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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

This man exudes confidence, especially the leader of the Squirtle Squad. I just really love him, he's a smol adorable lil' guy

Man, I used to think Braviary was absolutely awesome and the height of cool back when Gen 5 first released, and now it's like... one of my least favorite Gen 5 Pokémon, lol. I certainly don't hate it or anything, it's just outshined by the rest of Black & White's dex in my mind — when you have such a diverse selection of Pokémon to choose from in Unova, regular ol' Normal/Flying birds just don't really do much for me, personally.

it's ok. just, like, a bat. in terms of bats i don't like it as much as crobat which is an awesome bat but it's better than woobat which is a terrible bat

oh boy i cant wait to see how people feel about vanillish
When I first saw it, I had the reaction "oh, they made an ice cream Pokémon, that's fun," and then moved on with my life. I didn't find out until much later how dang unusual I was for having such a mild opinion. I can understand not liking Vanilluxe (it creeps me out slightly), but being creepy isn't typically the complaint leveled at it. Mostly I've just seen the whole line called dumb for being ice cream. I don't really get it. If personifying a plant is fine, why is it such a stupid/uninspired idea to personify inanimate objects?

Just in case someone really needs to get a rant about that line off their chest, though...Vanilluxe.
it's just an ice cream cone what an uncreative design they're clearly running out of ideas smh >:( /j
I actually like Vanilluxe more than Vanillish, the double ice cream scoop makes it a bit more interesting. It's not one of my favorite Ice-types or objectmon, but it's goofy and it looks like it's having a good time. I'm glad to see it seems unbothered by the criticism it often gets.

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its kinda mid as far as objectmon go. i prefer the ice cream family and the chandelure line but it's still better than the accursed voltorb (i like electrode's goofy, cocky grin. voltorb is legit just a poke ball with eyes)

oddly enough i think the most memorable thing about it is it being colress's ace. is remembering colress considered weird or not? opinions on this seem mixed.

The name took a bit for me to get used to, personally (not sure why), but I really like its concept. The first stage of a sandcastle line being a simple sand mound with a "door" makes sense. Its lore is a great example of how good Pokémon is at doing creepy stuff.

I'm ok with it, not super fond of it. It's very cute, and a perfectly fine Pokemon on its own. I was just disappointed when my Sentret evolved in HeartGold and lost the scout/lookout theme that I found so cool. Still kept him on my team, though.

it's awesome. i love how smug and cheerful it looks. ground/flying is also a really cool combination. i'm very excited for it and gliscor to return to the series w the release of teal mask ^^

It is elegant yet hits very hard, has a good Speed stat, and Regenerator is a great Ability. Favourite pure Fighting-type of all time.
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