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Mafia Persona 3 Mafia (13P) - Endgame MAFIA VICTORY


Mido (2)- Minish, Lissi
Not voting: Mido

Mido has been lynched, she was the 2x Enchantress.
Hello Mido (again)! You are Mitsuru Kirijo, the 2x Enchantress. You use your family's wealth to help support your friends and you are a calm and collected motherly figure to the group.

Twice per game, you may select a person at night: they become invulnerable to all other night actions (including kills), but they also become unable to act. This is a Commuter-like state (cannot be bypassed by Strongman, factional kills committed on the target's name may be stopped). You cannot self-target.

You are a member of SEES, you win by removing all threats to town.

That means that, Mafia Wins!

Congratulations to ExLight, TheCapsFan and Coordinator Lissi for winning!

The final role PM’s and some other stuff will come soon. Thank you all for playing!
Since the games over, it’s safe to say yes, I was mafia. (Hehe) I managed to win through pure innocence lol (I was in the mafia chat literally before and after each thing I said lol… ex and caps were great coaches and team mates! Did not expect to win, and there was a bit of panicking behind the scenes on my end, but I think we did well! (I was very surprised people actually thought i was town..) anyways, that was a great game! That was really fun!
lissi mvp official

the funniest shit to me was when i figured i got killed for getting too close to the truth (ex and lissi, whom i had pegged as scum at the time of my death) and it turns out i got fucking sk'd instead

@FinalArcadia dumb question but i'm actually curious as to what lead you to off me :o

anyway gg everyone
Good game, and especially congrats to mafia, that was a well-earned win! All three of you played really well, and I'm kinda glad I wasn't actually town, because my reads were not too good this time around and I was pretty fooled by ExLight and Lissi in particular.

Thanks for hosting, Jamie, it was a fun game all around!
@FinalArcadia dumb question but i'm actually curious as to what lead you to off me :eek:
After you gave an explanation for both the lack of a kill N1 + how Caps died, I figured there was no way you were going to be a viable lynch choice from that point on, as the closest thing to confirmed town the game had. That, plus since you claimed to no longer really have an ability anymore, I figured mafia wouldn't use their kill on you.

My hope was to take out a functionally cleared town member that mafia wouldn't touch, to maximize kills. But then... mafia ended up not having their kill go through that night anyway and things fell apart for me from there lmao
Damn, sorry Mido. I did consider a Lissi as mafia world but I just got stuck in all the stuff with you lining up with my theories. Especially with how similar your claim was to Ex's flipped role. Thought you possibly holstered the kill the last night to try to bolster your claim and try to frame me.

Gg scum. Y'all played well.
Good game! Mafia did great. I was questioning Lissi towards the end, but before that she definitely slid by. Guess Minish was the mafia night kill the previous Night phase.

@helperman If you are bodyguard-use that crap! You dying using that role would have been more helpful honestly than just not using it.
Thank you for letting me be a spectator! Everyone did great! I'd never been a spectator before this and it was so much fun - who knew that actually knowing who's mafia and who's town could make the game so exciting to follow? I certainly don't plan on this being my last time being a spectator, and then maaaaybe one day I can get back to actually playing? (It's been like 10 years since I've played so I'm probably super rusty lol, but this game really made me want to try again sometime!)
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Role PM’s - Player List - Questions
Our two final role PM’s are for Lissi and Minish.
Hello Lissi! You are Jin Shirato, the Day-and-Night Rolecop and the 2x Reporter. You can use your technological knowledge to dig around in people's pasts and find out more about them.

You can select a person each day and each night and attempt to find out what their exact role is. You may also give out a public message twice to everyone which will be supplied in the phase change post. Town will not be made aware that you were the one sending the message.

You are a member of Strega, you win by removing all threats to mafia.

Hello Minish! You are Yukari Takeba the 2x Doctor. You care deeply for your friends and you use your healing skills to help them in battle.

Twice per game, you can select a person at night and attempt to protect them from a kill. You can self-target, but you may not self-target twice.

You are a member of SEES, you win by removing all threats to town.

1. Beryl - 1x Vigi + 1x Bulletproof
2. ExLight - Rolestopper Doctor + 2x Bus Driver - Winner!
3. Caps - Strongman + 2x Neighbouriser - Winner!
4. Lucy - Town Backup
5. Luci- Miller + 1x Motivator
6. Minish - 2x Doctor
7. FA - Informed Temporary Double Voter + Ascetic + Strongman Serial Killer.
8. Lissi - Day and Night Rolecop + 2x Reporter - Winner!
9. Helperman - 2x Bodyguard

10. Potato - Even-Night Watcher
11. Mido 2.0 - 2x Enchantress
12. Mido - Even-Night Cop + Day Bomb
13. Torchic- Even-Night Tracker

A couple questions from me.
1. Did you enjoy the game?
2. Did you like my hosting?
3. Did you find the game balanced?
4. Would you like me to host again?

Once again a big thank you from me and Dawning for playing, I hope you all enjoyed yourself!
1. Did you enjoy the game? Yea!!
2. Did you like my hosting? Never completed a game hosted by anyone else, but yeah!
3. Did you find the game balanced?
Um. Yea?
4. Would you like me to host again?
Yea! I think you did pretty good for your first time! (And in general)
the funniest shit to me was when i figured i got killed for getting too close to the truth (ex and lissi, whom i had pegged as scum at the time of my death) and it turns out i got fucking sk'd instead
to be fair we did try shooting you but you had a hecking bulletproof

I don't know why we didn't use the strongman for it lol
gg everyone
thanks for hosting jamie!

great job lissi!
sneaky but deadly lmao

Just a comment but
Bodyguard being useless depends on how townread you are: the more townread, the least useful it is

If people are suspicious of you, you should try protecting the towniest ones and remove yourself from the game so town has a better PoE.

There are also other more situational cases like using it to verify a motion investigative claim (i.e. tracker and watcher) and prove you didn't perform a kill.

Hopefully that makes sense.
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