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What would you do?

I would assume this is Pokémon Sapphire. I'd try to look for the first recognizable "canon" personality to determine if personalities have been swapped around. For example, if Norman were to act like Maxie, I'd presume Maxie now has Norman's personality.

You find that a delicious apple keeps mysteriously appearing in your fruit bowl at unpredictable times, regardless of normal apple-related obtainment methods, even when you lock all the doors and shut all the windows. What do you do?
Multiply it (somehow) and sneak it into others houses.

(Irl) you get to make a ghost type gym leader! What do they look like, and what is their name? (mine is Lumariah, I’m gonna make her in gacha nox (gacha club mod) and I have an idea on what she looks like)

Wait, I’m on mobile rn, could I make her on the gacha club website?

Anyways once again cause I’m talking too much
(Irl) you get to make a ghost type gym leader! What do they look like, and what is their name?
I have a ghost gym leader in my mind! She’s basically just me so her tentative name is Lissi and she looks like this

uhhhh pizza is alive what happens now
Anyone who can put up with me.

You get kidnapped at night by a pack of Houndoom. They don't use their fire but use their mouths and claws instead. You don't know why they kidnapped you. However when the pack reaches their leader; a Mega Houndoom with no trainer; you find that you can understand its speech. It opens its mouth, looks at you, and says, "We finally meet, (insert your name here)!" What do you do?
Anyone who can put up with me.

First, think of a little event near the end of star wars: rebels. Second, nervously ask the mega houndoom how it knows my name.

You wake up and your floating in the air a few feet above your bed
Prank people with my new powers =3

Pokémon come to the real world, no one is prepared. You, however have been waiting for this moment your whole life, and you’re very prepared. What do you do first?
Establish myself as the first Pokemon Trainer, and start a league here in the USA.

You go to your mailbox, check the mail, and see an invitation to a wedding in the Pokemon world, specifically Ash and Serena. You think it's a prank at first, because Pokemon isn't real, but right as you think about throwing it out, you see the actual Ash Ketchum walk up to you and he asks for an answer. What do you do?
Say yes ofc-

You, and 5 Pokémon characters of your choice all wake up in an apocalypse world, and you have to survive for 2 years before everything goes back to normal. Who do you bring? Me? Grusha, Gladion, Acerola, Goh and Iono!
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