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Official Pre-Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Speculation & Leaks thread

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Okay, I did a search by just punching in a date in there. The most recent thing I got out of j-plat was February 21. The trademark bot twitter is currently displaying results from March 8

As far as I know, the bot is pretty up-to-date. But with Pokemon there's an extra challenge to finding trademarks- most of the trademarks there are character-related, and to locate anything new, you'd have to either be aware of what the names of new Pokemon are, or constantly be checking for trademarks. I do it with Super Sentai and Kamen Rider yearly. It's never fun...I'll keep an eye out on the Japanese sites. They usually get to these things first.
So, the image from pokejungle?
was it fake?

We don't know. PJ is still trying to check it out. Supposedly if it turns out to be real he may not reveal it at all so he won't ruin someone. If it's fake he'll post it immediately.
So, the image from pokejungle?
was it fake?
we still don't know
Okay, I did a search by just punching in a date in there. The most recent thing I got out of j-plat was February 21. The trademark bot twitter is currently displaying results from March 8
This if true
I found the ash's hat trademark on trademark bot, but not on j-plat
So Pixelpar says that some of the details are real. I wonder if he's being a smartass about Pokeride (in some form) and walking Pokemon being very likely. The big things are the removal of random encounters and the return to an old region.
Let's also say that there are so many rumors/leaks which mention the possibility of an old region/reboot that it's becoming hard to ignore them...
"Recently some of our loyal readers in Taiwan and China have contacted us about some information that allegedly comes from an internal working demo. Again, I must state quite plainly, this is absolutely hearsay until we have verifiable evidence. We can just break down what seemed to be shown and and some generalizations we can draw from it.

  • PokéRide seems to be coming back, or at least the concept of it. A trainer uses Lapras to navigate a water-based trail. The bulky gear that Lapras wore in Generation VII is gone, but the trainer still appears to have a helmet and sports outfit on while riding.
  • Following Pokémon may also be coming back. Whether any Pokémon can follow you or just a select few remains to be seen. In the demo an Eevee perched on the top of its trainers head while riding through the water on Lapras. It’s hard to imagine something bigger having that much leeway or how it would be handled. It follows that Eevee would stay outside of its Pokéball while walking as well.
  • Battles start by running into a Pokémon; unlike previous installments in which players would randomly trigger battles while walking through grass, water, etc this appears to show the Pokémon on the route swimming—until you bump into one. Whether they aggressively try to chase you down or not also remains to be seen.
These rumors are suspiciously easy to guess. Lapras is literally called the transport Pokemon, and has been shown surfing even before Poke Ride. (it had a custom Surf sprite in Gen 6) Following Pokemon has been asked for since its debut, and many fans hoped the Pokemon you befriend in the overworld in USUM were going to be expanded upon into a similar mechanic. And physically running into a wild Pokemon? That's been a feature since ORAS, and was a feature in all of Gen 7.

I would enjoy most of these features if they were true (save running into wild Pokemon being the main method of starting battles), and they do seem very possible, but they don't seem to be a good indication of a reliable source.
Oy.......yeah.......That....that wouldn't be surprising..........*sigh*....whelp lol
What's this?


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Major staff warning
You really don't add any new info into discussion, do you?

You keep repeating the same points over and over again, despite people have already proven that your logic is wrong for many many times.

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This is a warning to every last user posting in this thread, or who might some day post in it. Grow. the. fuck. up. The staff is heartily sick of people abusing the reporting system to report perfectly fine post by one user because the people doing the reporting can't handle someone disagreeing with them. We're even sicker of having to come in this thread every few week to deal with high school-grade bullies ganging up on a user for the crime of having unpopular opinions. Neither behavior is acceptable. And we're done playing around with this mess - since you guys didn't take any of the previous warnings seriously, we're going to get a little bit more serious, this time around. What's happening here is called harassment, and it has no place on Bulbagarden.

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Totally forgot about april fools, well it's gona be fun
Totally forgot about april fools, well it's gona be fun

Even if it's an April fools joke at least we have some probable features to look forward too lol.

If they really intend to stretch this picture thing out for 6 more days then that's insane dedication for a good prank.
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