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What would you do?

May 9, 2023
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  1. He/Him
So this is a pretty simple and fun game :), to play, A user must describe/create any situation they wish and the user below must describe what they would do in that situation. After doing so that user must than create another situation and other user must describe what they would do and so on. I'll start

You are caught stealing from dunkin donuts. You have done this multiple times because you have a large fascination for jelly filled donuts and most likely will be arrested. You have zero gear accept for a rope. What will you do in this situation?
Use the rope to expertly climb into the ceiling eat the donuts, knot the rope into a giant clump and hide it under something in the ceiling making a decoy, then escape through the window.

A thief has been stealing from the Dairy Queen 20mins away from you, the store promises to give away 50 free item coupons to whoever catches the thief. What would you do in this situation?
Ouch this is tough ngl. Imma have to say pretend to be the theifs friend and join them only to lure them to a trap. Knock em unconscious and tie them up and show proof to DQ I have caught them.

You are sleeping at night alone. You live in the woods and you hear glass shatter downstairs in the kitchen in the middle of the night. What do you do?
Accept my fate.

You are up late at night past what would be your bedtime when you hear footsteps coming over your room you don’t recognize them but they sound kind of similar to your own footsteps. The footsteps are almost at the door. What do you do?
ngl Im jumping out the window... if there even is one :/

Situation: You get interrogated by the fbi who are claiming you commited a terroist act even though you are innocent. You dont have enough money to plead your case so what do you do?
Not enough money to plead a case? Don't I have a right to an attorney? No matter, I will represent myself and use my quirkiness and awkward manner of wordings things to outwit the defense.

Situation: Your boss has found out you were asleep at work! What's your excuse?
sir, when you were starting out, can you look me in the eye and tell me you never did something like this???

Situation: You get bullied by a gang of people who corner you everyday and take your money and stole your lover. What do you do?
Well uh, I do know how to bake basic stuff, and I've decorated cakes before.. maybe make a cake that looks so ridiculous that it just bewilders anyone before? Not sure if I can do that, but I'll try my best.

Your house gets broken in, but the burglar is only interested in items with purely sentimental value. What do you do?
ngl, unless its something I truly care about Im letting it slide. Otherwise hes finna be knocked out.

Situation: You take a weird pill and begin to see everything as rainbows. what do you do??
imma go full on pokemon trainer on them (interpret that how you want) then I'll go on a journey and have something interesting happening in my life!!

A shady stranger approaches you and says they can make you the most famous contest idol BUT all pokemon except your own will hate you, do you take up his offer, or not?
Ill let lisia and May and the pro ppl be contest idols tbh I don’t care much for contests (IK my username is misleading) but I do like Pokémon

You wake up one day and you are invisible! People can hear you and stuff but you are invisible for the next 24 hours
I would stay in hiding and try to figure out why I turned invisible... I would be too freaked out to do anything with the novel ability of invisibility.

You forgot your coworker's name, but need help with learning a function on the cash register! How do you get their attention?
I would simply ask 'do you have a minute by any chance so you can show me how to...' .

Something paranormal is proven for certain to be real. Would you investigate it or engage with it yourself? What else?
if i could use it to give me powers, i would become a super hero. if it something scary, i would run away screaming. otherwise, i am clueless

you see a strange glowing spider while on a field trip to a lab. it might be a radioactive spider. what do you do?
If it's in some sort of container ask the professor about it; if it's loose in the lab than quickly move a few steps away and alert the other people in the room.

You end up in the universe of a work of fiction that you like but which is not among your top 20 favorites. Do you try and find a way to return to our current world?
I’d enjoy it while I can but also be actively looking for a way out

You have the chance to live in a fictional world of your choice for a month, but the time differences of that universe and ours make it that when you come back it’ll be 150years in the future
Honestly fist fight them then day dream

You get transported to your favorite fictional world but everyone is wildly out of character, what are you doing?
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