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Pokédex apps pulled from market: The Pokémon Company makes copyright claim

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Nov 13, 2005
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Pokédex apps pulled from market: The Pokémon Company makes copyright claim

Do you use a Pokédex application on your iPod or Android device? These applications may have dubious legality and The Pokémon Company is in negotiations with app developers to have them taken offline.

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Not again...

While they have the right to do this, I don't think that this is right...

Maybe they will allow Bulbagarden, since we are basically trusted?

I don't know.
They seem to have been lenient in the past with Bulbagarden.
well its moot for ppl who already have them downloaded on their devices. all they have to do is not really update, but dang, that sucks, not everyone plays right next to the computer/has everything memorized/bought a official guide book :/

bah humbug.
This is actually a pretty cool app. I've installed it on my phone in the past. I'm a bit suprised that TPCi would ask them to take it down too since it's free..

Maybe TPCi has plans to release their own mobile app and didn't want any competition? Lol.
Hmm...well, the only app I use is the "Dex" app on my iPod Touch; that was free, although it does have ad support. It's handy, but if I end up losing it, it isn't a major loss.

In the end though, The Pokémon Company have full right to do this; and if the franchise were my intellectual property, I'd probably be more fierce than TPCi have been in the past xD
I really hope they take it easy on this. I don't have one myself, but I've seen them, and these apps were really handy if you didn't have your laptop about, they had move sets, stats, ev yeilds and everything. They were actually really cool.
Well, this is a very nice way of flipping the bird to the fanbase, I remember when Square Enix shut down an entire Chrono Trigger forum simply for a bunch of fangames, and by the looks of it, the Pokemon fanbase may be next on the list.
I lost my symphathy for the PokéDroid maker as soon as I saw that he was taking donations for at least one of his apps.
Even if it's free, they consider it competition because they're offering something they aren't.

Still crap, considering the fact that the developer of the main games started off as a fanzine...
I can understand why they'd take down ones that cost... but did they take down any free ones?

I remember a Pokedex app that my friend had on her iPod Touch. It was very useful when she came over to my house and we played BW because all the computers at my house couldn't connect to the internet at the time.
Oh lord. I hope this won't be a waste of money, because the app just sounds pointless in my opinion. If anything, they should make an app where you can use bulbagarden to the fullest extent, just like when you're on the computer...
Not the first time.

PPN - 2007

PokeSafari (or some spanish site) - 2008

2010- Victinigate (WPM + Camera in theater = Drama and nerd rage) and Serebii + Pokebeach

I hope this doesn't turn into another "NINTENDO HATES US" dramafest.
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