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Cancelled Games Street Fighter 6 Mafia (13P) - CLOSED

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Aug 2, 2023
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  1. He/Him
in a world very similar, yet distinct, from ours existed a group of fighters.

it would be great to say they all lived in harmony. but really, they didn't. this is what the entire series is about. some are allies, some are enemies, some are just... doing their own thing, kind of, apart from the rest of the herd.

while friendships certainly existed within this group, some people just lived to cause chaos and destruction - thrived off of it. but some have to resort to these measures just to survive...

who are your friends? who are your foes? who can you trust? are their any traitors within your midst? (spoiler: there are.)

who really is what they claim to be?

STREET FIGHTER 6 MAFIA will make you ask all of these questions (and more) as you work to uncover the remnants of SHADALOO, the international crime syndicate responsible for the attempts of years past to conquer the planet.

  • first things first, please follow all rules of the bmgf and twr.
  • you may NOT claim the name of your character. you may claim your role, but I AM NOT TO BLAME IF THIS BACKFIRES SPECTACULARLY BECAUSE IT ALMOST CERTAINLY WILL.
  • no being jerks to each other, it bears repeating
  • and no working against your wincon.
  • if you find loopholes, please inform me within your role PM. you may be rewarded.
  • town will be generally referred to as town, mafia will be generally referred to as shadaloo. this does not include the hypothetical existence of any independent parties.
  • this game operates on a 48 hour day/24 hour night cycle. the host will ensure that everything is updated completely on time unlike in bulbaronpa where that one stray truck and some other unfortunate router issues deterred this from happening. he is still sorry about that
  • if you wish to sub out, please request both in your role PM and in-thread and we will work to find a sub ASAP.
  • this game requires no knowledge of the street fighter series to understand. flavor is based around the game street fighter 6, but aside from that, this is pretty much just a regular mafia game...
  • to prove to me that you read all of this, please tell me when you enter the game who you would most like to see be added to the actual SF6 game as a playable character! if you are not familiar with the game, feel free to say that or tell us whatever other fighting game experience you may have!

however, please note:
this game is NOT bastard; no important details about your roles will be omitted nor will the hosts ever deliberately lie to the players. HOWEVER, there are minor elements of role madness, so please watch out for them.
tying into the above -- exercise caution before claiming anything, please. not only are they completely unhelpful in this setup, but, as i alluded to earlier, they may very well have the opposite results as intended. this goes for all alignments.
and most importantly of all: have fun!!

and of course, a shoutout to the awesome amazing superb and glorious MoD, @DawningWinds !!

1. @JamieIsBored
2. @coordinator lissi
3. @helperman
4. @Quasar_Catfish
5. @ExLight
6. @Midorikawa
7. @StormyStinger
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hi everyone
im taking a break from the forums, dunno how long
frankly i cannot promise that i will return to TWR but i would like to host this in the future if i do; but as of now this is officially canceled. im sorry
if i do choose to make my vacation from here permanent i may pass the setup on to someone else to host, dunno
have a happy new year guys
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