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Review XY081: Satoshi Leaps Through Time! Rotom's Wish!!


Psycho Tsutarja fans
Mar 27, 2011
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Episode page here

This episode is a great showcase of (almost) all forms of Rotom. I am glad they used the type advantage strategy on this one though. Showing only those with advantage over Krookodile. (Rotom-Heat and Fan sorry)

And with me looking at Life is Strange video recently, all I can see in this episode is ultimately......


I mean seriously, its a fun and pleasant journey. But oh my the butterfly effects, I wonder what else changed........

That picture from 10 years ago is such a shocker, just when I thought all is a dream or illusion, even hallucination, caused by Rotom to tell the story of the past. But... nope.

I rate this episode a Butterfly effect + a Blown Mind/10
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Here is my summary of the episode.

Ash and co. are walking as the sun sets towards Anistar City.

Dark clouds start forming in the sky.

Serena checks something on her Town Map.

Rain starts falling from the clouds.

Ash and co. start running for shelter.

They come across a big building.

Ash and co. enter the building, which is a hotel.

They are in the hotel's lobby which looks very old and ruined.

They talk to the hotel's desk clerk.

The man shows Ash and co. a picture of a man with his Krookodile.

Ash and co. go to there room where they relax for a bit.

Some yellow sparks come out from a bin inside the room.

They then go through two doors which lead them to a big room with a battlefield.

Two men are about to battle on the battlefield.

One is the man with the Krookodile from the picture and the other man has a Pangoro.

The two men and their Pokemon battle eachother.

The man with the Krookodile wins the battle.

His name is Mantle.

Mantle battles people and takes the Pokemon which belongs to the trainers he defeats.

He challenges Ash and says that he will take Pikachu if he wins.

Some of Mantle's thugs surround Ash and co.

A Rotom shoots out from a garbage bin on the sidelines of the battlefield.

It creates a big gust storm which gives Ash and co. a chance to escape.

Ash and co. escape with Rotom into a smaller room somewhere in the hotel.

Rotom talks with Ash and co. and then it possesses a T.V. inside the room.

Rotom shows Ash and co. its memories of an event from the past.

The event is about Mantle, who is wanting to battle against some man called Yolton.

Rotom exits the T.V. and then heads out of the room along with Ash and co.

They head to an elevator and Rotom possesses it so that the elevator sends them back in time.

As they travel inside the elevator, gravity disappears, leaving Ash and co. floating inside.

The elevator stops and then they all exit the elevator.

They head back to the room with the battlefield from before.

They are now back in time, to the event that Rotom showed them before.

Pokemon Quiz: Rotom.

Mantle sends out his Krookodile as he prepares to battle against Yolton.

Rotom goes up to the Krookodile and then quickly heads the other way until it goes into one of the rooms surrounding walls.

Ash and co. head back out of the room along with Yolton.

Ash and co. (including Yolton) are in the small room that they were in before (except for Yolton).

Ash calls out to Rotom who is hiding in the room.

Rotom comes out from hiding and talks to Yolton.

They all have a talk before heading outside the small room and then back into the room with the battlefield.

Yolton is now prepared to battle against Mantle, with Rotom.

Mantle and Yolton start their battle.

Rotom attacks Krookodile with Electro Ball, but since Krookodile is part Ground Type, the attack doesn't work.

Rotom disappears through a nearby wall surrounding the room.

It comes back into the room as a Wash Rotom.

Wash Rotom uses Hydro Pump on Krookodile.

Rotom goes off and then comes back as Frost Rotom and uses Blizzard against Krookodile.

Rotom goes off once more and comes back as a Mow Rotom.

Mow Rotom attacks Krookodile with Leaf Storm.

Krookodile bits down on Mow Rotom and then Roton exits the Lawn Mower that it possessed.

Rotom defeats Krookodile.

Yolton has won his battle against Mantle.

Mantle's thugs grab a chair, a broom and maybe other things.

They are going to use those objects against Ash and co.

Ash and co. escape and Rotom takes them back to the present.

In the present, Mantle now works at the hotel with his thugs.

Yolton and his Rotom are now living happily in the hotel.

Ash and co. are with Rotom in some room, the lobby I think.

Rotom shoots out of the hotel and towards the camera as the camera focuses on the outside of the hotel.

To be continued.
This episode had a grand total of two Kalos pokemon (Dedenne and Goronda). Nice Gen VI promotion, guys!

They also replayed some Best Wishes! BGM during the final battle and played Meloetta's theme from her Pikachu short at the end.

Hoopa's been taken out of the Orchid Lecture.
I like how this episode is completely meaningless, and only exists, because why not, and probably because their budget was low because this was hardly the best episode they could've done.

I would have rather have had a Noibat focused episode, which has Noibat using moves, since it appears to ONLY know Super Sonic, than a random episode that wasn't really exciting or had any point to it.

As far as I can see, the producers said "You have to use Rotom, Krookodile, Pangoro and no one but the usual Pokemon can show up with the main cast like Pikachu and Dedenne, so ONLY 5 Pokemon for this episode. Good luck.
I quite liked this episode, yes it was a standard "our heroes meet someone and help them out" filler episode, but at least it was done slightly differently - I was expecting Heat or Fan Rotom to appear and finally defeat the villans at the end
This episode is alright but not exceptional. That is to be expected. The Lost Hotel doesn't have too many features in the XY games, so there was very little for the anime staff to go by when they wrote this episode.

But I do have to comment on Mantle's Krookodile's tenacity. Rotom needed to use Hydro Pump, Blizzard, and Leaf Storm, in that order, to win.

Serena and Bonnie didn't do anything in this episode, which is meh.
Another WTF episodes of this franchise. Even a rehash of that Celebi episode from the Housou specials, this one managed to be even more WTF with those nonsense moments.

Satoshi and his friends must be glad the hotel owner didn't see them in this alternate present timeline otherwise it'd cause an apocalypsis for sure... (still the Warivial guy saw them and couldn't even remember)
Wasn't it against the rules for Rotom to keep leaving the battle field like that?

In case you didn't notice, it was an invasion, and not a Pokemon Battle, and there is no judge.

And I would never play according to rules with thugs. NEVER.
Yeah it was against the rules but so was the thugs' demand that the losers hand over their losing Pokemon.
This episode would have been so much better if the Rocket trio was there to help liven things up.
What, Team Rocket would have made this episode even WORSE than it already was especially with their annoying antics considering that there was already an antagonist in this episode.
This episode would have been so much better if the Rocket trio was there to help liven things up.
What, Team Rocket would have made this episode even WORSE than it already was especially with their annoying antics considering that there was already an antagonist in this episode.

Why the hell do so many people think Team Rocket automatically make an episode worse by default? As an example, they pretty much saved the Dark Luchabull from being a total waste of time.
Why the hell do so many people think Team Rocket automatically make an episode worse by default? As an example, they pretty much saved the Dark Luchabull from being a total waste of time.

Because a lot of the time, their appearances are needless and they're practically just shoehorned in. The Dark Clembot episode? The episodes where Froakie and ESPECIALLY Fletchling evolved?
OK Team Rocket has nothing to do with this episode. Back on topic, please.
I endured this on Keyhole so my opinion of it may have automatically been bad because of that, but I concur with whoever felt it was boring. The title/summary made it sound like it had so much potential compared to what actually happened! As I suspected the time travel element was complete bull and I don't know how they got away without being spotted in the end!!
Pointless filler that's already been done with two episodes and even a movie, for crying out loud. Guys, it's episodes like these that show of recycled scripts from older episodes, though you gotta admit, the filler percentage in this series is small compared to the other serieses, especially Johto.

I'm saying that now, because chances are, Ash will compete in the league for Kalos, lose to an unestablished character (like always), be involved with the Team Flare plot (and probably meet Alain) and will most likely go through an island region made up for the anime as everything else waits for Generation VII. Rinse and repeat. Sometimes, filler episodes are nessisary to prevent such a filler plot, no matter how awful they are, and how much the fans will complain.
Everyone knows it's a filler, but the story is as unexplainable as the mirror cave (glittery cave) episode.
He went back to the past and changed the present?? This is just so weird.
Does it follow the Mirror Cave episode, that there are actually many worlds?
I wonder how non-Japanese people would get all confused by this.
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