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What was your first Shiny Pokémon in SV?

Caught a shiny Psyduck after completing the poison-type leader of Team Star. The Psyduck was in the river and it was a struggle to enter a battle with it because Miraidon (I own Violet) didn't have the ability to ride in water at the time. I had to wait for it to get close to land. I was scared I was going to lose it because it kept going down the stream. I was worried I wouldn't be able to enter battle, but thankfully I did and I caught it. The struggle was real. :confused:

As of right now, that Psyduck and a shiny Rockruff that was far less eventful to catch are my only shinies I've caught in the game.
Ha... I finally got a shiny Clauncher after who knows how many eggs! It is not my first shiny for sure, but this one has been the most difficult and my second Masuda shiny (The first one was a Quaxly).

It is such a good shiny. One of my favorites!
It was a Yungoos -.- It was my first shiny I ever encountered also. Even though I eventually make every Pokemon game into a shiny hunting simulator in the end, I was never able to find one.

Literally the minute the game let me out of the text box fest at the start, the first pokemon I saw was a shiny lol. Already found 4 w/o the charm or sandwhiches. Violet's been crazy good to me with shinies ^^
It was a Yungoos -.- It was my first shiny I ever encountered also. Even though I eventually make every Pokemon game into a shiny hunting simulator in the end, I was never able to find one.
My first ever shiny is also a Rattata in HeartGold. I can relate to the mixture of excitement and disappointment at the same time…
My first shiny was a Cufant, who I found on my second play session when I was about a third of the way through the main story. I had noticed n outbreak of a mystery Pokemon on the top right corner of the map, and despite knowing all of the Pokemon in the game, I really wanted to see what it was. Like, really bad. I spent over an hour running around trying to find my way up into the area without being able to glide or climb. While I was running through the area near the Titan Orthworm, I saw a yellow Cufant hanging out with a group of orange ones. I quickly halted and went to catch her. She was also marked, though I don't believe it was one of the rare marks. Still, I felt pretty lucky after that one. Especially considering that not 30 minutes later, I bumped into a second shiny while trying to make it to that outbreak. It was a Shiny Falinks. I actually almost ran past him because I was in a really high-level area and did not want to stick around. I saw the Falinks and was like "Oh Falinks cool" then almost ran off when I was like "Wait, that Falinks was brown." And that was it.

All my other shinies on my main file have been hunted and/or shiny charm odds. But, I have bumped into a couple of shinies on my Violet playthrough. A shiny Rockruff and a Shiny Deerling.
Shiny Shix - stuck out like a sore thumb. I've been worried about not spotting shinies since there is no more jingle sound in the overworld.
Nymble. Just casually spotted it while exploring and saw that it was yellow and went for it. Pretty sure I critical caught it since all of my Pokémon were too strong for it.
Funnily enough, I got a random full odds Lokix a bit Before finishing the Fighting Star camp, and love it. But recently I was trying to shiny hunt Nymble with sparkling sandwich and shiny charm and all, and for some reason it has been so far the shiny that has taken most time for me to shiny hunt. I've even got harder shinies Before faster like Tadbulb. I did get it, but oh my gosh, did the little yellow prick gave me a hard time.
First shiny was a Marill. Randomly saw it after healing up at a pokecenter and was extremely excited. Unfortunately it was too low level to be of much use on my team, so it got boxed.
i only got 2 so far, my second was a random gogoat but my first shiny surprised the heck outta me cus it was the psyduck standing next to the bridge just after poco path lighthouse o_o been playing and replaying the games since rbyg and never have i encountered a shiny THAT quick :confused::confused::confused:
i got a shiny meditite... i think around the time i challenged tulip. two irl days later i found a shiny salandit (female, luckily for me). both full odds, no sandwiches or charm or anything.

i've played for a solid 200 hours past that and nothing else, not even with any boost through sandwiches/charm/outbreaks...
In Violet it was Pawmi. It's shiny coloring is pretty nice as the reddish-pink color surprisingly looks good on it, so I'm happy with this one. Wished I was able to catch it before finishing the main stories, would've been cool to have on my main team.

For Scarlet it was Skiddo. It was actually the first time I've seen it's shiny, it's not the worst but not that great either, just pretty meh. Boxed it right away since I had no use for it as I had a grass type already filled for my team.
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