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Waiter, there's a ______ in my soup

Which ones. Can they stroke Chloe's legs?

Waiter! Michiru is in my soup.
Open your mouth

Waiter, there's a tsktsjtskgsjtajgfmhwhrwgëdlhdjstjstidkystjstjdkyskydkgsqqrgcsfghjlhvcgjjnbssitsstksktskdykdjystsjtdgksehzgeeezjtdkystjaheafgkskgsksfuckinggisgsksmzkysskyskyskskygghjjgsjjtztjsnentwntnrwacotdcolasodameremniscentotalpohgsfhfgohomadamnblazelametyufsshksisjtspyukumukufjstksjtstsutstuseksyztjktssjgsjtsjrskydkydykdkisstjktststksktssitstisyiddkydkydykdlydkyddmgdgnahewmgfhmejtfshrshmdhrasahileudlysrjsjrwstjaatsgmdtkstjxxmgezmgd in my soup
it's just a human-shaped human

waiter, there's a noob in my soup!

nbm nm,.png
Train that noob into a pro.

Waiter! There’s a “Patrick that’s a pickle.” in my soup!
It adds a fun boost to the soup :D

Waiter! There is a Bulbagarden acc that has been inactive for the last month in my soup
Must be you.

Waiter! There is Copycat’s doll in my soup.
Is it Thomas & Friends or JayJay the Jetplane?

Waiter! Smudger is in my soup.
Doody? I’ll take it out.

Waiter, there’s a Stanbot in my soup.
Report this to an admin to delete it.

Waiter! There’s a female Paldean League Staff in my soup.
I’ll grab my suit and then call the fire department bomb squad to take it.

Waiter! There’s Caitlin’s shoe in my soup.

Waiter, there's bismuth in my soup!
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