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Non-Mafia the AI network - day 2

well, i guess while we wait for one of the last 2 people to confirm, you guys can have fun with testing out the extra uses of the direct connections? the game doesn't need to have started to use that ability.
Um, if this is still going can I spectate?
Yes. Also, if you wanted too you could be a player for this last round because the last two players aren't responding, so I am planning to play without them, but that game will work better with more then three people, so, if you or anyone else wants to join, I think I'm reopening signups for a bit. Or you could just sign up as spectator
What’s the whole ai part of it though, I read the rules and I’m confused
In this chat, everything you say isn't said by you, but rather you copy and paste what the last person said to an AI and then copy and paste the AI's response into this chat. All chats that are actually you happen in PMs. In this game AI means artificial intelligence.the only person not using a AI is the hacker. Still have questions?
Ok, I think I am going to start today. The hacker was among the inactive, so I will resend the role PMs and then we will start. If anyone wants to join, you have a few hours
day 1 start
it has been several decades since AI network 2.0 was destroyed. to increase security to avoid this one ending up like the previous one, they have increased communication between the people in c charge of kicking out hackers.

Starting message that was done late(you don't need to wait for me, if you're AI has something that it says on its start screen, you could just copy and paste it): Hello, I am Eliza. I'll be your therapist today.
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