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Mafia Chaos Mafia - Endgame: Mafia Win

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let’s be honest. If quas had never come back alive town was doomed anyways.

But even with that I think we managed some top tier moves.

I had people questioning quas and don’t even try to deny it people because some of you unvoted me and I got you on Lissi.

And Lissis inviting Jamie to be a neighbor so they could safely chat was genius.

And to top it off Jamie secured us that last win with perfect targeting of his drugs.
Though I was mostly trusting of Jamie, I couldn't help but feel like he was sort of responsible for my death somehow, like he somehow knew it meant death when he told me to press it, and despite being a jester, I still was super confused by his accusations of me, to the point that I accidently revealed I was jester as much as I could without I counting as a role claim
I know, but I still felt suspicious of his whole "press the button and then role claim" thing, even before I died. I pressed the button anyways because I didn't feel suspicious until right after pressing the button, but I am wondering if their is a connection between them being mafia and them tricking me to press the button the way they did.
I saw it as an easy push yes, but my plan was not for you to be killed by the button, I asked you to push it out of the towny side of me because town!me wouldn’t want to sacrifice a town if the button ended up killing someone.
I would like to point out that, if I had been playing this game, I would have immediately pushed every single button as soon as it popped up until it killed me.

That's all I wanted to say.
I mean, if there were buttons in front of you in real life, how could anyone resist pushing them?
The threads still open?

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