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The War Room Players and Hosts Introductory Thread


Ongo Gablogian, the art collector
Mar 1, 2015
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The War Room Players and Hosts Introductory Thread
Hello TWR!

After some recent discussion between the staff, we have decided to create this thread to allow hosts and players alike to introduce themselves to one another within The War Room. Whether you are a veteran of the section, or have just joined us recently, we hope that you can use this thread to get to know one another, each other's playstyles, notable games, as well as other interests outside of the section. If you'd like, you can also post some contact information such as a Discord username, so people can reach you somewhere outside of the forum. I would like to mention all of this is optional, so don't feel forced to make an introduction for yourself if you don't want to!

Below we have created a template you can use to fill out your introduction.
[Short introduction including some things about you; where in the world are you, how experienced you are, how long you've been playing, etc]
Favourite Role:
Favourite Alignment:
Notable Played Games:
[You could separate these by alignment, or just have a list of your favourite games]
Notable Hosted Games:
Other Interests:
[Share a bit about your non-mafia hobbies]
Contact Info With Timezone: [PMs only, Discord, etc. If applicable]


Hey there everyone! If you don't know who I am already, my name is Calvinッ and I am a moderator of The War Room, aswell as F&G. I hail from the north-west of the UK, and have been around on the forum for about 8 years, but a few years of this time was not spent on the forum, as I recently returned from a 3 year-ish break to focus on IRL things such as my studies, and work. I've rarely delved outside of the two subsections of TWR and F&G, and would easily say Bulbagarden is my home forum (and in turn, TWR as my home section), as well as the only one I really browse at the minute. I applied for a moderating position back in 2019, and was promoted alongside Snowy (FKA AussieEevee) and Doctor Floptopus, I was very happy to receive this promotion, and I like to think that the entire time I've been here, both Mod and not, I've always wanted TWR to be the best it can be. I've always enjoyed the social deduction side of Mafia, as well as other games such as Spyfall or Secret Hitler. Typically you'll probably see me as a host way more than a player, I don't recall the last time I actually played a mafia game, and i'm always iffy on playing as it raises my anxiety pretty high! The same could be said for hosting as well, as I am afraid of messing up things in a game that other people are playing, and that I am the host of. But in turn I enjoy the art of making a mafia game, the building, making interesting roles, and oftentimes putting my own spin on things in an attempt to make a fun unique experience for the players. You'll see some examples of this below, games that I am quite proud of so to speak. My favourite experience whilst playing in The War Room probably goes all the way back to 2016, in which TWR users voted me as "Best New Host" and "Most Creative Host", I felt like it was extremely endearing to see support from random strangers (at that time) on the internet for what I'd call a little hobby of mine.

Favourite Role:
In terms of playing, even though it's hard to really say one I'd probably say any informative role, I feel like these roles such as a Cop or Tracker can really swing the game in Town's favour, and even though it's a lot of pressure, it can pay off big time. I also like Doctor, I think it invites some kind of mind game between you and the mafia, as you have to think a step ahead or two to see if they'll go for a kill on an obvious target, or if they think you'll protect that obvious target, then go for a lesser target, which you could then protect. This then leaves the original plan open, it's like a game of cat and mouse, inside a larger game of cat and mouse. From a hosting standpoint, i'd have to be a bit bigheaded and choose a role I created of course :p

Favourite Alignment:
Probably Town, I feel like it invites the most social deduction elements as with Mafia you know whose who in terms of alignment, you just gotta figure the roles. Whereas in town you have to do the aforementioned as well as alignment.

Again, really hard to say through nature of not playing much, so i'll replace this with my hosting style. I feel like as a host I typically go for outside of the norm games, usually mafia with extra steps essentially, such as the Generation series having HP mechanics instead of votes, Build-It where you had to build buildings to receive a role, and U-Choose (Albeit not my idea, this is a UPick variant) where you choose your own character. I have also hosted the norm aswell though, with Ocarina of Time Mafia and Battle of Hogwarts Mafia.

Notable Played Games;
N/A (Might be time to get this filled by actually playing lol!)

Notable Hosted Games;
Mafia: Pokemon Generation One Mafia, Corrupt?! Mafia, Pokemon Generation Two Mafia, Pokemon Generation Three Mafia, Ocarina of Time Mafia, Pokemon Generation Four Mafia, Noughts & Crosses Mafia, Build-It!, Build-It! II
Non-Mafia: Spyfall & Codenames

Other Interests:
If I'm not around on the forum and not working, you'll almost always see me at my PC, as video games are a huge hobby of mine. I also enjoy my intake of various forms of media, such as TV and Movies being the biggest, but I am also a fan of anime, although recently I haven't watched many if any anime. I enjoy reading but this is something else I need to take more part in, as recently I've not been reading anywhere near as much. In terms of TV and Movies, my favourites are IASIP for a series, and Oldboy or The Warriors for a film. For anime it's definitely Haikyuu!!, but Jujutsu Kaisen and Blue Lock I enjoy a lot aswell, having read the manga for all three completely.

Contact Info with Timezones:
My timezone is BST currently as it's Daylight Savings Time currently, and GMT during standard times, Typically you'll be able to catch me on the forums, but if for whatever reason you can't or i'm not about, or you just want to chat elsewhere, my discord is ._.calvin._. , feel free to message me about anything if you'd like, i'm pretty open so don't hesitate :)

Thankyou for taking the time to read my own intro, and I look forward to seeing everyone else's introduction!
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I'm DawningWinds, you can also call me Dawning, DW, etc! I'm a staff member around the forums, having been hired this past February and promoted to SMod in July. I mod TWR and the Art Gallery. I live in Minnesota (NOT Montana), I joined the forums in early 2020 and started playing Mafia in March that year. I pop up in most forum sections around from time to time as well. I also play around ZD from time-to-time. There's definitely more to say but idk what.

Favourite Role: I don't really feel like I've got enough experience with any specific role except Firefighter to really say and that one doesn't seem right.

Favourite Alignment: Town?

I do not know. I just make stuff up as I go.

Notable Played Games:

Town: Super Smash Bros Mafia, ABC Mafia
Scum: Yu Yu Hakusho Mafia
Indep: Xenoblade Chronicles

This probably isn't the best list just the ones that came to mind.

Notable Hosted Games: Kanto Starters Mafia I guess? Since it's the only one I've done so far.

Other Interests:
Art ofc is the big one. I also enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh! and lately have been kind of into Pokemon Unite.

Contact Info With Timezone:
PMs on the forums and my discord (DawningWinds), US CT, so GMT-5 or 6 depending on the time of year since I don't think they left DST dead yet.
Have no fear, Zexy is here! I have been a forums regular since 2013, started playing Mafia here in 2014, hosting in 2015, then became staff (and pioneered the Queue and MoD system alongside ME and Caps) while also being elected to represent us in the Mafia Championship in 2016. Became SMod in 2017 and focused on Pokemon GO more, only to stop being involved with TWR activities as an admin just before 2018, then quit everything for offline reasons and went on hiatus, but I would always nostalgise and consider to come back, and I finally managed to do it around April 2023. So I have been back and playing for 4.5 months and planning to get back to hosting soon!

There is much more I could say about me, but I feel like it is adequately covered in the "about me" section of my profile, as well as the introductory thread in Outside The Box (which I am also a mod of) and lots of my posts there. So for the sake of not being repetitive, if you would like to know more about me as a person outside the scope of TWR, please feel free to check over there!

Favourite Role: I prefer info-based roles like Cop and Rolecop. I also particularly liked playing as Role Thief once, you get to learn what roles others have and also stop them from using them and you can use them too next night, what is better than that! Oracle too (although the variant I did play was called Cryptic Prophet).

Favourite Alignment: Town. Much less stressful, like gathering info little by little.

This one has changed a lot over the years. When games used to be outside contact I would just focus on trying to convince people I am trustworthy then gather all the claims and solve from there. Even had a meta of not being mislynched for a long while, would usually get nightkilled early or survive to endgame if setup had good protection. Similarly as mafia, I would either get lynched too easily or outright win.

Unfortunately, times changed. Influence from affiliation with other communities over the Mafia Championship made no outside contact games ever more prevalent here too, and setups shifted accordingly to be less optimal to solve by massclaiming. I am not good at intuition or being flexible (MBTI type is ISTJ, and catastrophe mode happens a lot). Most of my "hunches" are just subconscious overthinking before conscious catches up. I get easily paranoid too.

After coming back I noticed being more careful of the flow of information (especially on how things are claimed just before night phase ends, and what optimal voting strategy is in MILO/LYLO). I also have a thing for associative reads, trying to envision possible scum teams from start to finish, which works best after getting a mafia flip, not so much before.

I have got a few good ideas from offsite strategies, though. Such as soft claiming, seer cover in open setups, being extra careful with voting strategies later in the game...

Notable Won Games:

Elementar's Mafia Universe / Paragon: Rise of New World Order / Fire in the Garden: Kanto Starters Mafia

Scum: Fairy Mafia / My Little Pony: Friendship is Mafia / Artemis Fowl Mafia

Indep: Fruit Bowl Mafia 2

Notable Hosted Games: The 3 ZGM (particularly Zexy Games Mafia II because of the identical and thus counterclaiming bombs blowing up one another), and Pretend You're Xyzzy Mafia, my purest art form, a setup so bastard and legendary (for all the bad reasons as I have been informed) it has been unofficially been forevermore renamed into Zexy Can't Balance Mafia.

Notable losses :
As town, Honor Among Thieves Mafia (rekt by HumanDawn), Pokemon XY Mafia (by DrumBeats) and Gladiator (2000 film) Mafia (by JamieIsBored).
As mafia, Animal Crossing: New Leaf Mafia and Grimm Mafia for being close wins that were ruined at the last minute.

Notable ties: Percy Jackson and the Mafia of Olympus Cool scum game, weird outcome.

Contact Info With Timezone:
Conversation messages on the forums and my discord (kostasgriv), Greece time (UTC+3 with DST, UTC+2 without). Sleep schedule is rather flexible, however, and may align closer with Americas.
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Hey, I’m JamieIsBored! I live in southern England and joined the forums a year ago. I’m relatively experienced with faster variants of mafia like Town of Salem or playing IRL. It’s taking me a bit, but I’m getting more used to forum mafia. I’m also looking to start hosting soon.

Favourite Role: Not sure yet. I haven’t had a chance to be it yet, but I love playing Jester (it’s actually my most won with role in Town of Salem). It’s fun finding a way to manage to get yourself voted off without attracting too much suspicion from scum to not be nightkilled.

Favourite Alignment: Scum, I find it more interesting to try and stay one step ahead of town than to be chasing after other players to pick up the pieces.

Playstyle: I like playing town recklessly and trying different gambits to see if any of them work. I’m known for being able to bring an equal level of chaos and being a collected head. I’m quite active as well so if you ever want my thoughts on something don’t hesitate to ask!

Notable Played Games:

ABC Mafia
Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush Mafia
Chess Mafia

Gladiator (2000 Film) Mafia
Mafia 2.0 - (technically non-mafia, but I still played scum so)
Chaos Mafia

Notable Hosted Games:
Devil’s Plan - First ever hosted game- Non-Mafia
Persona 3 Mafia - First ever Mafia game I’ve hosted.

Other Interests: I really like F1, and if I’m not online, I’m probably either watching that or playing games.

Contact Info With Timezone: My discord is jamieisbored, but you can message me on PM’s if that easier. I am currently in BST but will be moving to GMT whenever that changes over.
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Name: ExLight

Introduction: Currently 25yo, Brazilian male.
Played first couple games when I was probably like 10 or 11? Got back into it in 2019, in that game I got lynched D1 on my Birthdays as a Cop, good stuff. Been playing since then, with mild break around 2022. Made a lot of friends in different communities and am grateful mafia helped me meet them, some are really very dear to me nowadays.
Motto is "if you're not paranoid of Ex, something is wrong" and people should listen to it more.

Favorite Role: Don't have one. Prefer custom roles over classic ones. Hate the responsibility of Vigilante though.
Favorite Alignment: Don't have one. Just bring it on. I usually do worse as Indept though.
Playstyle: Town Chameleon - Playstyle and performance change drastically from game to game: sometimes it's a lot gut feeling heavy, sometimes it's analytical, sometimes it's focused on role coordination. Mafia is usually more consistent, a bit more less effort and cold, kill priority is usually inactives or trolls > mercy kills > veterans that been lasting too many EoDs lately > role optimization > people based on their reads > midly experienced players > beginners > veterans who been dying too early lately.

Notable Played Games: None worth mentioning, I think.
Notable Hosted Games: Hosted only once so far! On ZD!

Other Interests: Pixel art, inventing, martial arts, cooking, psychology, philosophy, gaming, true crime, programming.
Contact Info With Timezone: If I'm not too busy having a meltdown feel free to contact me on Discord (exlight). Currently 9:20PM for me at the time of this message, so do the math.
I'll bite

Name: Zinn
Introduction: About me? Well I live in Australia which is on the other side of the world for most people, timezone issues make Mafia difficult when you can't be as active when others are online. I can't exactly recall when I started Mafia, maybe about 4-5 years ago? I'm not the best at learning from mistakes so my experience in Mafia is middling at best, I like hosting more because it's interesting to see how all the roles interact from behind the scenes.

Favourite Role: I'm a big fan of custom roles, they're typically Independent but I've seen a few for Town & Mafia. Host is a fun role.
Favourite Alignment: Independent, Town can be stressful not knowing who to trust or not while Mafia can be exciting by having that advantage of knowing your allies, you instead stress about who to target. Meanwhile Independent has their own unique win condition independent of the other teams, often times enabling them to win with another team.
Policy No Lynch Day 1, it's no fun dying before you even get to do anything, at least the Mafia kill can be blamed for not getting a night action off. But Town tends to mislynch on Day 1 more often than not and I don't think it's worth the risk.
Notable Played Games:
I'd have to check, Chaos Mafia (One or two of them?), some others?
Notable Hosted Games: I'm not sure if they're notable but I've hosted the following:
Tokyo Ghoul Mafia (Co-HostMoD: DarthWolf) [Town Victory], Black Butler Mafia (MoD: DarthWolf) [Independent Unjester Victory/Town Victory], Cells at Work Mafia (Co-Host: Parissong/AoD: SoaringDylan) [Independent Insanifier Victory], Seraph of the End Mafia (Co-Host/MoD: Doctor Floptopus) [Town Victory], Mentor Mafia Game: Rainbow Rocket Strikes Back (Co-Hosts: DarthWolf & Zachie) [Mafia Victory], Zinn's Future Mafia Game Mafia (Co-Host/MoD: DarthWolf) [Independent Vote Collector Victory & Town Victory], Holiday Bonanza 2020 (Co-Host: Snowy) [Town Victory & Host ME Victory]

Other Interests: I also like Dungeons & Dragons and collecting manga (I rarely find the time to read them sadly)
Contact Info With Timezone: My preferred point of contact is Discord (linked under my profile picture), I rarely use the forums, my timezone is AEST, so I may not respond right away between work and sleep.
Name: beryllium, feel free to call me beryl for short!
Introduction: uh hi. 16 y.o. person from the states (CST). i'm not good but what can i say? mafia is fun now isnt it
Favourite Role: i don't have enough experience with any particular role to say... i can tell you what i didn't like, which was godfather o.o (i liked vig it was very silly)
Favourite Alignment: town for sure. way less stressful. mafia is a lot of fun in its own right but i feel, like... a little bit bad about lying to people constantly.
Playstyle: throw out random bullshit, watch everyone's reactions, make judgements from there. or something.
Notable Played Games: ex's chess mafia (win), dawning's yu-gi-oh go rush mafia (loss), zinn's dnd mafia (draw)
Notable Hosted Games: the only one i've ever done was bulbaronpa which was of questionable notability lol, but i have others currently under development
Other Interests: i game a lot in my spare time ig? i'm in the fgc but i try not to be insufferable about it. i'm most active in tekken 7, uniclr, sfvi, and gg xrd rev 2, but i also play doa6, third strike, sfv, kofxv, strive, skullgirls, gbfv, type lumina... and like some ssbu but i suck at it. aside from fighters a couple of the Big Favs are xenoblade, fire emblem, pokemon (wow! who wouldve guessed!), danganronpa, ace attorney, dragon quest, persona/smt, and mega man. if you want to chat about them hmu istg my neurodivergent ass is always so ready to get into heated discussions about characters and lore and stuff
Contact Info With Timezone: CST as i said... please pm me if you wanna talk, i have my discord linked and it is possible i can get back to you but i do not check it very often. like... i mean once or twice every two weeks so if you need a quick response just talk to me here.

peace and fries! :ayeaye:
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Sorry for posting again but This introduction needs an overhaul LOL

Name: Lissi, and you can call me liss as a nickname if you’re my friend and you’d like!
Introduction: I’m an Asian-Canadian teenager living in the boring flat rectangular province who’s a swiftie! I also do art and like the hunger games! I’m not the greatest mafia player but I am trying to improve! I’m also going to start hosting games very soon!
Favourite Role: dont really have one but neighbour is quite fun and I’ve been it quite a bit! Cop like roles are cool too!
Favourite Alignment: id be down for anything. Mafia is where I’m more likely to mess up, though. Never been indep, but it seems fun!
Playstyle: dont have one really, but to quote Jamie: “Lissi is very fluffy” (I tend to cwac as town a lot, but I’m trying to contribute more)
Notable Played Games: persona 3 mafia, polymerization, chaos mafia, and cute animal mafia!
Notable Hosted Games: haven’t hosted yet, but am going to host a game soon (and maybe two more……)
Other Interests: pokemon, Taylor swift, the hunger games, and art
Contact Info With Timezone: cst all year round, and you can contact me here or discord (its in my profile)

I’m gonna delete my old intro cause this one’s better!
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