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New title confirmed (Haruka comes back)

What is the deal with Ice moves/Pokémon in contests?
title confirmed

hey guys!

It's true that May's coming back!!!

the title is officially confirmed and published by Pokeani,

some modifications of the translated summary:

have dinner --> have lunch
the chef --> the owner of the restaurant

Air date: 24 April
see also a source scan of this:
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If this does turn out to be true I guess it cant be THAT bad. If May will be in a new fresh outfit, and Shinji was in it with Wallace getting another episode

I'm staying neutral. Shinji's getting episode 74 already. If the episode doesn't confirm true, it'll be okay because we'll already get a bit of him, whether it's a flashback, a cameo or a major part in the episode.

Also I'm a little displeased with the writers acknowledging May's existance. I liked how they brought Hinata back but I guess they had to go the whole way.
lol @ Scott's heart attack. I wonder where he is? I'm at school as I type this but then again I dont know what he does during the day (job, school?)
I know gliger will evolve before the movie. I just tried to say that it will probably happen in this episode.

Wait...Ash with a gay coordinator with a Milotic?

The summary (of 75) possibly indicating something happens like a Team Rocket attack?

A relatively new Pokemon whose done nothing yet evolving quickly?

Da Da Dum.
Anyone else hope/think May might travel with the group for a short while?

Oh God, I'd love it if she was with the group permanently!
Anyone else hope/think May might travel with the group for a short while?

Oh God, I'd love it if she was with the group permanently!

I sure hope so..during BF May won all her ribbons during like ~60 episodes? And now it has gone ~75 episodes.. so she could have finished in Johto by now and decides to join the group permanently ^_^

(or not, just wishful thinking :D)
As ridicululously unlikely as it would be, what if May stayed with the group, but Brock left? Not that I have anything against Brock, but still, and then it could be a reversed dynamic, with two girls as traveling companions, rather than the A-typical 'Brock and Misty/May/Dawn'
...yeah, I'm almost 99 million percent sure that that won't happen but still, wouldn't it be wild if it did?

But either way, I'm just glad May is coming back!! =D (Even if it is only for an episode or 2)
I sure hope so..during BF May won all her ribbons during like ~60 episodes? And now it has gone ~75 episodes.. so she could have finished in Johto by now

Most likely she's done with Johto
If she can do Kanto in 60 episodes when she has Ash and his journey + Max and Brock + TRio following them... sure she can do Johto alone in 70 episodes

I think it's too unlikely for her to ever join the group (but for a few episodes sure she can)
And while on one hand I'd like to see her as a main character again... on the other hand I really like how she developed from the beginning to end of AG and the decision to travel alone was a very important part of May's character development at least for me so I don't want her to break that

I just hope she'll be a recurring rival to Dawn like Zoey and Kenny
That's what they should have done from the beginning- let May give her place to Dawn but also not disappear like that and stay as a recurring character (while I don't hate Zoey like a lot of others and even like her I think it could be better to have May as Dawn's friendly mentor rival from the beginning instead of Zoey... but than they wouldn't be able to do the Gyms/Contests thing)

I hope she has a little talk with the group and tell them about her Johto journey with little flashbacks to all her Contests and how she catch/evolve her new Pokémon (if there are) and of course the Grand Festival
And they can tell her they met Solana

I'd also like her to say what Drew/Harley/Solidad are doing now... if she really will be a recurring rival it's too much to have her three rivals too so I guess maybe they could take a break or decide to do something else or whatever while only May continue with Contests (or at least only she came to Sinnoh and the others try again one of the other regions or anime only region)

I also think May might win Sinnoh's Grand Festival
If she'll be a recurring rival than she's the most experienced than them all! (Dawn/Nando/Zoey/Kenny are on their first journey or at least so it seems with Nando/Zoey, Jessie while she got better isn't good enough to beat May)

I wonder what May would say about the Gyms/Contests thing
She did learn from a Gym challenger but she also eventually understood it's wrong... but it seems more like she should get her own style rather than copy Ash's and not that this style isn't good for Contests (she did got into 2 GFs and got top 4 with this style...)

I also want to see what Scott will have to say about this



The best part is, the contest hasn't even begun at this point. Which means May will hopefully get at LEAST one or two more episodes!

And, this contest seems to be taking place at that Lake Resort. Anyone wanna bet on the chances of Team Galactic crashing the contest at the end to swipe one of the psychic legendaries?

Damn, this arc is going to be awesome. Dare I say it, ten times better than the Tag Battle Arc.
Best month for Pokemon ever. Dustox leaves, Raichu in a non suckish episode, Wallce's debut and May's return? April is gonna be an awesome month.

Someone should change the title to May comes back, to make the thread even more obvious to Scott.

Because he deserves to cry happily in a corner right now.
This spoiler is WORTHLESS without Drew and Harley being there too. :p

Oh fine, go May. Clearly this was the best time for her to come in and get Dawn her mojo back. And it's good news for anyone hoping for Misty to turn up later, right...?
I'm so glad that this is 100% confirmed now. Hopefully Haruka sticks around for a little while, and we also get to find out some things that happened for her since the end of AG.

Wasn't Haruka supposed to be in Jouto?

I bet the Korean Name of this episode will be either "Continuation is Zero" or "Consistency is Zero".

I just hope Haruka has Emerald clothes.

And that this episode will contain some "Normal Trainers" who were in Seven Stars Restaurant in games.

And I hope that next episode will be a Futomaki appearance (Dr. Futomaki is a character from game, the footprint freak).
What is the deal with Ice moves/Pokémon in contests?

I think it's because they're considered elegant/pretty.

It does seem a little early to have May back, but I welcome it anyway. And why does everyone want Scott to have a heart attack?
Wow I am happy about this, maybe we can get a flashback as to what May was up to in Jhoto. Maybe May ran into a few friends of Ash from his previous run there. Any who I hope Ash/Brock win this one. Ash has been getting so much more better at contests, I forget how well Brock did in his. Should be a fun duo I don't think we've had Ash/Brock team up before. With Dawn as May's tag battle partner I don't thnk it will bold to well for them. I can't wait for this one, I wonder what May's reaction will be to TR still following AshXD
FYI If May joined the cast while Brock left for a little while that would be fun. Have May be a rival to Dawn too. They could pull Ash wanting to go different places LOL. Than maybe have Brock return later on while May leaves, I don't know.
Anyone else hope/think May might travel with the group for a short while?

Oh God, I'd love it if she was with the group permanently!
Yeah, it'd be awesome if she stuck around for the rest of Sinnoh. Four people travelling again - Hoenn once more!
I wonder what May's reaction will be to TR still following AshXD

The same with Misty's reaction in Hoenn, they need a life.

I want Scott to have a heart attack of joy actually. He's probably the most adamant May fan I have ever met. He was so pissed when she was leaving the show for "another girly coordinator" and demanded Hosos for her like crazy. He really wanted her to stay, it was both funny and sad at the same time.
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