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Favorite artwork of the Pokémon above

one of my favorite Pokémon movies

This artwork of Blastoise is very nostalgic to me, since back when I was 8 years old I used to read the official Pokemon handbook all the time, and this was the art of Blastoise they used in the book.


How about my favorite, Charizard?
Sure! How about this one, since the artwork is done by one of my favorite illustrators in the Pokemon TCG?


(how do you spoiler images?-)
See the icon of an eye with a slash through it? Click that, enter a spolier title if you want to, and then copy and paste your image in between where it says "SPOILER" twice. You should be good to go!
Either this colorful Skyridge card, by Sumiyoshi Kizuki:
...or this weird piece of Gen 1 key art that was used everywhere in early official material, for some reason. It's so random and I love it.

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