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Review S07 EP21: Disaster of Disguise・EP22: Disguise Da Limit


Jan 2, 2003
Reaction score
Japanese Episode AG 62: "Solrock and Lombre! Legend of the Forest"
American Episode 334: "Take the Lombre Home"

Kids' WB!, 10:00am ET
On a search for water, Ash and his friends come across a village suffering from a drought. The villagers are convinced that a Solrock is responsible, and it's up to Ash and his friends to convince them otherwise.

Post your thoughts about the episodes here. Please mark any spoilers for episodes not that have yet to air in America in spoiler tags.
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I liked these episodes quite a lot... The phantom battle early on was cool, but that might just be because Sato looked so cool being blown by the wind like that(Then again, he is rather hot when he's not wearing that vest he always does, so it shouldn't surprise me...) And seeing pikachu get wounded is something I've always liked... I'm horrible, I know...

But seeing a mother with so much hatred for pokemon... I hated her, having seen so many with that disgust for pokemon, but her redemption later on was quite nice... But an episode that brought out that level of emotion was quite good, and I loved the battles...

As for the second episode, I loved how well Musashi did without cheating, fourth place honestly, this could make things interesting later on... The final battle was simply excellent, especially the blizzard/hyper beam showdown at the end, and I empathized with the second phantom so much... And Haruka won!!!111 ^_^ Overall, I loved both episodes, it's times like this that give me faith in advance generation.
Disater of Disguise: I woke up late this morning, so I didn't get a chance to view the entire episode (I saw pictures, however), but what I saw was good. I found it really amusing when Brock dressed up as the Phantom. The true irony of it all is that I happen to be reading The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux! ^_^

Roxy's Rating: 8/10

Disguise Da Limit: I really liked this one since I'm fond of Pokemon Contests both in the anime and the games. Timmy's Duskclops was really strong and the entire battle was well-fought between both him and May. It was really interesting to see Skitty fail each time while using her Blizzard attack; it just goes to show that Pokemon learn moves at their own pace. One thing that mystified me, though, was that Drew wasn't competing in this contest because he was sitting in the audience. Why did he not enter the contest?

Roxy's Rating: 10/10

Disaster of Disguise: Rocking!!! Did anyone else think the animation was really improved in this episode? I thought it looked a lot better than normal. Dusclops' attacks looked especially cool. The big fat mom reminded me of Chichi from DBZ. lol. It was cool to see Shuu again, even if he couldn't compete. All of Team Rocket's comments were very funny, and I liked the motto (Wobuffet crashing through the moon, lol!) Timmy and his family were all really interesting characters, much more interesting than Grace, from the last contest. Skitty was cute, as always!! I love Skitty! I want one in real life :). There were very few hings wrong with the episode, but it wasn't totally perfect. It always makes me mad when Ash's battles get interupted, and the twerps didn't have to be so mean to Team Rocket. They were messing up the twerp's plan, but they didn't know; they thought they were doing what the lady wanted by revealing the Phantom's identity. It's not like they were trying to steal Pikachu again, Ash didn't need to blast them off.
overall: 4 1/2 stars

Disguise the Limit: This episode wasn't as good as the last episode, but it was still cool. It was nice to see Jessie make it to best 4 without cheating. She's getting good. I hope she can one day make it to the finals, or maybe even win at least once. May's battle with Timmy was cool, but it wasn't as action packed as I would have hoped. Compared to the previous episode, the attacks in this one looked really plain. The last contest had much better battles. It was also cool to see Shuu in the audience. Contestshipping!!!!
overall: 3 stars
Roxy_Parkington said:
Why did he not enter the contest?
Because he got his butt handed to him by the Dusclops in a battle, and Roselia wouldn't recover in time.
Disater of Disguise: It was good. I liked how Timmy got Drew out of the running for the Pokemon contest. I really didn't like the mom character either.

Disguise Da Limit: I just want to know if Timmy will be a reoccurring contester like Drew?
I didn't get to see either episode, but considering the stupidness and desperate-ness of the puns, maybe I'm glad I didn't.
The most entertaining part was when my local WB affiliate ran the following scroll at the bottom of the screen for a couple minutes: "This program is a fully-paid advertisement. This station does not endorse the products being sold."
pikapal said:
Disguise Da Limit: I just want to know if Timmy will be a reoccurring contester like Drew?
Nope. Japan is up to AG107 and he has not reappeared.
Geodude said:
Nope. Japan is up to AG107 and he has not reappeared.

So what numbers were this weekends english episodes?

I can't believe I missed Musashi legally placing. I guess she used her dukukeiru?

I'm going out of town friday morning and my DVD player's an evil skank so I don't know if I'll be able to catch the episode this time around.

So did Ash make a fool of himself during these episodes or was he just a there kind of character?

Timmy? is the kid's name!
Well, Hales, in the first episode Ash got to battle the Phantom (Timmy). Although, he didn't get to finish the match, unfortunately.

Oh, and in the second episode, he was just kind of a there character. LOL.

Anyway, here's my reviews for these two episodes:

"Disaster of Disguise" - This was a pretty good episode! And I thought it was interesting how the Phantom beat Drew. Although, since his Roselia got hurt so badly, that made him unable to compete in the contest. And that was a good thing for May, I guess, since she didn't have to worry about losing to Drew. Anyway, I liked the story of this episode and the one after it. I mean, in a way, it was kind of easy to relate to Timmy, because his mother hated Pokemon, just like many mothers do in real life. And, I liked how the only way he could sneak out of the house and battle people, was to dress up like the Phantom. That was really interesting. Although, I think one of the best parts of this episode was when Timmy battled Ash. And I thought it was funny how Ash didn't know that normal attacks didn't work on Ghost types, cause he should've known that. Oh, and I thought it was cool how Max actually said the words Normal type when he was talking about the attacks, cause they've never actually mentioned Normal types in the show before. And I think they've always just said physical attacks when referring to attacks like that. Anyway, I really wanted to see the outcome of that battle. And it would've been really cool to see Ash win! But, of course, they had to have it interrupted. Oh well. Anyway, I liked how they had to keep the fact that Timmy wanted to be in the Pokemon contest a secret from his mom. And it was funny how Ash, May, and Max had to act like Brock was really the Phantom. LOL. Oh, and it was hilarious how Brock protrayed the Phantom. LOL. XD And when Brock's face was revealed at the end, I thought for sure that Timmy's mother knew that Brock wasn't really the Phantom, so it was weird that she just left after Brock did. Oh, and I was glad that Timmy was gonna be able to compete in the contest, because he we would be an interesting opponent for May. And overall, this was a great and entertaining episode, and it had some really funny parts in it too.

Rating: 10 out of 10

"Disguise Da Limit" - This was a really good episode! Although, I was scared when May didn't really do that good at the preliminaries. Of course, I was glad that she had enough points to make it to the next round though. And I liked how Jessie was able to make it really far, and without cheating. That was cool! And, of course, I loved the battle between May and Timmy! It was really cool! It was great that May won, and that she got another ribbon! And I also liked that fact that, after the battle, Timmy's mom said that Timmy could compete in more contests. That was cool! And, overall, this was an awesome episode that had some really great battles in it. ^_^

Rating: 10 out of 10
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I am a phan, and this was these were the first couple of episodes I've seen in three years. I wish Timmy's name had been Erik. I would have died laughing. That or they could have called him Michael (after Michael Crawford) or Hugh (hugh panaro, broadway's current phantom)
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