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Contest Unova gym leaders(1/3) - Cilan V Lenora V Burgh


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Jan 1, 2011
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In my opinion it's burgh, he's cute and I like artists.
Did not include the other two striaton city leaders due to the fact that I think cilan is the true leader(he is the one who welcomes you)
That doesn't necessarily mean that Cilan is the true leader, he could simply be the sibling in charge of welcoming customers.

I'm going with Lenora, "An Archeologist with Backbone".
The fact that her Watchog has a move which doubles in power (70 to 140) if it's used in the turn a team member faints (and that's without STAB) is certainly an amazing way of catching you off guard if you're not careful.
I liked Burgh the most because I like Bug-type leaders,but Lenora was the toughest.
A tie between Cilan and Burgh. I prefer Burgh in the games, but Cilan is a better character in the anime.
Cilan cuz he'S FABULOUS!

No. Really, I liked Lenora best, she was most fun to face.
:| I am disappoint at the lack of Chili. Extremely disappoint. All three are the gym leaders, the end.
Lenora, as I loved her Gym design, and she is actually tough to defeat.
Lenora, her being an archaeologist as well as a gym leader is pretty cool, plus she actually gives you a challenge during her battle.

Cilan is okay, but out of the three brothers I definitely prefer Cress way more; Chili would be my second favorite, then Cilan comes last for me.

Burgh is meh. I don't really like or dislike him, he's just kind of weird.
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