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What's your least favorite Pokeball?

I don't like regular Pokeballs. After you're able to get Great+Ultra+master balls, I rarely use them. and the worst part is buying 500 right when you could buy the same amount of Ultra balls. but I also hate heal balls. I never use them, never buy them.
They all suck in my opinion because they don't get the job done unless you really try, that's not including Master Balls of course.
Heal balls: Most pokemon you can get by the point you have them are already going to the pc
Moon ball: useful against so little
Level ball: by the time your twice as high a level as what you want to catch, nothing really interests you.
Quick Balls. honestly, who can honestly catch a Pokemon in the start of a battle? by time you've widdled down the other's HP, it's been a few turns in and the Pokeball is no longer worth it. (at least, in my experience.)

agreed on Moon Balls.

also, it would be nice if Lure Balls applied to not just Pokemon caught on a rod. i know there are specific ones that aid in catching water-type Pokemon, but they're hard to find and expensive. :\
MasterBall I feel like i've cheated if i use them and missed the experience of catching that particular ledgendary
I dislike most of the balls that have no difference from a normal Pokeball (except for the Premier Ball, it's nice to look at), and the ones that have insane conditions to meet before using them. Ultra Balls have also fallen down from their former top-spot for me; they simply aren't as good anymore, although I still like the design.
Repeat ball. It looks very boring is not that useful.

Although it has the advantage of having a relatively high effectiveness on all wild Pokemon in a game with a completed Pokedex. Not bad if you're trying to catch more for use in a different game, or just for training purposes.
Premier Balls have new value at all in my opinion. I also don't like Timer Balls, what's the point of waiting and stalling when in the end they are just as powerfull as Ultra Balls.
heal ball...i buy them early but once my party is full, they're pointless
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