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What's your least favorite Pokeball?


Sep 24, 2009
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Out of all the ones to appear in the games so far, which do you dislike the most? Or if you don't dislike any of them, or dis/like them all, then which is the one on the bottom of your "list"?

I dislike a few Pokeballs due to the catch rates but..My least favorite would be the Heal Ball.
Most of the time it will just go to the PC where it will be saved, it's almost impossible to catch anything with it that I can't catch with a Pokeball, and it only heals the Pokemon once.
The Moon Ball. Such a limited collection of Pokemon that actually become easier to catch... pointless, just pointless.
I don't really like the Moon Ball either, because it is nearly pointless.
Most of the Balls Kurt makes (like most others said, the Moon Ball). I'm also not fond of Cherish Balls (what's so special about them anyway, other than holding event Pokemon?).
The Poké Ball itself and the Apricorn Balls. Sure, the latter ones are maybe useful for some situations and species but lack a custom animation, and the Poké Ball, aside from that, got the simplest, dullest design out of all.

On the other hand, the Devon Corporation balls, although lacking a good part of the catch rate that the Apricorn ones have for similar battle conditions, sport a good outer design and very nifty opening animations. Moreover, they were introduced in the generation I love the most so they'll always have a place in my memories.
The Master Ball, I can never decide which pokemon to use it on and when I decide I usually regret it thinking I could have saved the master ball for later
Definitely the Moon Ball. It's basically pointless.
Heal balls. I used one on an onix in platinum, and that was the first, last and only time. I see no point to moon balls either. All the pokes that evo with a moon stone I want as female (except nidorino) and my false-swipers are both male, so I use love balls instead.
Heal Ball. No point in using them, not for me anyway, I always trade a pre-made team anyway so I never have open slots in my party.
Heal Ball, what's the point? It might look nice but I usually have six Pokemon in the team so it's rather pointless, although it can be extra trying to catch a legendary.
Friend Ball and Luxury Ball seem kind of pointless.
I've never been in a situation where I both would use a heal ball and have one. By the time I get them I already have a full party so they're pretty useless.
Also as others have said, Moon Balls. It's useful against so few Pokes that it's not really worth investing in.
Moon Ball, Love Ball and Heal Ball are very useless.

But since the question is about Least Favorite PokeBall, my answer would be Cherish Ball.

And also, Premier Ball FTW.
Moon ball is worthless. Anything that evolves by moon stone can easily be caught in a normal pokeball.
im my platinum i have 999 of every ball and would catch my pokemon in a matching ball is that weird
Since I don't really catch Pokemon with the mindset of the Pokéballs catch effect in mind, and mostly go for the design [and why I don't like bkreeding Pokemon to raise for the most part], I guess my least favourite designs are;

Heal Ball
Quick Ball

My favourites are the Timer Balls, Dive Balls and Repeat Balls. Heavy and Moon are cool too.
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