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Waiter, there's a ______ in my soup

Gee, hopefully it’s not attached to Caitlin shoe.

Waiter! Emily from AG081’s shoe is in my soup too!
Waiter, there’s a talking cheese with brown pants in my soup!
(And thanks for reviving this- And thanks for not giving reason to what I said was in there before)
It’s SpongeBob in there.

Waiter! There’s a city bus in my soup.
uhhh.... feel free to, like... call a tow truck or somethi- waitaminute, what are you doing with that soup in the first place? that's reserved for wailord customers only, human!
ooh, i swear, this is a daily thing with our newest hire. i'm going to need to have a long talk with him.

waiter, there's a dead cutiefly in my soup!
Have fun playing with them. Don’t draw the joker card ^^ (should I lay off the smile precure? or…)

(Idk if I’ve done this before but…) Waiter, there’s a baby patrick in my soup.
That’s because we serve this soup as part of our St. Patrick’s Day special! (I know St. Patrick’s Day is over a month away but I wanted to try getting this thread up and running again.)

Pardon me, waiter, but there appears to be a Waddle Dee in my soup.
Looks like someone hasn’t seen SpongeBob season 5’s “goo goo gas” xD

And now the Waddle Dee has a home :O

Waiter, there’s a Ellee-chan in my soup. (And just in case you don’t know who that is, Google it)
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