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Review PG17: The Investigation

Finally, Emma isn't a chibi, and she looks great.

This one was pretty straightforward, though, although that isn't exactly what happened while she was in the Expansion Suit. It's a shame we don't get to see Xerosic from this.

One left. What will they do?
This episode needed to be longer - and at 3 minutes and 25 seconds, it should have been. It barely touched on anything, like why Emma was in the suit. Xerosic wasn't even mentioned, despite his role in this arc. I know we generally get the fringes of the stories through these episodes, but this felt way more incomplete.

However, I really liked this episode because I really like Emma. She's one of my favorite XY characters, and I wasn't expecting to see her get her own story here.
Aaaaaaaand back to wasting my time.

I love the Looker Bureau story in the games. It's one of my favorite parts of XY, aside from Emma's music being hilariously melodramatic. But it was great to see them add in an extra storyline just for the sake of giving breathing room to some of their side characters (and, from what it looks like to me, to squeeze the third version/sequel-esque story events into the initial pair - Xerosic leading a sort of Team Flare "revival" but in a way that isn't as boringly formulaic as controlling Zygarde, and then ORAS had the big Rayquaza storyline, and of course SM does its thing which I won't spoil here).

But I can't tell what this is even supposed to be. If I were watching this without having played the Looker Bureau, what I'd see is Looker chasing after a robot person, except never mind, it's apparently an exosuit being piloted by an orphan he recently took into his care, and he pursues her into a random café where the cat scratches up the suit, causing it to malfunction and her to pass out, awaking with no recollection of where she is. And none of this is explained. Why is she in the suit? Where did an orphan even get this suit? Did she use it to steal willingly? The amnesia at the end might suggest not, but how do I know based on what's shown here? How do I know the amnesia isn't just a side-effect of her being in the machine while it short-circuited? Is the reveal here meant to be that the orphan girl was secretly a thief all along, and that Looker was wrong to trust her?

I get that Generations episodes have to work within a very short timeframe, but surely there's a way they could have gone about this episode that would have made it make at least a lick of internal sense?

Anyway. I actually would have expected this to be the last of the episodes, since I assumed they'd be going in chronological order - first the Lysandre episode, then AZ, and then the Looker Bureau. The fact that they didn't, and that we are almost certainly seeing AZ's episode next week, makes me wonder if they really are going to use it as a tie-in for distributing his as-yet-still-unreleased Floette. If I recall, the episode goes up the day before the current Meloetta distribution ends. So maybe they'll round out this year's XY/ORAS distributions with that?
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My thoughts are pretty much the same as Karamazov and Esserise here. I love Emma, I liked her story and she was one of the few highlights I had in XY from that area, but they really didn't do much with her character in the amount of time they gave. It's all limited, we barely get to see her development, her relationship with Looker and Mimi is given time and some nice moments, but also was pretty limited since they only had three minutes and it was spaced around Essentia, and Xenosic only get name dropped. The episode feels like it was trying give Emma an episode, but was struggling to fully showcase her and instead just focused on the bits to give a general overview, and for a character like Emma it just doesn't work for her as you need that time and attention. This is really an episode that would've benefitted from a full half hour or even more, but as is this episode just doesn't do enough with what it gives her and it results in just a cliffnotes version of the character.
Definitely an episode that could have benefitted from being longer, but I'm satisfied with what we got.
I think that the episode is fine. Xerosic is pretty much a joke character, so his exclusion doesn't bother me.

So maybe they'll round out this year's XY/ORAS distributions with that?
I guess they might as well do that if they even care, but it would be such an afterthought. The Meloetta distribution was announced way back in January.
Ack, my thoughts have already been stolen by other commentators here. I love Emma, I love the Looker Bureau story line and I greedily want more. In all honesty, this was my favourite parts of Kalos (alongside Serena's story line but I digress) and although I didn't expect the short to give it justice, I'm glad that at least some of it was adapted.

That kick though - ouch. Brutal.
That kick was brutal!

Pretty cool epi, though I would've liked to have seen a cameo from Calem.
Am I the only surprised by Emma's height? I know that she's 16, but the chibi model threw me off. So glad that those days are gone.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd the winner of most appearances in the Pokemon Generations shorts goes to...

Looker. =P
Was there any runner up?
Well, Giovanni and Red are tied with 2.
Looker already had three episodes under his belt before this one. And Giovanni didn't have a speaking role in his debut, nor did Red in any episode.

Looker basically stole screentime from Giovanni. But that's fine, thanks to Origins.
Looker already had three episodes under his belt before this one. And Giovanni didn't have a speaking role in his debut, nor did Red in any episode.

Looker basically stole screentime from Giovanni. But that's fine, thanks to Origins.

No, Giovanni had 1 line in his debut.

Also, I forgot Lance, it's a 3-way tie with 2 appearances
This episode was really cool. How many shorts are left, though? The Kalos saga is about to end and there really was no new story tacked on..(besides in Kanto and Unova).
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