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SmashWiki joins NIWA: Yet another former Wikia wiki joins the alliance

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Nov 13, 2005
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SmashWiki joins NIWA: Yet another former Wikia wiki joins the alliance

SmashWiki, a wiki centered around the Super Smash Bros. series of games, has joined NIWA on October 29, 2010. The wiki, which was the fourth to join in the month, was formerly on the wiki farm Wikia.

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Wow. SmashWiki joined NIWA? That is very awesome.
Ah, the memories. This is great news.
Woot and stuff. Always good to see a wiki abandon the darkside that is Wikia.
Finally a Wiki for Smash Bros.! Took a while, but I'm glad they joined the alliance.
I was actually wondering if they might consider this earlier today. I'm glad to see they've decided to join NIWA.
Seems to me that a lot of wiki communities are annoyed at Wikia's compulsory new skin. That's why SmashWiki and those others moved.
Strange. Isn't there an option to revert back to the old skin?

Personally, I preferred the new over the old one.
We need an Animal Crossing wiki still along with some other big name Nintendo franchises though! Animal Crossing was the first one I could think of, but there is a whole bunch of others that is left!
Well, this might help me with picking some good characters in Brawl.

Anyway, welcome to the NIWA, Smashwiki!
I remembered when SmashWiki wasn't a wikia, but a standalone wiki. Nice to know they are a member of this alliance now. It's interesting that the tier list on Smash is the most commonly visited page, and even I think that's the main attraction of that wiki, but I don't quite get what's so interesting about the tier list.

Thanks for reading.
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