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Waiter, there's a ______ in my soup


Nov 28, 2012
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Hey. This is my first thread post EVER on Bulbagarden forums, so I thought I would have a forum games, because that makes complete sense! The objective of this game is to tell the waiter (Then next poster) what is in your soup. I'm not sure if this has been done before, but I got it from another forum website I go on.

Post 1: Waiter, there's a dead fly in my soup
Post 2: No, it's simply a raisin *eats
Waiter, there's an invisible force field in my soup, preventing me from eating it
Post 3: You can stop hitting your spoon on the window and come in...

Ok, I'll start

Waiter, there's a Stunfisk in my soup
That's just a Stunfisk shaped dumpling!

Waiter, there's a Skitty swimming in my soup!
no it looks like a steak. *leaves

Waiter thers a spark plug in my soup
No wonder my car wouldn't start this morning.

Waiter, there's a halophilic archaea in my soup. (Can't wait to see the response to this.)
shall i take it back to the kitchen?

waiter ther is a Big Dummy in my soup
Oh he didn't drown yet?

Waiter there's a pair of dice in my soup.
Quick! Hide it so it doesn't get stolen!

Waiter, there's the tears of the sky in my soup!
You never heard of Stone Soup?

Waiter, there's a Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator in my soup.
You did order the "Out of this world" soup That was so cheesy...

Waiter, there's a typo in my suop.
Yes, there is. Complimentary with every meal. Pity you chose soup. Ah, well.

Waiter, There's a refrigerator in my soup!
Feel free to help yourself to its contents.

Waiter, there's a Endangered Species in my soup!
Guaranteed to give you a Shock Sir!

Waiter, there's a Frenchman in my soup!
That was for your Pokemon Sir. I apologise.

Waiter, there's a Every Flavour Bean in my soup!
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