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New title confirmed (Haruka comes back)


Jan 20, 2006
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Source scan: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=9906&d=1206372071

certain Digital TV Guide:

Haruka/May is going to make her first re-appearance in DP in what is probably the next episode of the Wallace epi:

Restaurant Seven Stars! Tag Battles for a Full-course Meal!!

Air date: 24 April

Summary: Ash & co. have a reunion with their old friend, May, who is going to attend the Contest to be held by Wallace. They decide to have lunch in a well-known restaurant nearby, however the owner of the restaurant, who has a crush on Pokemon battles, says that only the winners of the tag battles can enjoy the full-course meal. Thus Ash & Brock are partnered; so are Dawn & May.
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Wait, what? May's in Johto. Why the hell would she be in Sinnoh? Also, let me be the first to claim that this is just some April Fools joke.
Certainly interesting, if it's true. You can't always trust Poke-ani to be 100% accurate, but I hope it's not one of the rare instances where its wrong. It'll be interesting to see her if it's correct.
From what I've heard Poke-ani has been incorrect a couple of times (that rarely happens, but it has), and considering we're closing in on April 1st. I personally highley doubt this. But if it's true, oh, the Misty fans may have a fit. But I'd be happy, it'd be nice to see May return. ^_^
While I certainly hope this is true (I LOVE May!), I'm going to err on the side of caution on this. I find it hard to believe that May is in Sinnoh when she clearly left for Johto. If it IS true though, I'd certainly like to know her rationale for coming to Sinnoh.

Eh, it's probably a hoax, but I'd be in heaven if it isn't.

Cue Advanceshipping rumours, :p
Speculation! Starto!!

I honestly hope this is true. xD Also, let me assure you that the chance of this being true is actually seconded by the Title itself. "Restaurant Seven Stars!" ... Does it strike you that it's a restaurant? ;p Hence why if the title is confirmed somehow, I'm fully hoping for her return.
Well, if this is true, it would give another inspiration to Hikari for her next Contest. Haruka returning is really a surprise to all of us. Wonder if Haruka's 2 rivals will appear as well?

It's really interesting for DP to give us these surprises to us. One of the reasons why I love this series. So unpredictable.
wonder what Scott is going to say lol

To be fair have we really gotten any information regarding the wallace episode either?

Who knows it could be possible, maybe Wallace met May in jouto and invited her to come compete in this contest, assuming it's true of course.
Hey guys, how about we randomly throw in Misty, Tracey, Richie, Casey, Gary, Drew, Harley, Harrison, and Morrison just for the hell of it and have an ultimate showdown to the death and have Richie win and go "HA HA HA I PWNZ YOU ALL AT POKEYMANS! GUESS WHAT ASH I'M YOUR EVIL TWIN BROTHER WORKING FOR GIOVANNI AND NOW WE'RE GONNA RULE THE WORLD! HA HA HA!"

Yeah, uh, I had too much candy for Easter. ^^;
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Hopefuly May's Eevee will have become Glaceon or Leafeon by now if this is true. Might as well get some mileage out of it.
I really, really hope this is true. Haruka is my favorite Pocket Monsters character after all.

Even if it is just for one or two episodes, it would be awesome to see her again, and to see her and Hikari interact, and possibly find out what she's been up to in Jouto.

I'll err on the side of caution for now, but hopefully this will wind up being true.
Shinji in a contest oO?!

OR just the double resturant thing? hopefully it's just the latter since there would be slaughter if he was in the contest.
I expected May to return eventually in DP since they brought Misty back for an AG special. I just didn't expect it to be this soon.
You know if it is true, I bet Wallace invited her to come to the region with him for the event, I mean why else would she be in sinnoh?
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