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RewriteShipping (Sordward x Sonia)

fusenryo doesnt accept the requests until literally as theyre about to begin working on them, and even then they're a really fast artist. the first one was only 1 hour and a couple of minutes, but the second one took around two hours after the request was accepted
That's industry level speed. Holy simolean, that's nuts.
can't get over dantdm accidentally validating my shipping thoughts by assuming the twins were sonia fans at first in his playthrough. now i'm drawing out a rough draft for some manga because of that..i'll probably edit this message in a bit when i've gotten some of the layout done
can't get over dantdm accidentally validating my shipping thoughts by assuming the twins were sonia fans at first in his playthrough. now i'm drawing out a rough draft for some manga because of that..i'll probably edit this message in a bit when i've gotten some of the layout done
earlier my friend sent me this card saying she looks like a sordsoni lovechild and i can't stop thinking about it because everyone agreed when i made a post about it on my twitter LOL so now im kinda considering doing my own take on altering this design a bit and making another fankid for them :bulbaLol:
making a google drive archive of all art i've drawn or commissioned others to draw of sonia and the twins, and how much more content there is in the section for this pairing as opposed to the ones for shielbert x sonia and them as a trio is kinda insane. favouritism accidentally showing so hard rn :bulbaLol:

lmao its kinda like when i commissioned this art and i specifically requested that i wanted sordward and sonia to be sitting together even if i commissioned it specifically bc i wanted more art of both of them with sonia
hopefully soon i'll come to this thread to ramble a little bit more but for now i'm just sharing another commission i got from fusenryo!
this is technically both of them x sonia but i'll send it here since shielbert is giving big third wheel energy here

my birthday is coming up soon, so i have even more plans for stuff to commission, and most of it is sordsoni so the blatant favoritism in my google drive is only gonna get worse, LOL
well, today is my birthday :') so you know what that means!! new art of them! i commissioned this amazing piece of them from the always awesome and super talented fusenryo2 and i'm seriously blown away...i've been thinking about them going on a vacation to unova for a while, so i wanted to commission art of them on a date at the marine tube!

well, today is my birthday :') so you know what that means!! new art of them! i commissioned this amazing piece of them from the always awesome and super talented fusenryo2 and i'm seriously blown away...i've been thinking about them going on a vacation to unova for a while, so i wanted to commission art of them on a date at the marine tube!

Happy belated birthday!

I haven’t played Sword or Shield, but from what I’ve seen I like this pairing. I’d describe them as very elegant! It appears you have commissioned some very nice artwork, which I enjoyed.
something a bit different to shake things up here, i've been very open about how i enjoy sordward x sonia and shielbert x sonia in the games but not in the manga and i thought i'd elaborate a little on that with some (probably kinda barebones, sorry, i'm not good at writing out my thoughts) analysis about them

sonia essentially being pinned as the scapegoat for practically compiling all of their family's lies over the years into her book is so integral to the appeal of this pairing for me and their relationship (and obviously, same applies to inaccuracyshipping/shielsoni). where even if their family's reputation would've been called into question and likely tarnished just due to the events of the game anyway, sonia's book just putting everything together comprehensibly gives them someone specific to blame, regardless of how much or little impact her book would've really had in the long run, considering we know this book has spread far enough for it to be readable in a completely different region in sv.
because it's probably easier to pin the blame on someone else for it all than it is to blame your own family who you've been raised under the belief are special and that you think highly of. and obviously the very person who wrote a book that comprehensibly lays out just everything that your bloodline lied about and that they've been trying desperately to cover up for years is the perfect target for that level of spite to build up towards. this is all just in my personal opinion but i've always assumed that yeah they probably do view sonia as being the person who ruined their lives, even if she's not really.

but on the other hand there's also the aspect of how much positive inherent came from sonia "ruining" their lives. the events of the postgame led to them having actual personal connections with people outside of their family who don't treat them as though they're something to be worshipped. people who will actually object to how they act and things they do. even now they still have a long way to go considering they don't really treat anyone as equal to them and rather just kinda jumped to acting the same way about the protag as their followers likely act about them, but it's progress. i really don't think it's farfetched to assume that they were very isolated in a specific way of not having any mutual relations that are equals, and now despite how badly he views the impact sonia had on his life she very likely opened the door for him to finally make mutual connections with people that will treat him like an actual normal person.

how much potential there is for their relationship to develop in future interactions with this context has always been what's drawn me to this. it kinda just started out as a silly joke ship because i relate heavily to sonia's character arc in swsh and love sordward as a character, but as i've spent more time focusing on them i do think they're a genuinely very fascinating pairing, whether it be romantic or platonic. to me their relationship arc would involve sordward's view on sonia's massive impact on his life slowly drifting from purely negative, loathing her for ruining his life, to realizing that more good than bad actually came from it in the long run, and to being almost grateful that she "ruined" his life and it leading to him generally becoming a better person who's in a better place in life.

tldr: dena if you ever include sordward and shielbert in any events in pokemon masters i want them to make amends with sonia really badly and form an actual positive relationship with her. considering she's completely okay with letting the assistant from the postgame who was sent as a spy by them work for her again in the dlc i don't imagine she holds much of a grudge over everything so there's potential there for something.
I remember at the time I was shocked that the assistant who spies on Sonia and betrays her didn't have a unique design but in retrospect it might have given it away.

But yeah I feel you. It's kinda hard for me to imagine my own otp in spe, just because Whitney's personality is so drastically different in spe.

They really need to add Sordward + Kartana to Masters already. First unit to sell one Sordillion gems. And then when we get Shielbert + Bastiodon it'll be the first one to sell one shielbillion gems
these two r seriously my most insane reach of being a sun and moon dynamic ship but idek if its even rly that i see them as a sun and moon duo. but also i really do like doing the kinda written imagery of her being his sun and brightening up his life. i dunno im just really weak for sappy stuff like this

i was thinking of it bc i was listening to some music and this song came on, + one of the lyrics translates to "you are my sun" sooo my brain went r u kidding? this has to go on the playlist immediately !!!! :bulbaLove: anyway insane 2am ramblings. maybe someday when i finally stop being super super shy abt it i will infact drop the full playlist
is time for your weekly absolutely insane ramblings from wick:

i've played through pokemon sword and shield in 3 different languages now: english, french, and japanese. and out of all of these i think the japanese text really kinda changed my thoughts on their relationship a bit, and i find how they refer to each other there really interesting. but a lot of that stems mostly from how sordward refers to sonia. i had always been kinda confused by him referring to her as young lady as the end of the postgame considering i don't think he and shielbert seem that much older than sonia talking both ACTUAL age wise and maturity wise. so i was kinda interested to look deeper into it when i got to the japanese version of this line, in which he calls her 小娘(komusume, lit. little girl) so the "young lady" translation isn't really incorrect so to say, but i do think that the possible context of him calling her this doesnt really shine through in the official localization of this line?

so obviously, i wanted to do some more digging into this. from what i can find, komusume is typically defined in the dictionary of referring to a young woman, most places i saw referred to around 14-15 years old, though i can gather i've seen some places say it can be used for some women up until their 20's. but even then i kinda looked at it asking myself would this really apply to sonia? all we really know about her age wise is that she's an adult, so it is possible she's like 18-19, but it's also just as possible that she's like 25 (and, mid 20's tends to be where i personally place her in my headcanons). however also in my research did i learn the thing that basically explained it for me, being the usage of the term komusume in a derogatory/belittling manner which...while i could still see people reading it as a literal statement of age, considering their relationship i think it makes a LOT more sense to read it's usage in that manner.

which in turn then made me realize that him calling her "young lady" in english, and whatever he says in french (i dont remember) was also likely intended to be in the same manner as that. it's just kinda interesting to think on how that completely changed my view on one of their very few interactions, where i had just read it completely straight before seeing the japanese text for the line.

interestingly enough, not really a huge tie of their relationship but i've always found it cute that シーソーコンビ/seesaw duo, the name thats been widely adopted and used by fans of the twins even those who didn't play the game in a language where they get to referred to as that, originates from sonia! that's how she refers to them collectively in the japanese text for swsh in place of where she would call them weirdos in eng or clowns(iirc) in french. it's generally how people will refer to them regardless of fan status or not, but it's just kinda cute to think about how in the case of the fans it has been adopted as kinda an affectionate nickname.

i could ramble forever about language differences and stuff, im a HUGE nerd abt localization processes and differences between the original text and various different languages (to be fair though, aside from stuff that wouldn't translate as well into english or make sense in english (such as the seesaw name and the reasoning behind it), swsh's english text is pretty much identical to the japanese text. however i'll cut this off here since this is the sordsoni thread, so it makes sense to only include the stuff relevant to them :')

also bonus not related to sordsoni, but rather it's evil (not really) counterpart shielsoni: if you think about it, if you were to combine shielbert and sonia's names in a similar manner, they are also a seesaw duo :bulbaLol:
decided to do this one rly cute ship template with them! i get kinda nervous doing these bc like "woah what if people disagree w my takes on my extremely niche ship" :bulbaFacepalm:
here's the template used! it was fun to do this just bc it's my first time doing smth like this bc i tend to be afraid people r going to disagree w my takes on these characters hdsgh
Seeing the original template I realise that you edited the colours to fit the characters and it looks so pretty!! Of course the drawings are gorgeous as well ^^ (damn you, you're making me warm up to Sordward and Shielbert... never thought it would be possible XD)

PS: How did you do the font for galar-speak? It would be so useful for my trainer oc shenanigans hehe nvn
am I the only one having trouble downloading it? It like opens a tab for a split second then it disappears
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