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BDSP What would you have changed about Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

I would make it a remake of platinum instead. I would also make it harder, since the modern games are to easy.
I would have made it so the Adamant and Lustrous Orbs would change Dialga and Palkia into their Origin forms, but that would have come as an addition after completing the main story of Legends Arceus first so it would make sense.
-Get rid of the statues thing and give us proper Secret Bases with decorations and the option of setting up your own pseudo-Gyms like in ORAS
-Use the Platinum Sinnoh Dex instead of sprinkling some of the Pokemon added to the Sinnoh Dex around
-Use a better graphics style more akin to LGPE
-Include Mega Evolution & regional variants of the Gen 1-4 Pokemon, even if maybe it's better to make the former post-game
- Use the character models of LGPE

- Have the Platinum Regional Pokédex, or at least make it bigger than it is

- Add the Distortion World

Maybe other things, but those are probably the biggest changes I'd make.
To be honest, I really just wanted the game to be harder. The E4 and Champion were actually pretty good in terms of difficulty. If only the entire game was like that. But I get modern games are supposed to be easier for younger players being introduced to the franchise, so I understand the difficulty that it is.
Make the Ramasas Park slates easier to obtain. Let them be obtained in any order as opposed to a very specific order you must follow.
i'm replaying the game right now for my nuzlocke series, and there is really only one glaring flaw that's so prominent it overshadows everything else: Let me turn the EXP share off. by the lategame, it's not impossible to be 10 levels higher than the gym leaders, despite using a full team of six and never grinding. the EXP Share just turns this game into a giant snoozefest.
The other thing that i have seen brought up against the forced exp. share is how it kind of makes it hard to grow attached to certain pokemon because more often than not they will never once come out to battle, mainly because the level curve is completely shattered and thus not requiring to use more than one per battle. Yeah, you can just use all the pokemon more often, but how many people actually used all the pokemon in their party? I bet a lot of their pokemon never really came out to battle, and if they did it was at most an handful of times. So you have pokemon evolving that literally did nothing for most of a playthrough.

So along with breaking the level curve, it also kind of spits in one of the major themes of the series, which is bonding with your pokemon. A proper level curve will fix both, but Gamefreak at this point doesn't care unfortunately.
So along with breaking the level curve, it also kind of spits in one of the major themes of the series, which is bonding with your pokemon. A proper level curve will fix both, but Gamefreak at this point doesn't care unfortunately.
Allowing us to turn the EXP Share off would also fix both, but GF does not like options.
Make the game an actual remake, and not just a (for the most part) remaster of DP. Also add Platinum content and improve the difficulty of certain trainers like Saturn and Cyrus, whose teams, while slightly interesting, are utter jokes in difficulty compared to how they were in DP/PLT.
Allowing us to turn the EXP Share off would also fix both, but GF does not like options.
That would be the most paramount thing to change in my opinion.
I forgot to address this but the only real expectation I had for BDSP was for Regigigas to get more development in some way. Prior to Gen 8, we had an entire group of Regis hidden in caves, then Regigigas to seal the entire group's completion. Regigigas was always known as the group's creator, required all 3 older Regis in order to be obtained, and even had stones on its face to resesent the older 3. However, Generation 8 gave us 2 new Regis out of nowhere, with no real event, design, or form change to accommodate for them. Regigigas does not have stones to represent the newer 2 Regis and did not get a new, improved forme to accommodate for their introductions at all. I was hoping BDSP gave something to Regigigas to complete the group again but nothing was done. I was then hoping for something to get dome in Gen 9 but still, nothing was done. It feels like they made a complete group now incomplete for no reason and have no plans of resolving it anytime soon.
in general, shoving the gen 3 regis in ramanas park was super lame, especially since they have actual lore connections to this region through regigigas. They really should have been hidden behind braille puzzles in the grand underground or something.
-No Fetus people. We have the ability to have normal sized people now. We don't need to squish them into toddler or fetus form.
-Make it a remake of platinum with whatever features they added to BDSP (I did not play the game, it did not look good to me at all so I don't know what all was added). It's downright asinine to have a third 'definitive' version of a generation of games and yet not base remakes off of what was added in that.
-Don't make it a 1/1 visual remake of the original version. Y'all have the freedom to actually make towns look like towns and the world look like a world. Break free from the stupid grid and have more than boxes arranged neatly with all the front doors in the same direction and the borders of the towns being a line of copy/paste trees.
  • Like PinkIceFox said, break free from the grid. (I’m guessing they meant the walking style?)
  • Include the Distortion World.
  • Include Platinum Pokédex.
  • Better character customization. The outfits are fine but how you can’t get individual pieces of clothing? Yeah, no.
  • No chibis. (Chibis are fine, I guess? But not for this game. Hope the next set of remakes doesn’t have these…)
That should be it from me.
- It's nice that you can rematch the gym leaders every day but the feature could have been better.
The rematches could have been out of the gyms (like in Platinum, HGSS or XY) because doing the gym puzzles every day is annoying.
The rematch teams are good but the Pokémon were very poorly choosen. It feels like they didn't take account of the characters's previous teams which is pretty strange considering the Elite 4's first rematch teams are based on their Platinum ones.
Why does Gardenia have a Sunflora ? In the past Gardenia had Bellossom, Leafeon, Tangrowth and Carnivine. Why not using one of them instead of Sunflora, it's not even from gen 4. And why giving her a Breloom ? I know she already used one in BW2 but they didn't need to reuse it if they were also gonna give one to Maylene.
Speaking of Maylene, why did they get rid of her Machamp ? And why did they give her a Heracross ? Once again, it's not from gen 4 and it's already used by Barry.
Same goes for Wake. Why did they take his BW2 Empoleon away just to give it to Byron, who never used one ?
And why not letting Byron use his Bronzong ?
And why giving Volkner a new water type instead of just using his Octillery and giving it Rain Dance ?
I don't understand what they were trying to do with these teams.

- Don't remove the Multi Battle Mode from the Battle Tower. And play the Frontier Brain battle theme for Palmer instead of reusing Cynthia's theme.

- Keep the fashion part of the Super Contest. I know they didn't have the time to do it with the 3D models but every Pokémon has a sprite (which is actually a picture) in this game, so it's actually possible to do it. Just use the sprites.

- Don't make Manaphy, Shaymin, Darkrai and the Platinum clothing event-only. And put the Regis back to their original places (Iron Island for Registeel, Mount Coronet for Regice and Route 228 for Regirock).

- Give the trainers better looking models. I was very disappointed by how some of them looked (like the Lady, her hair and dress don't look good).

- It would have been nice to add a place similar to the Platinum Villa where you can meet the characters and learn a little more about them. Characters introduced after DP that had a connection to the Sinnoh region also deserved to be mentioned somewhere.

- Improve the "following Pokémon" feature. Some Pokémon like Torterra aren't following you at all, they're just too slow.
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