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Tell us what you think of the character above!

He's very much just "there" to me, honestly. He doesn't stick out in a bad way, but he suffers from being placed among the especially vibrant cast of Unovan Gym Leaders. The most memorable thing about him is probably his design.

Professor "Gigachad" Turo?
...The memes surrounding him and his wife (and their shared physical attractiveness) aside, I can't say I feel any sympathy for him (or Sada) as a person. He was so obsessed with his research, he ended up neglecting his son and was actively willing to put Paldea's ecosystem in danger just to satisfy his scientific curiosity. By no means did he deserve death, of course, but I didn't exactly find him to be a tragic figure either. At the very least, he is one of the most engaging main antagonists in main-series titles in recent years, though I also must admit that it wouldn't have hit as hard if not for the emotional stake you have regarding him due to your friendship with Arven (and Miraidon to a lesser extent, I suppose).
I like the design, though, more so than Sada's. A lab coat over pseudo-caveman wear looks... odd, if not somewhat unsettling.

I have a lot more to say about his (and once again, Sada's) AI form, but I'll cut it off here since the character mentioned was just Turo himself lol.

I used to hop on the bandwagon train and hate on Diantha for being an extremely easy Champion but over time I've grown to respect her, learn the truth behind why her battle is notoriously easy, and overall just feel bad for the character. Ever since, I've been wanting to Diantha shine in places and show everyone who she really is as a trainer. I've been actively cheering for her. Pokémon Masters EX did an outstanding job with that so far and the anime allowed her to reach Masters 8 semifinals. I hope we get to battle her with a stronger team when she returns to core series. In all honesty, it wasn't just her team that's outdated. It's Champion teams in general.

Normal teams aren't cutting it anymore. She's gonna have to come back with that Keldeo and Diancie she got in Masters EX and give is a crazy match. Maybe even legendary box arts. Gamefreak is holding back on how far they can push their trainers and I've found it unreasonable for the past decade. They COULD give special trainers the best Pokémon out their if they wanted to. The worldbuilding of main series Pokémon games, especially from Gen 5 onward SUPPORT this. They just choose not to do it. Probably to not seem "overkill".

Good design. The cybernetics during his final battle were kinda freaky in a good way (although they would have been WAY better if they actually had an effect on the battle. Like, maybe all his Pokemon's attacks could get Quick Attack-level priority because his perception was enhanced or something.) Writing-wise to me, he feels like he's uncomfortably straddling the fence between just being psycho and having a comprehensible motivation. I would have preferred they made him clearly insane like Lusamine, or given him a more concrete motivation for his "preserve resources/beauty at all costs" mentality. I feel like the latter could have worked well if they'd given him a backstory where he lost a beloved Pokemon to a resource struggle--then he would have been following in his ancestor AZ's footsteps for "fixing" the problem by reactivating the ultimate weapon. As it is though, Lysandre is kinda just...vaguely running on Darwinian philosophy.

TL;DR, I think he's an interesting but half-baked villain concept.

Lian (Kleavor's Warden in Legends: Arceus)
Completely pointless character outside of gameplay purposes. He gets a lot of screen time despite barely having anything interesting to say. There's nothing engaging about him and he's unlikeable the majority of the time. Plus, the fact he's wearing a cowboy hat even though he's living in the Pokémon equivalent of Hokkaido in the 19th century is stupid.

She's great! Good design, fun personality, and her being Essentia whilst maybe predictable as a twist, is a fun angle Pokemon never really dives into much. Bonus points go to Mimi! Did wonders for boosting the notoriety of the Espurr line

Drasna’s fine I guess? Doesn’t do anything outside the League building, but that I think was the par for E4 members up to that point. Still, though, she’s one of my less favorite Dragon specialists (right there with Lance), and the thing I mainly remember her for is a cursed jokepost.

Good design, just wish Game Freak did something with her.

Another Dragon E4 member: Drake
One badass, dragon tamin' sailor dude. Awesome speech he gives before and after battle with him too, plus his selection of Pokemon is (of course I'm saying this, I'm a little biased after all,) top-notch!

I also liked how in ORAS, we got to see him interact with his old shipmate and friend Mr.Briney, that was cool to see!

Another older dude who trains Dragon types whom I greatly respect-Drayden.
(I know he's her grandpa shut up) If I had a nickel for every good dad in unova I'd have two nickels, which isn't alot, but its wierd that it happened twice

Anyway I think he's one of the coolest dragon gym leaders, and he stands out by the fact that he's as physically imposing as his pokemon.

And for another unova gym leader: Skyla!
Oh my god I love Skyla so much. Unova gym leaders are top-notch and she is no exception. Her design is unique and amazing, her personality is adorable, her ace is a pretty cool mon, and her relationship with Elesa is 10/10, no notes.
I don't have an abundance to say regarding her, but what I do have are nothing but nice things, lol.

Now, how about Elesa herself?
Natural Harmonia Gropius being his full name always makes me laugh at it, apparently a good written character but I always think about that tumblr post with the sharpened pocky

Now continuing with team plasma,
Anthea, one of N’s foster sisters
Great design and has really good name. That said she comes off as pretty under baked to me, like I keep forgetting she's even a character half the time (I mostly recognize her from that iconic BW opening). But all in all, I think she's alright.

Very much the same as above (it speaks volumes that the two don't even get separate Bulbapedia pages). Really interesting idea for a character, who only got a few lines of expository dialogue over two games and hasn't been acknowledged ever again. I always wonder if her and Anthea were originally meant to be more important characters in the story but something changed along the way, because it really seems like that was the case. I just want to know more about her!

Honestly I'm just relieved that TPC's willing to move on from having Ash as the protagonist yet again. I haven't been interested in catching up with a lot of newer Pokemon media, though, and the lack of a Netflix subscription combined with that and my college work means I haven't watched Horizons either.

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