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  • I don't want to rush you, but can you please make your next move in Connect 4 when you get the chance? ^^
    Hmmm, how does.... Thursday sound? At night? I'm Pacific time.

    Or we can text over phone?
    Hey. Now's not really a good time for me to be honest. Maybe you could ask someone else if they'd like to host with you?
    ...whoa. That is amazing. It must have taken so much effort for whoever did it, too! I love how it spans the entire top of the map because the map projection doesn't show the poles :p

    Yeah, I've tried Googling to see if there is one and haven't found anything - it could always be private, though (maybe the smurfs are lying low ^^). If I go there and discover there isn't one, I'll try my best to start it! Having a couch portal sounds very convenient, haha. The closest portal to me is about a quarter mile away (it's actually inside an elementary school). Wow, that is insane. I have nowhere near that many, but I do have more resos than I know what to do with...I think I've always had more resos than bursters, actually. Maybe it's just because I'm lower leveled, but I always feel like destroying things uses up a lot more gear than building does.

    Really? Wow, that's great! :D I haven't noticed anything like that around here yet, but it's only been a day - hopefully it'll happen :)
    Well, I found that a Google search for "ingress resistance north pole field" brings up some pretty interesting results, though I don't know if they're the same thing you were talking about. :p

    The one downside to my college specifically is that it's green-dominated, way more than our area is. Looking at the map, I don't even know if any smurfs play in the area. Then again, there aren't any students there right now so I obviously don't know for sure. Glyphon? I'll be sure to check that out! I just try to glyph as much as I can because you get way more gear that way, and I like stockpiling gear (even if I don't use it very fast, haha).

    What would be really cool is if more people around here (or more people in general, actually) started playing Ingress because they learn about it through Pokemon. Ingress needs more recognition, it's a really unique game.
    Huh, I never knew they once had capture dates on Intel. I can imagine that making things a lot more difficult! And haha, I can't imagine an entire 6 months without our lovely frogs to mess things up. :p When did the North Pole field happen? I've heard about it a few times, but I don't think I ever saw it on the map.

    Yeah, I've been thinking too that I should really meet up with some people...I joined our regional G+ group, but the meetups so far haven't been on very good days for me. I suspect that quite a lot of people play Ingress at school though, and meeting people there will probably be significantly easier. I'm also horrendous at glyph hacking, for reasons I can't even explain. Most of my time nowadays is spent working on that. XD

    I've been finding it kind of sad that people aren't holding out much hope for Pokemon GO, given Ingress. If GO is even half as good, I would be incredibly happy.
    2 years? That's crazy, wow! And congrats on guardian, that one always seemed to be one of the hardest to me! I'm still L4 - I haven't worked particularly hard at leveling up, though, partly because it's been too hot in our neighborhood to go anywhere lately. :p Well, I'm in the Bay Area in California (not for long, though - going back to school soon!), where a portal's ownership seems to swap every couple of hours/days...the frogs are winning in my region, but hopefully that can be changed!
    Cool! :) Yeah, I agree - we also had that giant field over Europe that one time. I used to check out the map every so often just to stare at it. XD How long have you been playing? I started this past June, so I'm relatively new.
    Randomness is good. I used to go by the name Random Punster, myself.

    Anyway, I'm glad you like it. My two favorite Enterprises are the original and the Enterprise-E. I'm a big Star Trek fan, and I enjoy all of the series, except Enterprise. Enterprise is alright, but I don't like it as a prequel. Prequels are usually a bad idea.

    Also, yes you are technically correct. Dominion is a deck building game and Illuminati is a card game, but I took a little liberty since the common masses haven't heard of most of them anyway.
    Robo Rally and Illuminati are fantastic games, and I highly recommend both of them.
    Don't know if I mentioned Eclipse in my list, but that is an amazing game. It is my favorite game, but beware, the rules are complicated and it is a long game (even though it only goes for a set amount of turns...)
    Nice to meet a fellow board gamer!
    it's still slick! >:eek: super slick! it's just... not tilted like the leaning tower of pisa anymore and the angle makes it seem like it put on a few pounds... but still slick! You're the third person who's said "about time" to me, haha. xD Thanks John!
    Thank you. I am sorry if I have reacted harshly, but they like rather targeted jokes and I will say I'm not a fan. It is the internet and sometimes its hard to know if it is joking or not.
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