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Tell us what you think of the character above!


let's start picking up those little extras!
Aug 2, 2023
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  1. He/Him
Like "tell us what you think of the Pokemon above," but with characters instead.
I'll start off with a pretty popular one: Blue
I like his attitude, even if he is a jerk sometimes. In the newer games he has been toned down a bit with a nicer personality, but either way, he's a solid character and a great rival for Red

Speaking of which, how about Red?
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he's a cool dude, definitely one of the most iconic game characters (if not the most iconic tbh). i honestly love him as a champion and him returning in later gens, especially him appearing with blue as the battle legends in g7 ^^

My friend is OBSESSED with Wally, and it kind of grew on me. The shy lil guy has some really good character development in the Hoenn games, and seeing him in gen 7, although as a minor appearance, was still a treat <3

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oh i love him. at least to me, he was one of the most memorable gym leaders from the early gens. his hgss design is s-tier imo (i just... i just think misdreavus should've been his ace instead of yet more haunter/gengar, i feel like almost every ghost specialist uses a mon from that line)

yes. I love her so much. She just has so much f l a i r, and I love shipping her with skyla. Solid character, solid gym type, just amazing.

I feel like a lot of Elite Four members suffer from a lack of developed personality. She's alright, but aside from that "Trainers should win with their favorites" line that people quote all the time, I don't really find her that memorable. Cool hair, though.

Don't have a strong opinion on the guy, never saw him as a particularly interesting character, especially due to the fact I have Sword and grew more of a bond with Klara's rather striking personality in comparison. I can't really say he's bad due to where I stand atm not knowing much, but he's alright I guess.

I love this thread so far
Hilda is one of the best protagonists, period. Probably my second or third favorite ever since BW released — I just thought she was so cool and unique and different from any other female protag at the time, and I was really disappointed when she never got an appearance in the main anime series back then lol. Her personality in Masters EX is on point too!

I think Volkner is a really cool character.
The slump was something we had never seen before and even outside of this, Volkner's character is actually pretty complex. He's energetic, passionate (about battles, his Pokémon and... decorating his gym) and skilled but he's also stubborn. His friendship with Flint feels real, in Platinum they're mean to each other but they're also inseparable.

I love her, her "nice on the outside, killer demon on the inside" type vibe she has is pretty neat, although seen in like one scene iirc. Also I like that she has a Venusaur. Always a neat add-on.

oh yeah, whitney's gf! she's so precious, i love her. i just wanna give her a giant hug. also... ampharos. you know? can't hate someone with an ampharos.

She's fine (not like that shut up). She didn't get much screentime as is besides her trial and being an e4 member in the ultra games iirc, other than that, she's your kind-hearted black island girl, and I wouldn't have it any other way honestly.

he's also precious and i love him too. scizor? scizor.
pokemon may not flesh out most of their characters suuuuper well, but at least for me it's kinda easy to still get attached to minor ones...

I unironically love her. Her clumsiness may be a little cartoonish at times but it does add to her character. Also that one part in BW where her dad shows up and they kinda argue for a bit made me happy that she stood up for herself like that. We stan bianca.

i love her, i found her really relatable. (also it pisses me off to no end when people call her waifu bait because she has a shy personality and they think she's designed to be attractive... i know people irl with personalities like hers, and what do you mean "designed to be attractive?" shes thirteen years old bro) i lowkey hope someday a few years after the ending of swoshi she comes back and kicks the player's ass and takes their spot as the champion, just saying.

She's alright, I don't exactly have any strong opinions on her (though that's just because I personally never really got attached to any of the SwSh characters, if I'm being perfectly honest). I am a big fan of the "tough on the outside, soft on the inside" personality trope though, and she gets bonus points from me for using my fave Falinks :staryu:

he's cool, i have respect for him and selene what with them actually being the first ever champions of their region. i'd be lying if i said i had a huge attachment to any particular mc though

more proof that unova's e4 is one of, if not THE best in the series. i love her design (taking inspiration from irl black cats, as shown by her outfit and the way she holds her pen) and her being a writer who uses her opponents as materials for her books... also, chandelure is objectively a badass mon to have as your ace. i really love her.

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