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Scarlet & Violet Travelog

I beat the Indigo Disk nearly a week ago, but I've had no time to post my travelog. I guess I'll start now and update in chunks.

Day 1 was spent simply doing the basic intro tasks of battling Lacey, doing the class assignment, and exploring the Terrarium. I was stunned to see Minior is back in the game! I ran to catch one right away. I love that thing. Anyway, hearing that Lacey's father is a gym leader really shocked me, and I was stumped on figuring out who it was. But anyway, I reunited with Carmine and saw that Kieran has kind of lost it. I also met the BB League members and changed my throwing style. I battled a lot of trainers around the Terrairum and was surprised at just how difficult a lot of the battles were. Even Lacey's double battle strategies threw me off.

Day 2 I finally got to battling the BB League E4. But I made the mistake of going in with my Let's Play team first and that was a NIGHTMARE. I decides to battle Crispin first. First of all, I stupidly thought I had to BUY ingredients for his trial, so I left to buy a bunch only to come back and be told that I had no ingredients still. So after finally doing what needed to be done, I battled the man and got utterly destroyed TWICE! My Let's Play team is pretty much half grass types, so I had to resort to bringing in Koraidon and swapping around other Pokémon. I finally managed to beat him after realizing that attacking Rotom was a waste of time, and slaughtered the rest of his team while Rotom basically did nothing. After that, I decided to spam through the game in my main file so I'd know what I needed to do for my let's play.

Day 3 I literally rushed through the entire rest of the game......I'm not kidding. After taking down Crispin, I beat Drayton, Amarys, and Lacey (and I finally figured out that Clay was her dad). The battles were really tough, though I don't think I was at risk of losing. Then again, I'd pretty much grinded by battling every single trainer in the Terrarium, so I was damn near level 90 battling the rest of the squad. After taking them down, I of course battled Kieran and I lucked out by paralyzing his Dragonite early on in the fight and it kept getting fully paralyzed and barely hit any of my team. The battle was long, but I was able to pull out a win. I was stunned upon seeing the new evolution for Dipplin though. I never expected Dipplin to evolve any further, but I was pleasantly surprised. Hydrapple is adorable like the rest of the Applin line, and I was actually happy to find out about it so I could add it to my Let's Play team later.

After taking down Kieran, creepy Briar, Carmine, Kieran, and I finally headed down to Area Zero for the next half of the story. Now this I didn't really like. The BB League story seemed to only exist as a way to reintroduce Kieran and Carmine and give him justifiable reason to want to go after Terapagos. But on it's own, it doesn't tie into the Terapagos plot enough, imo. It's like two separate stories linked together by a tiny thread in Kieran. But anyway, the best part about this portion of the story was getting to learn more about Sada's past research in Area Zero and learning about the Stellar Tera Type. The Stellar Type seems cool and all, though I don't see myself bothering to get a Pokémon with it. Anyway, we went down, Kieran caught Terapagos (who I was surprised to see wasn't gender unknown), and I battled them both. It wasn't too challenging, though battling Terapagos's Terastal Form was a bit more difficult. Though my Quaquaval, Lyran, really put in a lot of work. Anyway, though the power of friendship we ended up winning and I caught Terapagos. He's a boy and I named him Treasure since he's the hidden treasure of Area Zero. I later was able to see the extra cutscene with Sada at the Crystal Pool and it was nice to be able to see how our actions ended up influencing her in the past.

Overall I enjoyed myself, but honestly, I feel like the Indigo Disk in itself is just way too short. The Teal Mask had so much extra plot weaving the entire story together, but the Indigo Disk felt to empty in comparison, which sucks for me because it was the story I was more excited for. I wish there was more to the BB League story and more connecting it to the Area Zero plot, because I really feel like they could have done more with Briar before just throwing her end halfway through the story and saying "okay field trip to Area Zero time!".
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I wanna share my first shiny of 2024 and my second ever successful hunt It’s a duralidon i did from the outbreaks with sandwich and charm odds but it still was fun as it’s my second ever hunted shiny that has been successful
I recently started the DLC -- apparently the bulk of its assets were a mandatory game update and purchasing the DLC just gives you the unlock token internally, but whatevs. It WAS a little strange for Clavell to call and notify me about the Indigo Disk portion not five minutes into the field trip to Kitakami, but I decided I may as well stay on this map until its main quest is done. (Though I did return to Paldea for the Walking Wake event raids, caught it on my 2nd attempt after one of my allies -- no doubt a Lv.100 -- somehow did 80% damage in a single attack, finishing it off rather early).

By now I'm at the point of chasing down the Loyal Three. I've found I believe 4 of the 6 Wonders of Kitakami. And my team is a really odd mix of local Pokemon I'm trying to train/evolve (despite being Lv.50-60) and two or three of my mainstays.
Started a hardcore Nuzlocke out of boredom and got incredibly unlucky with my encounters because of how slow they were and nothing would be able to take pawm’s attack
Just finished Kofu
most of the battles are going really well but had to sacrifice toxel to beat iono and I forgot to being kilowatt to Kofu but eh
-Yawn + stomping tantrum to beat fire car
-Flinching Kofu‘s entire team for almost the entire battle via bullet seed and kings rock
-Almost got swept by 2x sp.atk mismagius
I really should've kept track of my travel, but I'll just do one more update here.

I finished up both expansions and the epilogue by now, and crafted a second team for Drayton's challenge. I really grew fond of Ogerpon, and I hope we don't have to wait too long before she makes her debut in Pokémon GO. I even had a plush toy of her, and I hope to get more merchandise featuring her. can only hope Masters EX is kinder to Kieran and allows him and Ogerpon to form a Sync Pair, even if as a Sygna Suit since I figured he'll default with Hydrapple.

I actually cried when I encountered Professor Turu at the Crystal Pool in Kitakami, knowing of his eventual fate and hoping that this is an alternate version of Turo who we probably saved.

I've been taking photos on my game. I'll share them here when I can.

Skeledirge ♂: Level 100
Sawsbuck ♂: Level 100 (Winter)
Kilowattrel ♀: Level 100
Zoroark ♂: Level 100
Cetitan ♀: Level 100
Glimmora ♀: Level 100

Charizard ♂: Level 100
Muk ♀: Level 100 (Alolan)
Metagross: Level 100
Excadrill ♀: Level 100
Primarina ♂: Level 100
Crabominable ♀: Level 100 ⁂
Due to all the excitement of getting a new bird I forgot to actually play a special playthrough I had planned in Scarlet. Spent the last few days doing just that (and so my new bird can get used to me). Currently about to face Iono, just after defeating Nemona again. I spent a lot of time auto-battling to gather materials for TMs, which also caused my levels to increase a lot. I also traded over some items from another file to bolster my resources (mostly vendor trash like Nuggets and Star Pieces to give my funds a jumpstart). Had to migrate two of my Mons to Legends Arceus briefly because they have regional forms/evolutions that can only be accessed there, and in one case it was a haul. Anyway, I've defeated 2 Gyms (Bug, Grass), 1 Titan (Rock), and 1 Team Star Base (Fire).

My Team:

Skeledirge (Heatblast, Lv39, male, Modest, Unaware)
H-Samurott (Yami Knight, Lv36, male, Jolly, Sharpness)
H-Electrode (Wood Grinade, Lv33, Timid, Aftermath)
Wyrdeer (Mai, Lv34, female, Jolly, Intimidate)
A-Ninetales (Angela, Lv33, female, Timid, Snow Warning)
Hawlucha (Stratos, Lv34, male, Adamant, Mold Breaker)

Note: All of these Mons, sans Skeledirge, are leftover eggs that I wanted to experiment with. I also changed Skeledirge's Ability to Unaware via a spare Ability Patch from another file. I've also traded over some extra TMs for more firepower than what I would have right now, though I'm still debating on some moves (like if I should keep Moonblast on A-Ninetales or replace it with Draining Kiss for some form of recovery).
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