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Recent Gaming Purchases


Long live Haruka (May)!
Aug 30, 2009
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Share what your latest video game purchases were (yes you can include things like systems, accessories, etc). Feel free to add what you have paid for them if you want and post whenever you get something new, just don't spam or double post.

Have fun!
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Re: Recent purchases

Although I just ordered it today, I suppose you can say my most recent purchase was Animal Crossing for the GameCube.
I saw so many people talking about it as of late and how addictive the series was that I finally "broke down" and bought it.

*cough hopefully the copy still works since I bought it used cough*
Re: Recent purchases

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition when the series was 66% off on Steam. $3.40, or something like that. I know I had less than $5 in my Steam Wallet, and I now have less than $1.

Last game I remember purchasing before that was Natural Selection 2, just after it's free weekend. $25. I missed it when it was half off after the weekend.
Re: Recent purchases

Bought Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare dlc over the weekend, and the weekend before I bought The Last of Us.
Re: Recent purchases

Preordered SMT IV. That preorder bonus is just gorgeous.
Re: Recent purchases

I recently got Animal Crossing: New Leaf and before that was Naurto Storm 3. I probably won't be getting any more games until October or September.
Re: Recent purchases

Long list is long. All PS2 some used some new:
Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition
RE: Code Veronica X
Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2
Shadows of Rome
Silent Hill 3
Soul Reaver 2
Just Cause
Alone In the Dark: A new Nightmare
Viewtiful Joe
Devil May Cry 3SE
Burnout 3
MGS3 whatever the hell the SE is called
Yeah I had a game binge in spending but it was worth it. Next month I'm tackling the DS and 3DS...
Re: Recent purchases

I got Golden Sun Dark Dawn, and Disgaea 3 both pre-owned. And I pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix. So I have 3 games in total pre-ordered now, and I have plans to buy Rune Factory for the DS soon.
Re: Recent purchases

Does that include pre orders?

If so,

Tales Of Xillia D1 Edition
Pokemon X & Y
Saints Row 4
Grand Theft Auto 5

Bought Games

Battlefield 3
Zone Of The Enders HD Collection
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Re: Recent purchases

I just bought some more expensive stuff, recently:

A very nice Logitech gaming mouse,
an Asus Nvidia graphics card,
and Fire Emblem Awakening + some DLC.
Re: Recent purchases

I bought Trauma Center: New Blood a few days ago since I love Trauma Center and a few people have told me New Blood is one of the best games in the series (and it was only £6!). Loving it so far.
Re: Recent purchases

I bought Trauma Center: New Blood a few days ago since I love Trauma Center and a few people have told me New Blood is one of the best games in the series (and it was only £6!). Loving it so far.

You'll definitely love it. It's got an awesome story and has a lot of professional medical information in store. Also, the characters are great - especially Markus ♥

My recent purchase was none...but I am saving up for October XDD
Re: Recent purchases

I bought Animal Crossing New Leaf yesterday, my third 3DS game. It would be technically the forth, but I sold Mario Kart 7.
Re: Recent purchases

The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past SNES
Re: Recent purchases

Just got Sakura Samurai for free on the Nintendo eShop. I am not much of a fan of these eShop-only games, but hopefully the game is at least a bit enjoyable.
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