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Pokémon Trading Card Game Live updates to Version 1.8.0 - 151 to drop in-game Thursday, but new error sees many users stuck in loading screen loop

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151 expansion - Key Art featuring Mew over a Pokéball and a background featuring original generation 1 Pokémon
The Pokémon Trading Card Game Live this week received an update to Version 1.8.0 ahead of the digital release of the Scarlet & Violet - 151 expansion this Thursday. This latest update was intended to update several animations and visuals, along with fixing bugs with select cards, as well as the persistent error where empty collection pop-up windows would appear after matches. Unfortunately, this update appears to have introduced several bugs of its own, with numerous players finding themselves stuck on "Loading data from server 7/40", and unable to actually load the game.

As of writing, there has been no official acknowledgement of this issue from The Pokémon Company International, with bug reports on the official Pokémon Community Forums going unanswered by developers. While this issue appears to have been reported by both desktop and mobile users, the majority of players reporting being stuck on the loading screen appear to be desktop players using Windows 7, 8, or 10. We have not personally observed a report from any users claiming to experience this issue on Windows 11. Users have reported attempting to fix the issue by uninstalling the software and then doing a fresh install, however this does not appear to have resolved the issue for any players.

The full Patch Notes for 1.8.0, as posted by the developers on the official Pokémon Community Forums, can be found below. Cards from Scarlet & Violet - 151 will become valid in all game modes from Thursday September 21st at 10:00am (PDT). At that time, booster packs and bundles will also become available from the in-game shop, and players will be able to redeem any code cards they may have collected from physical Scarlet & Violet - 151 products.

Version 1.8.0 - Patch Notes said:
  • Added support for the Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—151 expansion.
  • Updated animations for several foil patterns to improve their overall appearance on foil cards throughout the game.
  • Added support for visuals indicating a forced coin-flip result.
  • Fixed an issue where Eevee (SUM #101) Energy Evolution Ability and Skiploom (EVS #003) Solar Evolution Ability effects were not optional when triggered.
  • Collapsed Stadium (BRS #137): Fixed an issue where the opponent is incorrectly prompted to discard from their Bench first.
  • Deoxys (BSP #SM164): Fixed an issue where the Power Suction Ability could not be used to move energy to another Deoxys card.
  • Counter Energy (CIN #100): Fixed an issue where this card can be incorrectly targeted by effects that target specific Energy card types when the player has more Prize cards than their opponent.
  • Fixed an issue where the player's hand may disappear when interacting with a playable card from the discard pile after the opponent's turn ends.
  • Fixed an issue in matches where the client can become unresponsive if an attack is chosen right as the action timer runs out.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Tool cards with retaliation effects did not show their effects on the Status Effect screen under the correct conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where the selection arrow occasionally does not show up for cards available to promote to the Active spot.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty collection pop-up window would occasionally appear after a match.
  • Fixed an issue on the mobile client where the app would restart if the player navigated away from the app.
  • Fixed an issue in the shop where the Sun & Moon expansions do not show when setting the filter to view all expansions available.


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