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  • hi! i was wondering, do you have the ISBN numbers for the Brazilian Adventures volumes by any chance? i've searched all over and i can't find them! (although i did manage to find the release date for volume one...) thanks :)
    Hey, I added your FC. Hope that's alright. Mine is 5086-2155-5524. I have a water safari with Bibarel, Wartortle, and Frogadier. :)
    Hi there!! I'd like to add you to my Friend Safari. My FC is 1418-6718-4136 and my Safari is Fairy type. I don´t remember what Pokémon it contains, but I'm pretty sure it at least has Togepi in it :p

    Thank you very much!
    I'd like to add you.
    I have already added you.
    My Fc is 1590-5797-6050 and my safari is Steel with Ferroseed, Skarmory, and Excadrill. Thanks!
    Hey, I just added you, would you add me back,

    Friend Code: 0516 - 7269 - 0741

    Thanks a million!!

    I saw that you had Frogadier in your Safari Zone, so I'd love to be able to visit it. ^^
    My FC: 5472-6625-0791. I have a Poision safari, hit me up whenever you add me!
    Hello, Mr. Guy_Spy
    I just added you to my friend list. Please, it would help me very much if you added me too. My FC is 3325 - 2397 - 2738.
    Bug safari: Illumise, Combee and Heracross. TYVM
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