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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

Too much of a copycat of Dugtrio and too thin as well. Nice colour though.

Really like its design. Ash's was pretty cute in the anime, and even Goh's Frogadier's antics are pretty amusing. It has got decent competitive viability too, even if not fully evolved.

keep sv spoiler 'mons out pls
a reminder to not post any spoiler pokemon here. as per the announcement notice, that means any pokemon that have not been officially revealed.

just thought everyone here should know! c:

(any subsequent post is free to reply to Harryghost's post, this one doesn't count for the game)
I didn't have much of an opinion on this one at first due to its simplistic design. But I love watching the wild Swalot in New Pokémon Snap, opening their huge mouths and trying to sing along when you play music. Had me in fits of laughter when I first saw that.

I like its design. And it's no slouch in the battling department either; Sheer Force-boosted moves coming from its 123 base Attack absolutely decimate foes lol.

It's an absolute pain in the ass to evolve it into Volcarona after hatching it from an Egg, as I did multiple times on different save files with the in-game one you get. Cool Pokemon otherwise, though. And speaking of being a pain in the ass to evolve......

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