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Similar Video Game Music


shining in the night
Oct 9, 2022
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  1. They/Them
What are some video game songs that sound similar to something else you've heard before?
I don't mean being in the same key or having the same chord progression or using similar instrumentation/soundfont. I mean songs that seem like they were inspired by or lightly copied in ideas or motiff. For reference, here's a video with examples. Try to avoid mentioning commonly known examples...

Here's 1 example I could think of myself...

They feel very similar and for reference, ZUN's Phatasmagoria of Dim. Dream was inspired in gameplay by Twinkle Star Sprites, so it's no surprise that ZUN's music was also inspired. I feel like the ostinato in the upper Treble in both songs is too similar to be pure coincidence, but I wouldn't say it's plagarised or anything to that level.
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