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Pokémon UNITE's next in-game tournament, the Rayquaza Cup #2, begins this weekend on October 14th - New teaser video previews Mimikyu's attacks

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The Rayquaza Cup #2 will be beginning this weekend in Pokémon UNITE, with team registrations closing this Friday. New moves and footage for Mimikyu, who joins the fray from October 19th, have also been posted by the official Pokémon UNITE account on X (formerly Twitter).

Pokémon UNITE in-game tournament begins soon!
The next Pokémon UNITE Tournament, Rayquaza Cup #2, will begin in-game starting October 14th, at 2:59pm (PDT). Players hoping to enter this tournament will need to gather together a full team of 5, then click on the Tournament icon at the bottom of the main menu and choose your region. The entry period for all regions ends on Friday October 13th, at 2:59am (PDT), so players who wish to participate in the tournament should register in their preferred region as soon as they can.

More details about Mimikyu have been revealed!
Footage posted yesterday by the official Pokémon UNITE X (formerly Twitter) account has shown off two of the moves Mimikyu will be able to use once it's added to the game as a playable Pokémon next week on October 19th. Play Rough causes Mimikyu jump forward, then move around an opponent, dealing damage and decreasing movement speed. Shadow Sneak meanwhile is a quick move that can be used to get Mimikyu closer to opponents.

Buzzwole receives two new Holowear!

Buzzwole received two brand new Holowear items at the end of last week, with Orange Unite Style: Buzzwole and Purple Unite Style: Buzzwole becoming available for players to purchase at Zirco Trading for 350 Aeos Gems each. These outfits do not feature any special Audio/Visual FX.


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