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Mafia Persona 3 Mafia (13P) - Endgame MAFIA VICTORY

1. Did you enjoy the game? NO!!!!!
Actually yes. Feels like it’s been a while since I truly enjoyed one this much. No offense to other hosts. We’ve just had some players that have been problematic.

2. Did you like my hosting? Yes.
3. Did you find the game balanced? We hit mylo so o would say yes.
4. Would you like me to host again? YES!!!!
1. Did you enjoy the game?
mafia not only gave us a giant run for our money, they fucking won. this game RULED. also it was persona and some really cool people played and <3 <3

2. Did you like my hosting?


3. Did you find the game balanced?

absolutely!! that fine-tuning was worth it.

4. Would you like me to host again?

Our two final role PM’s are for Lissi and Minish.
View attachment 179688Hello Lissi! You are Jin Shirato, the Day-and-Night Rolecop and the 2x Reporter. You can use your technological knowledge to dig around in people's pasts and find out more about them.

You can select a person each day and each night and attempt to find out what their exact role is. You may also give out a public message twice to everyone which will be supplied in the phase change post. Town will not be made aware that you were the one sending the message.

You are a member of Strega, you win by removing all threats to mafia.

View attachment 179687Hello Minish! You are Yukari Takeba the 2x Doctor. You care deeply for your friends and you use your healing skills to help them in battle.

Twice per game, you can select a person at night and attempt to protect them from a kill. You can self-target, but you may not self-target twice.

You are a member of SEES, you win by removing all threats to town.

1. Beryl - 1x Vigi + 1x Bulletproof
2. ExLight - Rolestopper Doctor + 2x Bus Driver - Winner!
3. Caps - Strongman + 2x Neighbouriser - Winner!
4. Lucy - Town Backup
5. Luci- Miller + 1x Motivator
6. Minish - 2x Doctor
7. FA - Informed Temporary Double Voter + Ascetic + Strongman Serial Killer.
8. Lissi - Day and Night Rolecop + 2x Reporter - Winner!
9. Helperman - 2x Bodyguard

10. Potato - Even-Night Watcher
11. Mido 2.0 - 2x Enchantress
12. Mido - Even-Night Cop + Day Bomb
13. Torchic- Even-Night Tracker

A couple questions from me.
1. Did you enjoy the game?
2. Did you like my hosting?
3. Did you find the game balanced?
4. Would you like me to host again?

Once again a big thank you from me and Dawning for playing, I hope you all enjoyed yourself!
I forgot i even played this game ngl
Good game! Mafia did great. I was questioning Lissi towards the end, but before that she definitely slid by. Guess Minish was the mafia night kill the previous Night phase.

@helperman If you are bodyguard-use that crap! You dying using that role would have been more helpful honestly than just not using it.
i actually did use it the final night. i protected you. but it turned out that lissi targeted me, so i would have died anyways.
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