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Mafia Polymerization Mafia - Endgame (Mafia Wins)

WAIT but if it was noctiluca, then we'd be in a perpetual state of voting each other and so on, how could hammer even activate this way...
Make sure to write down your last words before you sign up for this!¹

¹For legal reasons I am obliged to inform you that this game may be so frustrating that it leads to heart attacks, rage and temper issues, anxiety, insomnia, manic behavior, depression, schizophrenia, paranoia and loss of all sanity.
Bulbagarden and the hosting team can not be held accountable for damages to mind and body that occur in relation to this game.

Also (just to be sure): You will (probably) not receive any damage by playing this game!
No wonder you had this disclaimer at the beginning :confused:
WAIT but if it was noctiluca, then we'd be in a perpetual state of voting each other and so on, how could hammer even activate this way...

No wonder you had this disclaimer at the beginning :confused:
Hammer is just so one of you can give up via self vote, otherwise winner will be decided by rand
(7) A tie in votes will result in one of the tied players being killed at random.
Unless one of you is a hidden double voter or voteless :unsure:
I feel like you two are an angel and devil sitting on each of my shoulders, but I'm not sure which one of you is which lol
Well, for right now, I will

Hopefully this works.
Also, I was also thinking that also perhaps, I need to be sent to the GY. Unless I misunderstood my role, I need to be revived to be considered Mafia. I'm just a town doctor right now, right?
Well, for right now, I will

Hopefully this works.
Also, I was also thinking that also perhaps, I need to be sent to the GY. Unless I misunderstood my role, I need to be revived to be considered Mafia. I'm just a town doctor right now, right?
No. No you're Mafia from the start. Your flip before you revive is just lying to town.
Endgame - Mafia Wins
Day 3 Final Vote Count:
RavenRaziel98 (3)
- RavenRaziel98
noctiluca (1) - FinalArcadia

Not voting - noctiluca

„We're almost there!“ said FinalArcadia, as she and noctiluca walked up a mountain.
They arrived at a plateau that's surrounded by cliffs.
noctiluca peaked over the edge.
„Woah!“ she said.
„I can't even see the bottom!“


Something impacted in the plateau, making the entire ground shake!
noctiluca and FinalArcadia started coughing as the cloud of dust slowly settled.
Sounds of hydraulics were heard, when a massive humanoid machine carrying a machine gun in his hands approached the two - it was...
„Raven?! But I don't understand! You're supposed to be-“ said FinalArcadia with trembling voice.

„Dead? Yeah, I almost died. But did you really think it would be that easy? I was prepared for situations like this for a while now. DawningWinds and Maniacal Engineer did good work. You see...“

Raven stopped and raised his arm. While looking as his hand he clenched a fist, stretched his hand again and looked back at noctiluca and FinalArcadia, before continuing:

„From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh, it disgusted me. I craved the strength and certainty of steel. I aspired to the purity of the Blessed Machine. Your kind cling to your flesh, as though it will not decay and fail you. One day the crude biomass you call the temple will wither, and you will beg my kind to save you. But I am already saved, for the Machine is immortal… Even in death I serve the Omnissiah.“¹

„Oooooo... kaaayyy...?“ said FinalArcadia while carefully taking a few steps back.

„I. Demand. Retaliation!“ said Raven, then he aimed noctiluca and started blasting!

With over 20 rounds per second he almost completely dissolved noctiluca!
But then...


„Damn, I'm out of ammo! I've explicitly told DawningWinds to add a few extra zeros to the file with the ammunition count...“ grumbled Raven.

Suddenly a bright white light appeared in between FinalArcadia and Raven and noctiluca stepped out of it like nothing happened.
Then she looked at Raven with a neutral expression on her face and asked: „Are we done?“

„Yes! No! Hmmmmmm... I don't know, whatever... Maybe if I as-“

Raven started randomly moving his arms up and down while his head rotated around its axis over and over and over and over....

Noooo! I think DawningWinds edited the wrong code! Error! Error! Erroooooooaaar...

Then he collapsed...

RavenRaziel98 has died, they were RavenRaziel98, the Insane Co-host!

Dear RavenRaziel98, you are:



You are the cohost of this game, who I hand selected for maximum insanity, proven by your work in ABC Mafia, 123 Mafia, and to a somewhat lesser extent, RE Remake Mafia. (Also, you were the only person I thought would agree to this idea, but that’s probably not the point.)

You are, of course, the Insane Co-host. All of my standard hosting powers are shared with you, primarily meaning that you have the ability to handle votals and phase changes. Additionally, you have the following passive abilities:
  • Any player who targets you with a non-killing night action will have it be forcibly redirected onto themselves, overriding any effects that would normally prevent redirection.
  • Votes against you count for double, and if you are the leading wagon at EOD, both yourself and the next highest wagon will be lynched.
  • Upon your death, all players will be restricted to post exclusively in images for the next full cycle (one day and one night). These images may not contain any words.

Additionally, you are consider a threat to both town and Mafia. Neither endgame may occur whilst you remain alive.

In spite of that threat status, your wincon is simple: you win when the game runs smoothly and you have a good time. Alternatively, you may win if all players die.[

A few moments later, FinalArcadia and noctiluca woke up on the moon again.
They left the building containing the access point and DawningWinds was waiting for the behind the steering wheel of a 4-seat moon rover.

„After what just happened I figured it might be better if I pick you guys up instead... Hop in, let's go!“ said DawningWinds and smiled.

When they arrived at the others, they noticed JamieIsBored cutting a chunk out of the ground, mumbling „That stuff is outer-worldly good, gotta take home enough to have a little stash...“

TheCapsFan, ExLight and Quasar_Catfish were hitting golf balls with their new native friend (who from now on is called Eberhard, because he deserves to have a name too imo).

Midorikawa approached FinalArcadia to tell her the good news - a compromise was made and Raven ordered the manufacturer of the new oven to replace the scale with a digital hybrid display that shows the temperature in both units.

Itsjustmudkipz, coordinator lissi and Hiimhereandboredtalktome jumped around, enjoying the low gravity.

noctiluca and beryllium discussed the game, while Minish sat on the edge of a crater and watched the earth in the distance.

„Excuse me everyone, I got good news!“ yelled Raven suddenly.
„While you guys were busy murdering each other, I met that drunk old scientist, and he shared some of his technological know-how with me.
Long story short, I will not need to abduct you anymore to take you to distant places!“

Everyone started cheering and celebrating immediately, which is why they didn't noticed Raven saying: „That won't stop me from continuing to do so in the future...“

The End!

Mafia has won!

Remaining Roles:

FinalArcadia was Dick Gumshoe, the Mafia Informed Roleblocker/Ability Cloner, Redirector, and Godfather!

Dear FinalArcadia, you are:


Detective Dick Gumshoe, the Informed Roleblocker/Ability Cloner, Redirector, and Godfather

At the beginning of Day one, you will receive a full list of all town-aligned roles. Each night, you may select one role from this list to roleblock all active actions from; additionally, when doing so, you may select one active ability to copy from that role and use yourself. The roleblocking aspect of this ability is treated as being targeted to a specific player, even though you are targetting them via their role rather than name, meaning it can be prevented by passive roles such as ascetic. The ability clone, however, is only treated as targeting any players you use it on, meaning that it can succeed even if the roleblock is disruptive.

One night during the game, instead of roleblocking a single town player, you can roleblock all active actions by town. Unlike the default roleblock, this is not treated as a targetted ability and cannot be blocked by ascetic-like passives. Additionally, your ability clone may be used on up to 5 abilities, which do not have to be from separate roles and may be cloned from your teammates, even though they will not be blocked.

You also have a Redirector, meaning each night, you may target one player and redirect any and all active actions they use to a player of your choice.
Finally, you are a Godfather, meaning that town-aligned investigations such as cop will always view you as being town. Similarly, any liar detector-like roles will view any statements of yours tested as being true.

You are aligned with Mafia and win when the number of Mafia-aligned players exceeds the number of Town-aligned players, and no other threats exist.

noctiluca was Princess Yue, the Mafia Mason, Doctor, and 1x Self-Reviver!

Dear noctiluca, you are:


Princess Yue, the Mason, Doctor, and 1x Self-Reviver.

You have a few abilities; firstly: You are Masons with Minish. The hosts confirm that Minish is aligned with town, and Minish is told the same of you. Additionally, you share an outside chat with Minish, in which the two of you may freely discuss the game.

Secondly, you are a Doctor: each night, you may target another player to protect them from any and all killing actions from other players. However, this ability does seem to have an unfortunate drawback; if they player you attempt to heal is being protected by any other active protection role, you will fumble your healing and they will die. While passive protections such as bulletproof will not activate this side-effect, this side-effect will override any passive protections that would normal prevent them from being killed.

Thirdly, and potentially most powerfully, you are a 1x self-reviver. One time during the game, at any point after you have died, you can choose to rise from the dead. When you do so, make a post in thread pinging the hosts and in bold, state that you are using this ability. This resolves immediately and cannot be disrupted in any way.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats are eliminated.


No you're not, obviously. I'm sure you've noticed the title of this PM. There is of course, just a bit more to your role.

Firstly, when you die, if your self-reviver has not yet been activated, your role PM will only flip up to and including your false town win condition. This means that this information will not be visible to town the first time you die.

Secondly, when you carry out the Mafia nightkill, that action will have the ninja modifier. This means that the nightkill you carry out cannot be seen by any trackers, watchers, or other roles that would otherwise be able to learn who you visit at night.

You are (actually) aligned with Mafia and win when the number of Mafia-aligned players exceeds the number of Town-aligned players, and no other threats exist.

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I'll just copy/paste what I've explained over at discord already...

When I was preparing 123, Dawning approached me with this idea...
We design a mafia game, loaded as fuck, totally batshit and insanely broken, with a wild twist in it...
Both of us made a faction, Dawning made the Mafia roles, I prepared Town...
But neither of us knows the roles of the other faction until the Role PMs get sent out - I was on board immediately, total no Brainerd...
Because of that there is stuff like mafia ninja but no Tracker/Watcher...
Or an ultimate Utrongman that's guaranteed to kill...
Both factions were complete shots in the dark to each other.
RAVEN YOU MADE ME START TO DOUBT MY PARTNER, WHAT VILLAINY but it's more that I am very VERY gullible Sorry I fell for the bait and voted you, noctiluca, but glad we won!! Hope you enjoyed your first game here! Also, sorry you put in the kill N1, Jamie; I still have survivor's guilt from that one after we switched who did it lol.

And good game, town!! Under slightly more normal circumstances, I think you guys would've figured us out, so drastic measures were taken with the strongman vig kill.

Thanks for hosting, DawningWinds and Raven!! It was short but sweet, and I loved the bastard roles. Part of me wishes we could've seen everyone get hit with either the blast or the radiation of ExLight's atom bomb, wouldn't that have been wild.
Btw you could have converted Minish by targeting her

But I did not expect anyone but Mido being able to kill beryl without tedious grinding
And I did not expect mafia to know what town has loaded
Stuff like atom bomb works best if it comes out of nowhere :X3:
Btw you could have converted Minish by targeting her
Ohh, see I was terrified of the silver goo because I tried to look it up on the Mafiascum wiki and I think I was confusing myself on what it did. So I probably would've gone the whole game just avoiding Minish with night actions out of fear, oops.
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