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Unovia's White 2 Team Replacement Run

I agree with @Funnylion
Only do the post game if you WANT to. If you do decide to do it, I say that you should continue using your champion team instead of raising a whole new team just for the post game.
Honestly, it is crazy how long BW2 really is. As I explained to @Funnylion, I think I will beat the League, then move on.
Log #43-Unova Elite Four
Unova Elite Four.jpg
Before I started these battles, I got my Team to Level 63, figuring that, should I fail, I could just withdraw and try again at another time.

Elite Four #1-Shauntal
Shauntal specializes in Ghost Types. Not sure who to start with, I opened with Zebstrika. Zebstrika, Walrein, & Serperior took her on.

Elite Four #2-Grimsley
Grimsley specializes in Dark Types. I opened with Lucario. Lucario singlehandedly defeated him.

Elite Four #3-Caitlin
Caitlin specializes in Psychic Types. I opened with Darmanitan. Sheer Force Darmanitan is amazing. Darmanitan, Walrein, Zebstrika, & Serperior took her on. This was the first point where I started having issues, but I powered through.

Elite Four #4-Marshal
Marshal specializes in Fighting Types. Considering my general success with Sheer Force Darmanitan, I started with him. Darmanitan, Lucario, Zebstrika, and Serperior took him on, eventually winning.

Champion Iris
I opened with Darmanitan against Hydreigon, since I didn't know what she started with. Darmanitan, Walrein did a lot of work, as did Zebstrika and Lucario. At the end, I won, becoming Champion of Unova!

Thus ends the Pokemon White 2 "Team Replacement Run! I would like to thank my supporters for making this possible and being patient with me! Your support and care means so much to me!

Where are we going now?
The next Playthrough is going to be a Nuzlocke! We are going to Hoenn for this one! The Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke! Until then, board the plane and let's go!
It's that time again: What Pokemon has impressed you the most, and what has disappointed you the most?
Most impressive: Darmanitan. Sheer Force is amazing.
Least impressive: Zebstrika. Zebstrika died a lot during the run, which was disappointing.
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