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Mafia Chaos Mafia - Endgame: Mafia Win

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Jun 25, 2011
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  1. He/Him
Welcome to Chaos Mafia!

Hey everyone, and welcome to Chaos Mafia! This will be a 13 player role madness game hosted primarily by @Potato-2.0 , with some help from myself. I will also double as the MoD for this game.

Unlike previous installments of Chaos Mafia from hosts such as Maniacal Engineer and Doctor Floptopus, this will not be a game that requires player submissions or randomly assigning roles. Instead, the chaos in this game will come from other factors, including a wacky character setup, and post restrictions.

Let me be clear about that last point. There are post restriction roles in this game. If that's not your favorite thing, this game is probably not for you.

Also, we have instituted a separate rule on roleclaims this game. No roleclaims will be allowed on Day 1, and only one roleclaim will be allowed per day in-thread. Roleclaims will not be allowed during the night phases.

Please check out the rest of the rules below, and enjoy the game!

(1) All standard forum and section rules apply.

(2) Do not communicate outside the thread unless given express permission by the host.

(3) Only one roleclaim is allowed per day in-thread, with the exception of Day 1, in which roleclaims will not be allowed. Violations of this rule will result in a modkill. Other claims, like name claims or alignment claims are allowed in full.

(4) Players are required to make at least three posts containing game relevant information (this term is subjective and will be ruled on a case by case basis should the need arise) each Day Phase. Failure to do so once will result in a warning, failure to do so a second time may result in you being forcibly subbed out.

(5) Do not attempt to abuse loopholes; if uncertain if what you want to do is considered a loophole, contact the host to confirm.

(6) -Lo phases will be announced at the start of the day phase.

(7) A tie in votes will result in one of the tied players being killed at random.

(8) Hammer rules do not apply.

(9) After dying, you may make a single post in thread, but this post must contain no game-relevant information.

(10) Please do not edit your posts. Minor exceptions may be made for correcting spelling or formatting errors, but no information should be added. A single infraction of this rule will result in a warning, repeated infractions may result in you being forcibly subbed out or modkilled. Deleting posts is strictly forbidden and will result in the Moderator-on-Duty reversing the deletion and an immediate sub-out or modkill without warning.

(11) Cycles will be 48hr day/24 hr night. The host will post in thread announcing when actions and votes are locked for the phase; only actions and votes made before that announcement will count. Night chat is available for this game.

(12) The hosts reserve the right to add any additional rules that may be deemed as necessary to preserve the fun of the game. Announcements will be placed in-thread if this becomes the case.

1. @coordinator lissi
2. @JamieIsBored
3. @StormyStinger Lost Night 3: The Riddler, the Independent-aligned Voteless Lyncher
4. @Quasar_Catfish Killed Night 1: Spy, the Town-aligned Lover Spy/2x Rolecop + 1x Lynchproof Revived by Button D3
5. @Midorikawa
6. @helperman Death by Button Day 2: ?????, the ?????-aligned ?????
7. @berylguzmania
8. @ExLight
9. @Itsjustmudkipz Killed and Lost Night 3: Cabbage Man, the Town-aligned Fruit Vendor + 1x Nurse
10. @Marshmallowmao Lynched Day 1: Jack-Jack, the ?????-aligned ?????
11. @Space
12. @Chadderz Lynched Day 2: Predator, the Town-aligned Loved Innocent Child Tracker
13. @Mythra @DigitalGen6


1. @Snowy
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Meowdo's favorite post restriction shall return!
Disclaimer: I will not be doing the cat-speak fake post restriction again because it made my head hurt to write. I will also not fake a post restriction this game, so if it looks like I have one, that's because I have one.
Also if anyone dosent get a post restriction feel free to start talking in weird and wacky ways
And the true form has a Rantaro pfp! Good to have you back Beryl!
yes indeed!! thanks jamie, it feels good to be back :bulbaLove:
i don't want to get too personal but i'm in a much better place now.. generally less moody and more level-headed, at least i would say
definitely looking forward to having fun with all you guys :>
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