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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....


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Jun 30, 2013
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We have a couple of 'RATE the Pokemon above' threads and people SOMETIMES comment on them too but not all of the time so here's a thread where we can express our opinions.

I'll start with my favorite of all time:

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Honestly, I actually really like Gardevoir. The idea that it will rip open a fucking black hole to protect it's trainer is pretty damn cool. The only times i've ever had a problem with this pokemon is whenever everyone and their grandma try to pervert it. Also it's dress is made of flesh so that's body horror for you.

Now, for my favorite, Sableye
The little hobgoblin? Oh yeah, it's useful. This was my secondary Mega Evolution Pokémon in ORAS for when I wanted to defy expectations and not use Mega Gengar. It paid off to pack that surprise.
One of my more memorable battles with it involved standard Gengar sweeping with Hex and Venoshock after another teammate finished setting Toxic Spikes, showing that I'm not so left handed.

Lessee... Torterra, my favourite Grass starter.
Allergic as fuck to Ice types, and really slow (which makes its weaknesses easier to prey on)... but otherwise a very solid design and concept. I like it. It's probably the most challenging of the 3 Sinnoh starters to use and that's respectable I suppose.

Swampert, my first and favorite starter
It's my favourite fully evolved Water type Starter Pokémon, although I'm not a big fan of its evolution. Overall it's my second favourite fully evolved Starter, after Typhlosion.

And my most favourite of all... Vulpix!
A real favourite of my sister's, but I'm more neutral towards it than her. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised when Vulpix became one of the new starters in Explorers of Sky even though I still went for Cyndaquil.

Togekiss, the face which stops you from moving... literally.
Togekiss is, okay at best. I think it's design is cool, and it's a cute Pokemon an all, but I honestly preer Togetic a little more. As I really think about it though, it tends to grow on me more an more. You're alright, Togekiss, you'e alright.

Hmm, how about Torracat?
Torracat? Hmmm... Well, to me, the middle stages of starter lines have always been a bit forgettable, seeing as how they mostly have awkward "puberty" designs and aren't very viable in any somewhat popular tiers. However, I really like Torracat. It has a smooth design that complements both Litten and Incineroar.

It's somewhere in my top 20 favorite. I like the feminine design, its high Pokeathlon stat total, and the fact that it's a queen and all those Combee obey her.

I'm not really a fan. I love the idea of a flytrap pokemon, but the design could've been better. The part I hate the most is levitating, and those wines, imo it would be much better if it had legs instead.
Maybe I'll change my mind if I try using it in-game, it happened with many other pkmn I didn't like at first.

next: Ampharos?
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Don't really care for the standard one, but the Alolan form is something I'd like to try using one day.

Absolutely lovely

I love it. It's wonderful. Based upon an incredible organism and pulled off fantastically. High-Ass defenses and open access to healing, absolutely fucking disgusting ability, I love it, it's great, it's my next theme.

It's kinda cute. Nice design, average stats. I like it, but it's not like a favorite of mine or anything.

I like it, one of the PMD stories I've written has an Umbreon as one of the antagonists. Wouldn't use it in the main games though.

How about Espeon next?
Definitely a useful Pokemon, I just wish it and the other Eeveelutions had more diverse movesets.

I like it because it reminds me of poofy clouds that you can jump on. I also like the long feathers on its head.

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