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Yahoo Site Update (in the middle of it)


Jun 11, 2004
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The offical site is updating as we speak, they now display the starters and in a few hours possibly will have clearer pic.

Also, last time they updated we saw a video of Elecable, so they may reveal one again.

Regardless, it seems they aren't finished as cliking on the pic of the starters takes you to a page with Patchirisu, Drapion, and Cherimu.

Also, it's possible the Gamefreak room may give us some more clues like last time, someone should check in a bit.


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Why do I get a Woody Woodpecker vibe off that silhouette?

And it's nice to see new details on secret bases (with videos) and contests. Just wish I could read it. But ignorance is bliss.
Garden is down for me. o.o Anyway, this update is cool. Vids and all kinds of stuff.
Pokeani seems to say.....

It's a baby Farfetch's....


The girl that once told us that the new starters types will change is now saying that she want to see Lucario before it's evolution...
The first Gym leader will wear a helmet... Seems like we should guess his Pokemons type with this...
It better well not be. It'd be hard to make Farfetch'd any worse.

Am I translating this wrong or does Cherimu know a new attack that stops it getting critically hit?
It looks like its based off of a Robin because of its chest (and that would be ok to a very common mountian and forrest bird). Traditionally Robins in cartoons are drawn with big fluffy breast. Though a woodpeck would be extremely cool! If this is a robin, or non-wood pecker, I hope it evolves into one!

Edit: Farfetch'd pre-evo? It seriously needs an evo, not a pre-evo! Have it turn into a Goose GF!

Also, the news on Lucario is very intresting.. but its even more intresting if Lucario is a legendary.. or even more, evolves into a Legendary (by going into a difficult quest and task like to get the three hold items off of the legendary trio, and combine them into an evolution stone for lucario! That would actually be really cool!)
It's tail looks Farfetch'd esue, has anyone gone to the GF room and talked to everyone?
A helmet? There are several different kinds of helmets, there's no telling which one it could be.
I wonder if these two are the Pidgey and Rattata of this gen, lol.

The second one looks kinda like Aipom with 4 legs....
It's Korechu!

I like the idea that it might be a lion, but if the other one is a Farfetch'd pre-evo and if these two were displayed because Sugimori was being pestered about/banging on about pre-evos it's not that massive a leap to think that this is also a pre-evo.

But to what?

Also, lol at them both having quiffs.


I wonder if these two are the Pidgey and Rattata of this gen, lol.

They do look the part. I'd much prefer that to being pre-evos.
Habunake said:
It seems Roselia may have a pre-evo as well?!!

May, being the operative word. It's possible nothing will come of it, just like the D/F/P starters.
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