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What was your first Shiny Pokémon in SV?

Violet: full odds Rookidee
Scarlet: Mystery Gift Lucario
If Mystery Gifts don’t count then full odds Skiddo
Literally my first wild encounter in the game (after the tutorial Lechonk) was a shiny Tarountula. I didn't even realize it was shiny until I saw the sparkles when I ran into it.
My first was a Lechonk that I came across in the first route after deciding to visit the player character's mum for a bit. I also came across a Shroodle in Tagtree Thicket, which I still haven't evolved because I hate Grafaiai's shiny colours.

These weren't even the ones I hunted for, so both at full odds (then again, so are most of the ones I did actively hunt for - I seem to have better luck when I don't use any of the methods that raise the chances of them appearing, for some reason?)
for me it was a full odds glimmora i found in area zero while training
her name is flora
That would be Big Marie, a Bronzong that I found wandering Glaseado Mountain on my way up to... Montenevera, I think? Took me, like, a solid couple-a minutes to realise she was actually shiny though. The lighting on that mountain is weird and makes Bronzong's generally decent shiny look indistinguishable from its standard palette, so when Quaquaval wouldn't attack it in auto-battle, I thought it was just because it was having trouble on the terrain, and I kept trying to do it from like, 5 different angles until I finally just decided screw it and ran up to battle it the normal way (do not ask me why I was so dedicated to killing this Bronzong in particular), and that's when she sparkled and I realised what I was looking at. I caught her, of course.
It was a Hawlucha that I stumbled upon while I was wandering the depths of Area Zero.

If memory serves, this manifested before I even had a Shiny Charm, and thus before I began collecting Shiny Paradox Pokemon
Stunky. I was just wandering around before beating Tatsugiri I think (which was the 9th badge I got I think when I was still in the lvl 30s lol), and all of a sudden: red Stunky. I don’t have it anymore. I traded it to complete dex
I got a shiny Cubchoo while looking for the swords to pull out for the Legendary Quartet quest !
I was so excited when I saw the pink top lol! Only took 2 sandwiches and about a hour of grinding. First SV shiny! Caught in premier ball because I thought it looks good together. What should i hunt next?

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On release, I was AFK after playing a bit and texting a friend or looking up something on my phone, and a shiny Maschiff ran up to me and started a battle. Thank god it sparkled, because I genuinely did not know what it's shiny looked like at the time lmao
My first shiny in Violet (and overall not including GO) was a shiny Diglett.
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