rusty too. xP
i think its japanese name come from this:
hitotsu - one,single,only (having one sword or sheath)
tsuki - attached to (maybe attached to its sheath)
tsuki - thrust,jab,stab (its a sword)
I don't like the design on top but the one on the bottom seems OK.
I've decided I'll call this guy Spectrade until we learn the official English name. Spectral + blade. :D My temporary choice for the species name is Spirit Sword Pokemon. I hope the actual English name and species name is just as cool as these ideas though. :p
Don't flame me, but I hate this thing's design
So a Steel/Ghost Pokemon in the form of a haunted blade, eh? I'm already loving the direction with this combo.
Sounds like a pretty cool addition!

Might be interested in adding it to my team if they make it powerful enough!
Now I'd really like to see a badass knight Pokémon who has a connection with this sword and can wield it.
Somebody says weird, but I do like its design. Like Cofagrigus, but both are not looking alike. I hope this Sword looks... (Anybody wants to be a musketeer?)
Wrote a blog about this earlier, but basically the reason I don't like it is because it is a non-organic object. In my opinion, Pokemon designs are at their best when they leave out signs of a human footprint. Gamefreak created a world where with only very rare exceptions, Pokemon are born, not created. Nature has no purpose for man's inventions/culture. I predict that like notable examples from 5th gen and certainly since the beginning, this Pokemon will be one of the more controversial ones for that very reason. So I question whether or not it's really worth it to make Pokemon like this for the sake of expanding the definition of "creative" design. Also, quoting for the win

"Pokemon are not tools of war"- Sage Li
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