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Scarlet & Violet Travelog

Dec 30, 2008
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Seeing as I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get around to the store to pick up a physical copy of the game, I purchased the digital copy of Pokemon Scarlet, and thus have been playing it since it unlocked last night (PST). And OH my gosh. I have put 5 ½ hours in so far and I’ve done very little. Paldea is just so much fun to explore! Every time I go somewhere I find myself taking a detour because I see some items, or I see a new Pokemon to catch.

I started off my journey by choosing my starter Pokemon, of course, a Sprigatito whom I named Azalea. After fighting Nemona, we went on our way where I went into Legends Arceus mode the moment I could catch Pokemon. I caught every different species the moment I could. Thus far, I’ve caught 38 different Pokemon. As I was going up to the lighthouse to meet Nemona, I met Koraidon, and we both saved each other. Shortly after that, I met Arven who officially introduced the legendary to Nemona and me

While exploring the first area, I caught the second member of my team Blob the Wooper. As I was celebrating my catch, I quickly realized something, I had gotten myself stuck. You see, Blob was swimming in a little pond, so I through my Pokemon out at him, and I guess when I did that, it teleported me onto a little island around where the Wooper was swimming. After freaking out for a bit, I figured out how I got stuck in the first place and then attempted to battle another Pokemon on the other side of the pond to get myself unstuck. Thankfully it worked, I just thought that was pretty funny. Also while I was in the area, I discovered a trainer who was talking about some sort of door, and up ahead I found what they were talking about, a purple glowing lid-like door on a cliff face. After examining it, I decided to make my way back to the main route so I could get more Pokeballs, and try to get to Mesagoza.

After catching more Pokemon, completing the early intro stuff in Mesagoza, and (unlocking Koraidon as a ride Pokemon), I started on my path. Seeing as it’s getting late, I decided to focus on getting one more team member. Previously, I had been hoping to try to get a Fire Tera type Fidough, but seeing as there are so many different types of Tera Raid dens, the chance of getting a fire tera Fidough seems very rare. So, I decided to just go for a regular Fidough. I had caught one before reaching Los Platos, but I wanted one that was a little closer to the rest of my team in level. Luckily, there was a Fidough Mass Outbreak. So I went over to where it was, caught one and named him Maple. After catching Maple, I decided to try and do a little bit of shiny hunting with the Mass Outbreak, but nothing sparkled. I still left some of the outbreak to do, so maybe I’ll get lucky later.


Azalea the Sprigatito (Level 16)
Blob the Wooper (Level 16)
Maple the Fidough (Level 13)

I'll be pretty busy tomorrow (well, technically today as it is 1am), so I decided to really work on some story progression today, though I admit I couldn't help but go off and explore a lot. I started my day by looking at my team and deciding it might be a good idea to get a Pokemon that would be a little more effective against the bug type gym leader, as I decided I wanted to take her on first, so I spent forever looking for my fourth team member, a Wattrel. Then when I found the Wattrel, I kept getting ones that had natures that decreased speed, its best stat. So I eventually settled for one that decreases its special attack, its second-best stat, because I had caught five I had no interest in catching more. I named her Gale. Before leaving the area where I caught the Wattrel, I saw something blue out in the water. It swam over, and I realized it was the dolphin Pokemon, Finizen. At the time, I still wasn't sure I wanted it to be on my team, but I went ahead and caught him anyway and named him Slushie. Also, while I was looking for my bird, I ended up finding another one of those weird door things, this one a different color than the first. After catching my little bird, I went back to Cortondo to challenge the gym. the Gym test was very easy, but also hilarious, and the gym leader herself was pretty easy too. I do love that whenever you accomplish a story bit they take a little picture.

Then, I made my way over to the East side of Paldea, where I went to help out Arven. I made a little oopsie and Terastalized in the first phase of the battle, not realizing there was a second one, but it worked out fine and we defeated the big Klawf. Arven whipped us up a couple of sandwiches using the Sweet Herba Mystica and I couldn't resist it when Koraidon begged for mine, so I gave it to him and it ended up giving him the power to run faster. Using this newfound power, I briefly went back to some earlier routes to try and jump to some spots I couldn't reach to get items. After this little detour, I went to Artezon and took on my second gym, beating it with ease. Seeing that Team Star's fire crew was close by, I decided to go take them on. Man, Mela was tough, but later I realized that the game intends for you to take her on second, as there is another Team Star leader with lower levels. I was able to defeat Mela though, and man, I was not expected to be interested in the Team Star plot, but I actually like it, almost as much as I like the Path of Legends plot.

After taking out Team Star, I switched back to the west side and decided to take on the Sky Titan I learned about while I was looking for Wattrel. I took out the Bombardier with relative ease, seeing as Maple had just recently evolved into Dachsbun, and had learned Play Rough really early on. I won't say much but oh my gosh Arven baby!!!! I love him and I will protect him at all costs. Koraidon regained the ability to swim after eating my Bitter Herba Mystica Sandwich, so in celebration, I decided to go to the place I've been the most excited to see since the game was revealed, the big lake on the Northwest corner of the map. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay long because I kept getting harassed by Veluza, but I got a hint of the music there and man, I definitely think it's going to be one of my favorite areas to go back to in this game. I also found a Girafarig while looking around.

I then went to take on Team Star's Dark Squad and Giacomo, which was a breeze compared to Mela because of the levels (though I'm sure having Maple helped). Then, I finally decided I wanted to head toward the third gym, so I made my way to Levincia. Shortly after arriving, I noticed that the mass outbreak spawns had changed because it hit midnight, and there was a mystery Pokemon one on the right corner of my map. Determined to try to get to it, I made my way through Paldea, taking every path I could find just to try to make it over there, and getting lost several times along the way.

During one of these times, I ran into a group of Cufant., and noticed one of them was more yellow than the others. This whole day I have been playing, worrying I've been missing shinies because the Pokemon are just so small and I am running past them too fast. I really wish they made a sound or had some sort of permanent overworld sparkle like the Let's Go ones had. And if not those, I wish they would at least sparkle once when you had them in the camera frame. I have no idea why they decided to take out the sparkles in general, it is really ard to with some of the designs (Like Tadbulb, whose shiny hardly changes and he's freaking tiny so it's hard to see the small change there is). After catching my shiny, I decided to take a different route toward the mass outbreak. While carefully navigating myself through a forest of high level Pokemon, I spotted a brown Falinks. I had to do a double take, like wait is that brown? Sure enough, it was a shiny Falinks. Dang, Galar is getting the love this morning. I was really worried I wasn't going to be able to catch it, seeing as I was 20 levels below i. But Maple pulled through, slwoly bringing down it's HP to a point where I could throw an ultra at it. I caught him first ball. With that, I decided to give up on my quest for that outbreak (especially since there really looked like there was no way to get there. The cliffs were too great, and I had to take down a high level Team Star base to get through the main path. So, I flew back down to Levincia, and will be taking on the gym tomorrow.


Azalea the Floragato (Level 31)
Blob the Clodsire (Level 31)
Maple the Dachsbun (Level 31)
Gale the Killowatttel (Level 30)
Slushie the Finizen (Level 30)
Madam the Girafarig (Level 31)
So far I've defeated the first two (bug, grass) gyms and the titan Klawf. Mela seems a little high level so I'm heading to take on another titan next. I also caught a shiny Skiddo yesterday.

I've been lucky to be able to put together most of my planned team already, I'm actually considering doing a rotation to stop my team becoming overlevelled. (it was kind of overlevelled for Brassius)

Quaxwell lv 22
Nacli lv 22
Capsakid lv 21
Flittle lv 21
Varoom lv 21

I'm thinking of getting a Bombirdier for my final slot. For the reserves I'm considering Smoliv (swap with Capsakid), Glimmet (swap with Nacli) and Wattrel (swap with Bombirdier) Not sure if I'll actually do that but I might try it out at least.
Been pretty busy with my playthrough. I started with Fuecoco (named King K. Rool) and have been catching pretty much everything I've encounters, sans a handful of exceptions because I'm having trouble getting them to spawn. I beat the Bug Gym easily so I can gain access to Great Balls and have been struggling to get funds for my journey, especially since most of my money is going into Great/Heal Balls. The vastness of the game is really overwhelming but the lack of direction is really confusing me. I've also been making use of the Auto Battles to farm for materials. I've actually rotated certain team members out of the roster so I can try some of the new Mons, though I haven't decided on my final team. I've been going in blind so I'm certain I've missed a good dozen or so things. I've also participated in several Terra Raid Battles, which have proven to be much more tolerable than Sword/Shield, what with the faster pace and more forgiving timer. I've caught a fair few Mons with rare Terratypes from those battles. I'm now heading to my first Titan in hopes of getting more funds. My (current) team is as followed:

Colcaror (King K. Rool, male, Lv29)
Shroodle (Scribbles, male, Lv26)
Dachsbun (Cinnamonroll, female, Lv26)
Tinkatuff (Tinkerbell, female, Lv26)
Flittle (Eggy-sensei, female, Lv19)
Flamigo (Ravone, male, Lv20)

This isn't my final team, as I do want a Grievard but I haven't the foggiest where I can catch one. Cinnamonroll is filler right now, especially since I've got my Fairy type covered by Tinkerbell, and I'm not sure if I'll keep Scribbles. Hopefully, once I can figure out where I'm going I can start sorting my team more.
Well, after making the initial discoveries, I've decided to put Victory Road as the priority to get at having enough badges for obedience. My character is named Cecilia, and I've picked Fuecoco as the starter. And as usual, I'm off catching every new Pokémon I see and doing the occasional Tera Raids to collect Exp. Candy.

As of this post, I have already gotten the badges from Katy and Brassius, and cleared the Titan Klawf battle. I'm about to challenge Iono. My main team is still under development, as I've rotated between around 20+ Pokémon for battles and raids, although it has started to form. I did manage to catch myself a Spring Form Deerling with Dragon as his Tera Type, and added him into the main party.

Crocalor ♂: Level 21
Deerling ♂: Level 20 (Spring)
This morning I beat the Grass gym (I loved the gym challenge and his team) and then wandered around for like two hours before making my way down to the nearby Team Star base. I'm really digging the variety of Pokémon available, though it kinda feels like a lot of the new ones are... idk a bit underwhelming? Their designs are fine but there's so many really great returning Pokémon that it's hard for me to justify using many of the new ones I've found.

Crocolar (foofoo) - 22
Skiploom (heehee) - 22
Clodsire (poopoo) - 22
Greavard (booboo) - 18
Flamigo (mimi) - 22
Jigglypuff (fifi) - 21
Been waiting for this thread :bulbaWave:

Episode 1: The Paldean Journey Begins

I was too excited to check the game out, so even though I had work early on the 18th I started playing as soon as the game went live on the eshop on the 17th. I played for around an hour and had a lot of fun. I hadn't looked up the dex or anything as I wanted my first hour playing the game to be totally blind. So of course I was stunned seeing a bunch of new Pokemon in the intro! It's such a cool feeling to see new Pokemon for the first time in the game.

The first thing that surprised me when I started playing was the Clavell showed us to give us our starter. I loved that I was able to walk around with them before choosing them. The next thing that surprised me was the fact that Nemona's house was Nemona's house. I was SOOO SURE that was the Professor's lab. I mean, it's huge and that's where we first saw the starters so of course I naturally thought it was the lab. So like, is Nemona rich because that was a big ass house.

So Nemona is already a Champion. I think they kind of showed that in the last big trailer, but I wasn't sure if she already was one or became over the course of the story. I think that's interesting. I already think Nemona is an interesting character. The fact that she's SOOOO battle crazy is funny. I ended up choosing my favorite starter; Quaxly. I love him so much and this is the first time I chose a starter without knowing the evolutions, but I didn't care. I fell even more in love with Quaxly during the intro cutscene for them. I named him Lyran from Quaxly and Naranja. I was surprised to see Nemona actually getting a starter since up until now, there was no info on anyone else getting another starter so that was nice.

I caught a few Pokemon, seeing some for the first time like Tarountula, and met Koraidon. I adored the scene of meeting him. He's too cute. But as for the next moment of me being SHOOK, my jaw dropped when it turned out that not only did Arven know and previously care for Koraidon but he's SADA'S SON!!! Like what the heck. I seriously never expected that.

I caught my next official team member right before Los Platos; a cutie pie Pawmi. The only other Pokemon at the time I new I wanted on my team. I caught a female named Mija. (Using that same name theme). This is where I stopped playing for the first hour.

The next day, I eventually got to Mesagoza and again was shook when Nemona Terastallized her Pawmi in our second battle. I like the electric-type Tera Jewel, but man I was unprepared. I almost lost that battle (my team is REAL underleveled). Upon getting to the city, I battled Team Star and I love them even more. Their battle theme is AWESOME. I also saw Shroodle for the first time in this battle.

School happened, I finally saw Sada and for some reason Clavell seems suspicious of what she's doing, a mysterious person recruited me to stop Team Star, and now I'm on my Treasure Hunt, woo! I decided to help Arven out first so I headed to the east exit to take on the titan Klawf. I ended up catching my 3rd official team member in that area. I should also mention that by this point I'd looked up the new Pokemon and I decided that I want to use Armarouge as my version exclusive, so I caught a little Charcadet. I named her Charna. I also went back to the Naranja Academy to take some classes since I was surprised they kind of rushed us out of there and I felt I should spend some time there. I spoke to all the teachers and staff and became closer to all of them.

Heading back to my mission, we beat the titan Klawf, and even though Mija ended up fainting before Arven landed the final hit, the game still registered her as the winner. I was surprised when Arven gave me a badge after the finished the mission. I was wondering what we'd get for finishing the Path of Legends and Starfall Street missions, but it looks like we'll be getting badges for everything. Last thing that happened was Arven telling 'something' that it was safe to come out, so I guess he and his mom are both doing weird secret stuff.

Overall, I enjoyed my first day playing and I excited to get back into it later today.
Day 3

I had a much shorter session today, but I still managed to complete some stuff. Right after booting up the game I went straight to Levincia to challenge Iono. So, after defeating Nemona and passing the gym test, I took the streamer on, and dang, that was not a hard fight at all, but it was dragged out thanks to terrible luck on my end. When fighting Iono's Luxio, Blob flinched 3x in a row because of bite. Then, When fighting the Electric Mismagius, Iono would not stop spamming Confuse Ray, and my Pokemon kept hitting itself. It was awful.

With my third badge obtained, I decided to go ahead and train Madam just a little bit. Since I caught her so high level, I knew I didn't have much time to befriend her before she would be too high level to obey. So, I put her on the back burner a bit. Madam is powerful, and I am so glad I'm finally using a Girafarig. I've wanted to use one since forever. But, shortly after I started training with her, she learned Twin Beams and evolved into Farigiraf. While my time with her as a baby was short-lived, I am so excited to use Farigiraf. She's so tall!

After that, I went just a bit up north to take on the steel type titan. I was a little worried about this one, seeing as ground type moves don't work on this one, and I don't have a any fire and fighting Pokemon. Thankfully, Azalea was able to learn Low Sweep so she managed to pull us through with that move.

I do want to play more, but I am literally falling asleep as I am typing this, so I am going to end it off here. Can't wait to play more tomorrow!


Azalea the Floragato (Level 34)
Blob the Clodsire (Level 33)
Maple the Dachsbun (Level 33)
Gale the Killowatttel (Level 32)
Slushie the Finizen (Level 31)
Madam the Farigiraf (Level 33)
After setting a goal for myself to fight the strongest Gym Leader first, Grusha, I finally made it to his gym and took his team on with basically just my Level 50 Meowscarada named Emma. It was tough to get my team up to the same level, and really I only used Meowscarada and some other Pokemon I caught that wouldn't even obey me as bodies for healing, but his team was no match for Low Kick. My goal of toppling the Gym Leaders of Paldea starting with the strongest one first has been achieved. No level scaling needed, you really can fight the Gym Leaders in any order.
I got started yesterday after I wound up causing my Violet copy's arrival to be delayed by a day. I had to get a new card and forgot to update the payment sooner. But I thankfully didn't have to wait much longer!

I'm really enjoying the game! I like that there's a lot of trainer customization available early, and there are a lot of Pokemon available early on and a lot of new ones too. They're not shoving the old Pokemon in our faces and making the newer ones needlessly harder to find (my main complaint about gens 6 and 7). There's stuff on the ground everywhere too, holy moly. lol Making TMs is a cool feature and so is the picnic mode and stuff. I have one gym badge and haven't done anymore in the main campaign than that thus far. I have a full team of six Pokemon at present, all new Pokemon for right now. And the gift Flying Pikachu in a box as well.

My one issue is that I'm really caught off guard by how difficult some regular NPC trainer battles are in this. I lost to one already and almost lost to him a second time. His team was only one level higher than mine, but super effective moves didn't do much damage and their regular effectiveness moves took all my Pokemon out in almost one hit each. :/ And for some reason, a Mudbray was faster than almost everything I had even though it's known to be pretty slow.

I hope GameFreak didn't pay attention to all the whiners that complained about Pokemon's difficulty lately... It doesn't need to be hard, not like this.
After setting a goal for myself to fight the strongest Gym Leader first, Grusha, I finally made it to his gym and took his team on with basically just my Level 50 Meowscarada named Emma. It was tough to get my team up to the same level, and really I only used Meowscarada and some other Pokemon I caught that wouldn't even obey me as bodies for healing, but his team was no match for Low Kick. My goal of toppling the Gym Leaders of Paldea starting with the strongest one first has been achieved. No level scaling needed, you really can fight the Gym Leaders in any order.

Yes... lvl scaling is needed, as you need to lvl up your Meowscarada to lvl 50.
Oh yeah, I have one gym badge right now and that's it. But I'm about to go face my first titan Pokemon. I have a couple of evolved Pokemon now too, including my starter. I started with Quaxly and I reset for a female to name after Daisy Duck. I like Daisy Duck! And it's starting to look like that was a good idea too. lol

I didn't name any other Pokemon yet, as I didn't know what I would name them or if they'd really be permanent team members. I know not all of them will be.
I was able to get a lot done yesterday and I'm still having quite a bit of fun :bulbaLove:

Episode 2: Our Second Badge

After finishing up with Arven last time, I figured our next course of action was to head over to Artazon to battle Brassius. We made our way over there, but along the way I actually caught another major Pokemon. I'm not sure yet if this will be a permanent team member, but he just might be. I came across a Tera Raid Den and lo and behold, it ended up being a Shroodle with the Fairy Tera Type. Now I wanted to have a Pokemon with a rare Tera Type on my team, but figured it would be super difficult to get one. But then I come across a den with not only a new Pokemon, but one with a different type. So I mean, of course I had to jump on that, so I caught him. Now I do like Shroodle and think he's adorable....but I just found out that he evolves in Grafaiai. I'm personally just not crazy about Grafaiai, so rare Tera Type or not, I don't know if I'll be keeping him, but he's still in the party until further notice. His name is Shrooran. (Shroodle + Naranja).

Once I got to Artazon, I did catch a Pokemon I really wanted, and that was Tandemaus. As soon as I saw these adorable little weirdos in the trailer, I knew I wanted them. I just didn't know at first that they literally came as a pairing. But they're cute, I like them. So I ended up catching a pair and named them Tanaranja. I did a bit of training and then went to battle Brassius and yeah...long story short, I lost quite a few times. I mean, that Trailblaing Sudowodo with Rock Throw is no joke. I did eventually manage to defeat him thanks to Shrooran badly poisoning him with Poision Fang. (And yeah, that's yet another reason I feel compelled to keep him around.)

So we got our second badge and first Victory Road Gym Badge and then headed off to the Schedar Squad's base. While in front of the base I got a call from Caseopia and then met...Clive...Clavell dressed as a nerd....someone? Anyway, I don't see what is going on, but I'm very excited to finally get into Starfall Street's story, because like I said, I'm most interested in that one.
Got quite a bit done yesterday and today.

The starter I chose for my first playthrough in Violet was Fuecoco. I was going to pick Sprigatito, as it's still my top favorite starter and evo line this gen, but I surprisingly liked Fuecoco's evo line almost as much. That and admittedly I wanted a slightly easier time with the early gyms by starting off with fire type. Aside from that I did a lot of off-path exploring, finding a lot of items and catching a lot of Pokemon, both old and new. Though I still don't really know who exactly will be on my final team, I've switched around a few 'mons a couple of times.

But so far I have: two gym badges, two titan badges, and defeated two Team Star bosses. For the gyms I started with the bug gym first, then grass gym. For the titan Pokemon I did Klawf first, then Bombirdier. Finally for the Team Star bases and bosses I did the fire base first, then the dark base. Klawf was actually kind of difficult for me, though that was mostly because I didn't have a water type on my team yet, so I mostly relied on my Pawmi by spamming Dig and using a few healing items. The fire base leader for Team Star was also pretty difficult for me, I just caught the new dolphin 'mon so it didn't really do much against her Torkoal, and I relied on Crocalor and it's dark type attacks plus healing items for that weird car 'mon. Aside from that, the bug and grass gyms were obviously easy, and the dark base and Bombirdier titan were made easy due to my team having a higher level plus more type advantage against them.

I'll do more exploring and catching tonight. I might also do a third gym next, though not sure which one yet; thinking between either Iono's gym or the water gym. The former since I already reached Levincia city before I took on the dark base leader, and the latter because I'm close to the city where it is located. But before I do that, I'll be making a detour to Zapapico town so I can evolve my Charcadet to Ceruledge. I quite like Charcadet's Violet evo more than it's Scarlet evo, so I want to get it ASAP.

My current team (not final, liable to change):
Crocalor lv. 30
Charcadet lv. 26
Dachsbun (nicknamed Coco) lv. 30
Finizen lv. 26
Maschiff (nicknamed Daisy) lv. 29
Maushold (family of four form) lv. 30
Finally getting my game yesterday evening and played for a few hours. I just finished the "boring" part (up until I can ride Miraidon) after exploring and catching most Pokémon I encountered. After this I still intend to search for my team members before doing any of the story progression.

My team for now is:
Mayura the Quaxly (Poké Ball)
Haaku the Paldean Wooper (Net Ball)
I’m about 20 hours in so a bit late to be first updating this thread but here goes anyways.

I now have 3 badges (that third one from Iono took me a while), have conquered the first two of the titans and have beat 1 star base. I’ve been heavily focused on catching Pokémon and I’ve caught more than 100 different species! I was focused on that but since I was getting too high of a level, I decided to focus on these tasks for a bit.

Right now I’m just trying to get 10 Sinistea chips so I can evolve my Charcadet into Ceruledge. I picked Sprigatito as my starter since I love cats but I felt stuck for a choice of Fire Pokemon so he seems to be it.

I haven’t made a set team yet as I’m trying to keep my level equal or lower than each challenge so I’m just swapping Pokémon all the time. Once I finish evolving my Charcadet I’ll likely just start exploring more areas and slowly making my way through the gyms and legends. There are still so many areas I want to explore though so it’s overwhelming with choices!
Yes... lvl scaling is needed, as you need to lvl up your Meowscarada to lvl 50.
Disagree simply because I got to that level by just exploring each area, I didn't "grind" for it in the traditional sense of "stop in one area and grind", it just got to that point naturally. XP candies from Tera Raids helped.
Finally getting my game yesterday evening and played for a few hours. I just finished the "boring" part (up until I can ride Miraidon) after exploring and catching most Pokémon I encountered. After this I still intend to search for my team members before doing any of the story progression.

My team for now is:
Mayura the Quaxly (Poké Ball)
Haaku the Paldean Wooper (Net Ball)

Played through for a couple more hours. Still exploring the South Province and encountered a Wattrel with Wind Power in Nemona Mansion's private beach. Not the ability that I want so I didn't catch it. I've also tried some Tera Raid Battles and caught a Rock-Tera P. Wooper and a lv. 20 Fire-Tera Tinkatink, which I caught in a Heal Ball and went straight to the team. Named her Orth. Not the best possible Tera type for Tinkatink I guess, but it doesn't matter.

Went to the East Province and caught some other Pokémons. Also caught a lv. 13 Charcadet and named it Rúleo. Still haven't decided if I want him or a Capsakid, but I'll take him for now.

My team at the end of the game:
Mayura the Quaxly - Lv. 13 - Poké Ball
Haaku the Paldean Wooper - Lv. 12 - Net Ball
Orth the Tinkatink - Lv. 20 - Heal Ball
Rúleo the Charcadet - Lv. 13 - Great Ball
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Played a good amount today. I started out by heading over to Team Star's poison type base and dang Don Atticus kinda hot. Definitely my favorite Team Star Boss thus far. I made pretty quick work of him with Blob and Madam. Somewhere around this time my starter evolved for the final time. Then I made my way to Casscarafa where I encountered Hassel and Rika and dang Rika kinda hot... okay I'm done being a simp. Anywho I did the impromptu gym test and I have to say that was my favorite one thus far. A gym test that requires you to go to a completely different area of the region? Sign me up for more of those, I loved that.

In between the gym test and the gym leader battle, I spent a good 5 hours playing online with some friends of mine. We did several raid battles, and I also went ahead and evolved Slushie into a Palafin. After completing our online adventures, I went ahead and finished up with Kofu's battle. I then made my way up to Medal where I did a decent amount of dex completion and trainer battles. I also went ahead and gathered up some materials to learn a couple more fighting type moves for Larry's gym battle, as Low Sweep is not the strongest at this point. I ended up teaching Slushie Drain Punch and Azalea Brick Break, so we made quick work of the 5th gym challenge.

I decided to climb up the snowy Glacedo Mountain even though I've already been to the Pokemon center in Montenevera, just so I could work more on the Pokedex. While I was climbing up thugh, the mass outbreak spawns reset and I saw that I had a Finizen outbreak right next to Porto Marinada, so I decided to attempt shiny hunting there. Because the outbreak was so close to the port, I was able to just swim back and forth after defeating Finizen and just an hour or so later, a purple dolphin showed up. I quickly caught her and named her Coral. She's actually only ten levels below where Slushie is right now, so I am considering replacing him with her because I have never used a shiny on my Pokemon team before, though I really do like Finizen and Palafin's regular colors too. I'll try to decide by the morning though.

I'm finishing off the night with a little bit of breeding. I don't have a foreign Ditto yet so I'm not Masuding, but I wanted a few Sprigatitos because I love them. So, currently I'm parked on the icy mountain with my player freezing her but off while we wait for the basket to fill.


Azalea the Meowscarada (Level 45)
Blob the Clodsire (Level 45)
Maple the Dachsbun (Level 44)
Gale the Kilowattrel (Level 45)
Slushie the Palafin (Level 44) OR Coral the Shiny Finizen (Level 35)
Madam the Farigiraf (Level 44)
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